Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Newton 25km / 12km Challenge Kuala Lumpur

Thank you for your payment. You have completed successfully registered via our online registration site for Newton 25km / 12km Challenge Kuala Lumpur. We will be processing your entry once we have received your credit card payment successfully. 

Im just have registered another race. This race is the most expensive race that im ever register in Malaysia, that is RM60.00 for 25km distance, else where i registered my Standard Chartered KL Marathon for RM55.00 early bird. 

Let me explain the special about this race. 

Entry Fee
RM60 Newton 25km Challenge
RM50 Newton 12km Challenge 


Each participant will receive :
- One pair
2XU Compression Race Socks worth RM170.00, sponsored by 2XU Compression
- Race number bib with disposable timing chip
- Event bag with sponsor goodies
NEW!!! Newton singlet will be given to the first 2,000 runners who sign up successfully*

All 25km runners will receive a Finisher T-shirt upon completion of the race. Top 30 runners win each category who finished the race will receive a finisher medal.

Find out more on Newton Running and 2XU Compression, click on the picture below.
Newton Gravity M201                          2XU Compression Socks

Read more about 2XU Compression Sock

Saw the highlight above? These 2 factors are money back, value for money! Wooo... Hoo...

Anyways, a new trend spotted starting this year. That is ONLINE Registration which previously never available to any particular races, except the only big 1... KL marathon.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Next Shoe: K-Swiss - Keahou II

Basically now im waiting for my shoe supplier news on his K-Swiss stock arrival. Basically im 1st heard about K-Swiss brand when my shoe supplier were testing the shoe long time ago back in 2009... he test run it, he crush it, he run to the limits to test the shoe's performance and he got the good feedback.

Now he is bringing in K-Swiss via Singapore distributor if im not wrong. Oh yeah, now i know, why im keep waiting for the shoe arrival... its go to Singapore before reach Malaysia!

Today is 26 April 2010 (Monday), hopefully i can get the shoe by end of the week, and start my break-in process.. while im trying to change my landing method to mid-foot...

I have about 1 month time for my next marathon, Adidas Singapore Sundown Marathon on 29 May 2010. My 1st ever midnight marathon, im feel excited about it... My Sifu will be running 84km Ultra-Marathon in Sundown too... This is motivate me!

Keahou II 

An 11oz. NEUTRAL CUSHIONED running shoe featuring double-density EVA GUIDEGLIDE midsole construction for a smoother heel-to-toe transition, superior cushioning, and stability. 

The sockliner, strobe, and heel crash pad also feature SUPERFOAM for long lasting and springier cushioning. 

The outsole includes Aosta II rubber in the heel and blown rubber in the forefoot for durability and traction. 

The upper is constructed of synthetic leather and air mesh and features a FLOW COOL SYSTEM for increased breathability. Domestic and/or imported.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Runners Malaysia 4th Anniversary Potluck Breakfast

Runners Malaysia 4th Anniverssary Potluck Breakfast was successful. A lots of runners / people joining us for short run and also the breakfast.

The Group photo was taken quite late, some of runners were left, else it would appear a bigger group. But still its were big group. 

Having yogurt... hehe 

Stretching.. my trusted shoe Saucony Triumph 6. The lifespan going to end anytime soon. 
Now waiting for my next shoe.. Kswiss Keahau II  

i love one of the statement by the lady doctor:

"I love to run because i want to get fit to have more children"

Im also in the video: " I love to run because i love to eat" hehe

Apple's next phone - iphone 4G

This post entry, its been in my mind since im 1st saw the news on twitter on 18/19 April 2010.

Previously i was thinking between Iphone and Blackberry, which one as my next phone. DiGi been running some promotions on Blackberry some time back and also DiGi launching the iphone package which makes me want to get Blackberry / Iphone immediately.

That's me being seduced by promotions and all round poison in internet...

Apple's Next Iphone exclusive picutres by Gizmodo

Apple's Next Iphone exclusive picutres by Gizmodo

Im been judging between iphone and Blackberry... functions functions... and usage usage... 

When come to phones, i want to it to be an entertainment gadget but not for working... with this point alone, im more favoring towards iphone... 

Apple's Next Iphone exclusive picutres by Gizmodo

There's new saying Iphone 4G will be launch in the coming summer, which is June and some even mentioned 22 June 2010 is the date Iphone 4G will be launching... 

Let's wait and see... Wondering how fast Malaysia operators are able to launch the Iphone 4G after the launch in U.S.A.

The 1st to launch, get the 1st mover advantage.  

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Runners Malaysia 4th Anniversary

Runners Malaysia 4th Anniversary Potluck Breakfast 

Coming this weekend 24 April 2010, Saturday, Runners Malaysia (RM) are having 4th Anniversary Potluck Breakfast Run which starting 7.30am at Bukit Aman Car Park.

All are welcome to join us for the Beginners' Running program for a short run, which is about 4km or 6km up to your choice and after the run, its eating festival!

This was recently CNY potluck run which we organised ourself at Bukit Aman Car Park. 

Mr Wan (Founder of RM) Teh Tarik (Signature Drink!) 

CNY Potluck Breakfast run 

Another pic, you are welcome to be part of us. 

All female runners 

All male runners 

This was 2009 Runners Malaysia 3rd Anniversary Potluck Breakfast which was my first time joining the potluck. 

Refreshing back memory lane since Aug 2008 when im first joined Runners Malaysia Beginners Running Program, i gained a lots. Gained a lots in terms of friendships, improved in health, and its also my stepping stone to run a marathon, which i never ever thought of it. 

I took 1 year of building up my stamina and im really falls in love with running and i have ran my 1st marathon in December 2009 Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon with 1 gang of runners which i meet in running circle. 

So, coming this 24 April 2010, Saturday, come to join us for a short run and later potluck breakfast. There are various type of runners, be it newly joined, experience runners aka marathoners and also those 84km Ultra-man aka Ultra marathon runners which can share their running experience with you. 

Come and join us on 24 April, this Saturday 7.30am.  See you there. 

Here is the directional map

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bukit Aman - Sri Hartamas 20km LSD

Event: 20km Bukit Aman - Sri Hartamas Running Training
Venue: Bukit Aman, KL
Date: 11 April 2010, Sunday
Time: 5.30am
Distance: 20km
Timing: - (did not wear watch)
Shoe: Saucony Triumph 6

Since my last marathon on 27th March 2010 Saturday night, i have not run any long slow distance (LSD) run. Last Sunday ( 3rd April 2010) i tried to run 20km LSD but i give up due to my legs muscle pains. 

This week, im really dedicated / committed to run 20km LSD... must complete even whatever problems im facing! MUST... 

4.45am , put on my 2XU compression pant and head out to Bukit Aman Car Park gathering points. Its been long long time i did not see so many runners at this hours. So many runners were running LSD Hartamas route. Perhaps Sundown is coming and SCKLM too...   

My 1st km running was ok, and my legs start to giving me pain when im go up hills.. its a long distance up hill. I ran slowly in pain... really hope i can finish the hill and enjoy the down hill... The same pains which im suffering, but this time im more prepared and im going to take the pain with me... i run, run and turn into the junction, no turning back! i was still in pain... Passby Bukit Tunku area, then come to Jln Duta, cross over the pain still with me, i walk when uphill and run when down hill... 

I wanted to take short cut straight to Petronas Hartamas, but Sifu Terrence offer to pace with me via Matrade route which are 2km more! Running with him really works, at least i got someone to pace with or else i would have walking all the time. 

Pacing with Sifu makes me forget about the pain, although im still suffering the pain! Just run run and run! 

Refill at Mamak Bestari Solaris Dutamas 

Passing by Hartmas Shopping Centre 

Opposite Plaza Damas 3 

Finally reached at Petronas at Sri Hartamas 

I cant believe that im actually completed 12km with pain to reach at Petronas for some short break and refills. i brought along GU Gel and eat it with water... I was wondering how im going to run back to Bukit Aman if my leg still suffering pain! How? abit worry, but nothing i can do, but just run! 

i did not take the short cut, instead i take the longer route via Jln Sri Hartamas 3. Its was up hill starting from Petronas, and i have to walk... 

When downhill, i saw this view! so i took it... very nice! im enjoyed it. 
Taken from Jln Sri Hartmas 3, Sunraise view. 

It was downhill and i run.. weired feel i have! i thinks im just warm up! my legs no more pain! WTF... im feel so good, so nice, so great! Without second thought, im run as normal back to Bukit Aman... 

i was passing by the IRB Jln Duta and i saw this mail box! OMG... 

wah.. Mr Bean locking style! 

Guess the Pos Malaysia technical-man is Mr Bean's fan! 

Woot.. im just noticed there's Sids pubs branch at Bukit Tunku. 

Continue running back to Bukit Aman. OMG.. my stomach is in protest! its hungry! my stomach is playing drum and i can feel im getting tired and run slower... Lucky the last part of route were down hill... 

Im near to finishing point... my car my water are waiting me! 

Finally today i managed to complete 20km LSD with some usual muscle pain on leg.. its not a sign of injuries, and my knee giving no problems... i shall remain consistent on weekly LSD... 

p/s: im just decided to join Standard Chartered KL Marathon, and im registered a few movement ago! 

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Barefoot running

Recently, barefoot running were in the news, be it in the local newspaper or oversea news. It have come to my attention after i have been running for about 1 year plus...

Tan Wah Sing, local barefoot runner. He is a real fast runners.

A simple search on youtube on "barefoot running" and its have a lots of video related to barefoot running.

This morning, its raining when im about out for running! Argh... feel moody that not able to run! Argh...
i tweet tweet and tweet... then go back to sleep...
But i cant sleep back, im keep thinking of running, ok, dont care, im just went out to Bukit Aman Car Park. If still raining, then its my faith im not able to run today.

Its still raining! Anyways, im really have a good talks on running with Runners Malaysia Mr Wan, Jamie, Loke and other....  After that, the 84km runners were back.. i joined their conversation. Have another enjoyable talks on running! This makes me wanted to try the barefoot running one day soon...

And also not forgetting the VFF KSO... looks good and fits for barefoot running! Its being wear by Mohan, regular Singapore runner who come to KL running over the weekend!

This VVF KSO is not available in Malaysia, and nearest place is Singapore. 
Picutre from Vibram Five Fingers

Oh yeah... Runners Malaysia Potluck Anniversary will be held on 24 April 2010, 7.30am,  Saturday, at Bukit Aman Car Park. 1 day before Bidor Half Marathon run! 

All are welcome. Be it beginner or non-runner. You can join us for a short run which start at 7.30am, experience yourself fun of running in group! Any inquiry on running we can help you to clear your doubt! Sharing is caring. Im once a beginner too... 

Friday, April 09, 2010

Myvi Extended Warranty

My vivi - which im owned since 23 May 2007. Coming to this 23 May 2010, my vivi will be 3 years old with anticipated mileage of 62,000km.

My silver vivi still shining as new! 

For your information, a normal myvi will comes with 2 years or 50,000km warranty, whichever which first. The Extended warranty are for additional 3 years or 75,000km. 

My extended warranty starts on 23 May 2009 until 22 May 2010 or 50,001km until 125,000km whichever come first. 

My 2 years warranty was lapse on 23 May 2009 which was 1 year ago! Lucky within this period from May 2009 until my last service, i got only 1 complain! i want to change my power window switch on passenger side! The Service centre wanted to charge me, but im insist that i have extended warranty program thing! 

I was asked to show my extended warranty  certificate if i were to claims the spare part for free. Argh.. i never come across on this matter before! Ok, i told the service centre, im will be back with my extended warranty certificate on the next service to claim my FOC parts! 

Today, just now, i was finding my PACM membership card because i wanted to register for New Balance Pacesetters 15km and i lost my PACM membership card and i did not have membership card for online registration and entitled RM10 discount for it... so im looking high and low, searching every files! 

Guess what im found! My myvi Extended Warranty Certificate! Weee... 
Extended Warranty Certificate, i found you! 

The Extended Warranty program is insured by Pacific & Orient Insurance Co Berhad. 

hmmm.. i guess im the only few numbers of Perodua users who still stick with Authorised Service Centre. Most of my friends, i mean my myvi club member were service their car outside (other than authorised service centre) after the first 3 free labour service charge! 

While lazy people like me prefer stick with Authorised Service Centre, no hassle, no need to thinks which oil to use, where to get good deal of the spare parts and etc etc... and markets also have a lots of fake oil, low quality spare parts which can jeopardize my be loved vivi! 

So far, my vivi still running good and healthy! Engine no problems! 

Lastly my picture of my vivi birthday ! 

  23 May 2007 you're registered with JPJ... 

Authorised Service Centre, im going to claims my FOC part on my coming next service which due on April or May 2010, omg... forget tim... hehe... 

adiNation of Runners

I have been joining running session with PM1 ronnie and other quite long time ago... my attendance to Lake Garden on Wednesday were not consistent...

i thinks i joined them last year when they 1st starting the running program with adidas early 2009 either 1st quarter or second half of 2009. I remember it was before Adidas King Of the Road  (KOTR) run. i learnt a lot from them and i was really motivated when running with them. Their "pia" spirit on running!

After the KOTR run, everytime running, we all wearing adidas orange vest! hehe... Now you know why you always see a bunch of people wearing orange adidas vest running around Lake Garden.

Some how some time last year, i did not join them anymore, as my running schedule was changed to morning weekday running! 4.30am wake up and 5.30am running double hill route from Bukit Aman Car Park. That was my peak performance! my fitness at the top!

Soon after that, its was my 1st full marathon 42.195km on December in Singapore. Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon (SCSM) which im been prepared since March 2009. That's where i created my miracle where i managed to run my first ever Sub-5 marathon timing in my virgin marathon!!!

Some how, im too enjoyed with my victory, i slacked in running. Been trying hard to re-start my running slowly... On 17th January 2010 ( omg i cant believed i can remember this date) i ran NB 30km and managed to hit 3hr 28mins ! On this day, i signed up for the adiNation of Runners form, officially.

This is the adiNation of Runner card i received on 17th Jan 2010. 

But since then, my attendance to Lake Garden still not consistent. All about working, its been busy time, a lots of things to setup. 

Surprisingly, for past 2 weeks, i attended to Lake Garden without fails... i need to train back to improve my fitness level for my coming Sundown Marathon! eh, Sundown also by Adidas! Too bad, no discount given! Im paying SGD70 or RM175 for the marathon!!! and off course, its definately much better than marathon in Malaysia! Hope i can achieve my second sub-5 timing! 
After run, chop chop chop! haha... 

its never too late to get back running and more chop!! 

Very nice chop!!! 

Just now, im also officially become a member of adiNation of Runners Forum

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Energizer Night Race 2010

Event: 42.195km Energizer Night Race 2010
Venue: Cyberjaya, KL
Date: 27 March 2010, Saturday
Time: 6.00pm
Distance: 42.195km
Timing: 5hrs 46 minutes
Shoe: Saucony Triumph 6 

Based on my previous night marathon experience about 1 month plus ago, i learnt my lessons. Its either im not getting enough rest or carbo loading not enough. 

So on 27 March morning, im keep eating. Chicken rice add big rice , a lots of fruits and yogurts. After eating, im resting and sleep as much as i can. Actually my carbo-loading already started since Thursday. Every meal i ordered were big portion! 

Around 4.00pm, i left home heading to Cyberjaya. Based on the leaflet, there is not parking nearby the starting point and we have to park at designed parking area and take shuttle bus to starting point. I parked some where near to bus stop and took shuttle bus to the starting point. 

Im consider late if compared to my other Cari Runners. Put my baggage to the counter and suddenly they so interested to take photo with me... =.='' 

Cari Runners 

Then we walked to the starting point. While walking there, i met with runwitme Pueh Tian. 

Thank you runwitme for the photo. 

The weather were so hot and the sky is clear! Sky is so blue and no cloud at all.... But the heat are not stopping us! We were doing our usual stuff! Cam-whoring !! hehe 

Which shoe is belong to me.. try to guess... hehe... 

V V V 
Im just love the 2 pictures above!!! 

Finaly group photo

Another Cari Runners group photo. 

My Pace band! 

The race start sharp at 6.00pm!!! 

The race starting at 6.00pm. Its bloody hot. I was hoping that my training will pay off. Since this is my 1st time using pace band, i was trying to run accordingly to the time. So my starting speed was 7.06 min per km. To bad, the organiser did not put enough distance marker! Argh... i only can checks against my timing for every 3km or 5km! 
have to take along Gatrode to keep me hydrate. Its hot hot hot! 

for the 1st hour of running in the hot sun, im almost wanted to give up! Argh... its the heat wave from sun! But surprisingly when im check against my timing with my pace band, im actually still within the target! Woot... 
early stage of running 

After im keep running, the sun were going down to west, the heat is reducing and im starting to feel tiring! i have planned to have my GU GEL for every hours of running. 1st hour, i have my GU gel and its powered me up and continue running. 
The lady in fashion! She is a fast runner, but the heat have beaten her! When im run pass her, she keep complaining about the heat! 

im still within my sub-5 target when im passed 15km mark. Although im feel glad about it, but i can feel my stamina is keep dropping! im getting slower and slower! At 15km mark water station, i finally can have some COOL water sponge!!! Its was so relief !  

Can see my face were in red!!! its hot hot hot and im getting tired! Run Run Run... 

When i passed at 20km mark, check against with my pace band, i have dropped out of my target by 7 minutes. Oh shit, my sub-5 target was getting away from me! im trying hard to improve my speed and im stagnant! i cant go faster but only can maintain my current speed, which is slower than 7.00 minutes per km! 

Im keep running, and im keep telling myself i can do it! When im passing 25km mark, and further my left leg muscle suddenly cramp, my muscle were like having electric shock... oh shit... cramp, i have to stop running and walking... 

walks for about few minutes and i have raisin into my mouth. Crewing raisin...which im brought along...  
I remember i had raisin offered by speculator of SCSM at last 10km! Her offer was memorable! i felt energy boast! This round i bring it myself to have it during run... 

After having raisin, i start to run back at slower speed and subsequent slowly increase bit by bit to achieve my normal speed... Woot... im feeling good... But my timing all gone. No sub-5, im just aim i can finish within 6 hours. 

At 30km mark, there's banana refill, power bar and lots of water! Im trying to go a little faster and whose know at point around 32km, muscle cramp again! Another electric shock like... have to revert to walking... Lost a lots of time again and im having my raisin again. this round im keep crewing and finishing all... i should have bring more raisin! 

Running night marathon in Malaysia is a very pity scenario here. Here got no supporters, no speculators and no cheer leader cheering the runners along the route and also volunteers support along the route! Im suffering my cramp and walking alone toward the finishing line... so lonely! Same thing with my Putrajaya Night Marathon on 6th Feb 2010. Walking let me do more thinking and it just making me feel down! 

At 1 stretch, i met with Peter, who have just done his ironman Langkawi not long ago. He treat this Energizer Night race as his recovery run, that's why he running quite slow. We walked together and i asked him about How to be an Ironman. Listening to his training experience really scary, its basically lifeless... Beside his working, all the time are training, training and training... Its was a good deep insight to how to be an ironman experience! 

After much of walking, i feel im ok, said thank to Peter and continue running back again! When im running, i not doing any thinking and im feel better and keep running... 

Last 2km remaining, i wanted to run faster, but its really turn me off... no 1 cheering, no 1 support, every1 were packing and ready to back home! im just maintain my speed and mix with some walking... 

Even the last 1km, argh... i can see a lots of people walking back, should be those 21km runners. Who were cheering for us... hardly got people cheer for us... mood still off... im ignoring others and just keep my slow turtle speed... 

Saw this finishing banner from far, yet mood still off.  

Finally i crossed finishing line with 5hrs 46 min. 

Completed my 3rd marathon or 2nd night marathon since December 2009. 

Collected my goodies and finisher T and medal! 

Yeah, im completed Energizer Night Race 2010 42.195km! 

Most of my Cari Runners were back, left a few. We were waiting while have our post race photo session again! hehe 

Can you find me? im at 190th positions... 

My 3rd 42.195km Finisher T Front view 

42.195km Finisher T back view... 2 big Energizer batteries ! haha 

omg.. im forgetting about my finishing medal!!!
Finishing medal front view!

Finishing medal back view! Weeee.. 42km finisher!

After the race, a lots of complains and congratulations being posted on Energizer Night Race facebook... Among   all the posts, 1 post said the marathon distance were under 42km! Its only 41km measured by GPS watch! i was like WTF.. no wonder im run faster than my 6 hours Putrajaya Night Marathon! 

Anyways, im feel better running in Energizer Night Race compared to Purtajaya Night marathon. 

Coming next marathon Singapore Adidas Sundown marathon. 

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