Friday, August 31, 2007


a last minute decision for going to Genting to see the fireworks there.
surely im not driving my lovely myvi car go up to Genting lol... hehe

i was sit in friend's car, which also a myvi. haha. Last night, trip to Genting really got me. im so excited and nervours on our way up to genting.
total 4 of us, including the driver.

i was amused by what a myvi can do when it come to up hill and cornering. it's awesome and the tyres got come out with sound...

EKkkkkkk.... tyres sound... we passed by lots of car. and we reached genting in 25 minutes...

the fireworks in genting is quite similiar with what im saw in putrajaya recently. really same style i can say it.

anyways, the fireworks was not the important experience for me, but the uphill and the downhill of genting sitting in a myvi. it's un-forgettable.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Power of Mouth to Mouth

i got my small room rented out... thanks to friend.
that day i was yam cha with my friend. he is with his friend. so i just saja mention out about my small room to let out...

whose know few days later, my friend is calling me, saying his friend's friend is interested to rent the room. want to make appointment to have a looks at the room.

today he came and have a looks.

just now around 7pm he confirmed he wanted to rent the room.

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