Monday, August 31, 2009

Saman by MPCR

Merdeka! Merdeka!

this morning im only slepy at 2.00am and wanted to wake up at 4.30am so that i can go to run my 20km Merdeka Run, but im wake up at 4.00am and i continue to sleep...


Today, our beloved Merdeka celebration was at Parliment square, where it was nearby my usual running gathering point, Bukit Aman Car Park.

my Cari Runners also running but they run shorter route which was double hill... 10km...

the victim post this saman, and later on, another cari runners post the whole process of making saman... so funny and interesting...

im keep laughing... too bad, i missed it...

Running is not just limited to run... Sometimes, we need something special, interesting to keep our passion burning!


Since last week, i got my priority wrong or something that in mind which affecting my motivation for running...

Raining... also part of de-motivating factor for my running...
Merdeka... go Merdeka countdown at Genting and enjoy the fireworks also deter me from running... which im over-sleep today.

3 days holiday, im only ran for 10km double on Saturday morning.


what is happening to me!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Wow... i never see this kind of situation in Malaysia... Perhaps im just a newbie in running... Coming December, its going to be eye-opening for me this katak di bawah tempurung!

Now im understand why all my running mates recommend me to run full marathon in Singapore! Seeing the pictures above already giving me boast!


Do you like to inspire others to push their limits? Join us as a volunteer on Sunday, 6th December 2009!

Give out a drink, lead the way, flash your best smile and simply just be there to help the runners complete their race! You’ll have fun, meet great people, enjoy the thrill of victories and make someone’s day.

More than 4,000 volunteers dedicated their time and energy to the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon in 2008 which attracted a whopping 50,000 runners. Without the enthusiasm and continual support from the community and people like YOU, the race would not have been the wonderful success it was!

Be an invaluable part of the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2009! Click "Volunteer Registration" to register either as an individual or as a group. Registration closes on Friday, 11 September 2009.


Be a Volunteer Leader!

We are looking for committed individuals who are interested to be Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2009 Volunteer Leaders.

If you think you meet one or more of the following attributes and are keen to be a volunteer leader, please send us an email at with the subject line “I want to be an SCSM Volunteer Leader!”. Please include your full name, mobile number and details of your past volunteer experience if any. Application closes on Tuesday, 1 September 2009.

We want you if you have:
❑Prior experience volunteering in previous SCSMs or other events
❑Good communication skills
❑An ability to stay calm and composed in emergencies or stressful situations
❑An ability to motivate a team of 15 to 30
❑Enthusiasm, self-motivation and initiative
❑A Positive attitude

Shortlisted applicants will be contacted and invited to an informal interview in early September 2009. Email us now!

hmmmmmm, if im got no running, i might want to try it! Sound so professional!

now i know why Standard Chartered KL Marathon is a failure!!!

Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon

Wow... the registration open on July 2009 and now it's 50,000 runners registered and registration is closed.

6th Dec 2009.

im will be part of it. waiting time to come and training for my marathon...

Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon

The Official Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon

50,000 runners in record time! We have done it again! All slots for the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2009 have been taken up. Thank you for your overwhelming support. Registration is now closed. You can still be part of the race by supporting and cheering our runners on 6 December 2009!

3 hours ago

saw this update in the facebook.

Wow, im going to run with 50,000 runners.
now is pending their breakdown.

see how many runners took part in the FULL marathon...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Adidas King Of The Road II

Horey... got one of the photo sent by my running mates!
Thanks you!


Finally, i managed to joined nuffnang...
and put the ad into my blog...

it's seems took me ages to find the codes and insert it.
this explain why im hardly seldom or never change my layout!


Monday, August 24, 2009

Body Temperature Surveillance

today, abit surprise when go to office...
side door is closed!
have to use main door.
then saw the poster...
then the word...

oh... body temperature Surveillance control.

every1 who enter into office need to check temperature using infra-red device.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bukit Aman - Hartamas 20km 23 Aug 09

Like usual, today we start our 20km run at 5.30am.
most of us arrived before 5.30am and we all start the run sharp at 5.30am.

like usual, my starting is abit suffeing, muscle and engin is not warm enuogh, my muscles are feeling the pain, when im start to uphill at KTM, and it continue until bukit tunku uphill and the pain is gone after i downhill.

When we reach at the IRB jln duta, big cool wind is blowing! so cool and nice! we enjoyed it. i thinks this is the first time that wind is blowing in the early morning...

my run until Petronas station clock about 1hr 13mins, which i cut through some short cut.

Brought a drink at Petronas and rest for 5 minutes and we start to run back!

i feel something wired after try to running back. Something is wrong with me but i still can run quite comfortable, just waiting something to happen to me.

Perhaps im was way behind my running mates, i feel abit lost motivation and trying hard to keep the pace to catch up with them. Then the problem happened. my chest feel pain.

Breathing become hard and painful for me to continue to run. i walk and i feel better...
Walk and run, walk n run again, finally completed my walk run in 2hr 45 mins in total...

While my previous 20km run on Sunday, im running without problems which im managed to complete in 2hr 30mins...

Road ID

i come to know Road ID through Running Asia Forum.
visiting the Road ID website, reading the testimonials..
at the first place, im asking myself, do i really need it?

Some questions was asked to myself:
1. Do my running mates know my emergence contact?
Ans: they mostly know where do i park my car, should be able to get my hp.

2. What if during marathon / run / race where im running alone, others might not know me.
Ans: True.

The above is the sample wording that im key in.

Cost: USD 19.99 + shipping USD 2.49 = USD 22.48 @ RM3.5 = RM78.68

for a roughly RM80, i can run in less worried mood.

Outstation / Oversea marathons
i thinks i need to alert my running mates on the emergence contact when we all travelling outstation / oversea marathon.

Coming Oct, my friends and i will be traveling to Kota Kinabalu for Borneo marathon.
Coming Nov, my friends and i (Cari gang) will be traveling to Penang for Penang Bridge International Marathon.
Coming Dec, my friends and i (Runners Malaysia gang & Cari gang) will be traveling to Singapore for Standard Chartered Singapore marathon.

Beside that Road ID, there are some other products which emphasis on the safety of runners.
feel interested to get 1, but before that need to determine whether do i need it.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Big Budget Vs Small Budget

Big budget Vs Small Budget

Big budget small effect, small satisfaction
Small budget big impact, big satisfaction!

On 28 June 2009, i joined half marathon Standard Chartered KL Marathon(SCKLM).

today im able to comparing big budget SCKLM against with Pacesetter organized New Balance 15km run which was on 17 May 2009.

im just love the photo certificates!
anyways, my 1st ever photo certificate was GE 20km which was held on early January this year. my view was blocked by other people! so sad!

lucky now, i got full view of me on the certificate!

SCKLM, pls catch with pacesetter!

3 Steps Car Detailing

Just now, went to Kota Damansara - mu usual car wash place or car detailing place.

Done 3 steps simple detailing

1. Wash and clay
2. 1 Round of polish
3. 1 layer japanese high tech paste sealant ( got to know from my friend that this is the only 1 bottle available / brought in to Malaysia from Japan)

Result: it smooth like baby skin! im just loving to touch my car!

Condition: looks like new!

Price Tag: XXX


now i know, the House short movie clip is for the 15Malaysia.
this video is produced by Linus Chong, my Trail Trackers friend.
i saw this movie on facebook about 2 weeks ago, and its being share in my facebook.

imperfection ???


五月初,新加坡那邊出了一則很特別的廣告,在電視上播 出後,引起極大的爭議,各位可以點上面參考一下。這則廣告是由新加坡國家級的「社區發展部」所拍攝(Ministry
of Community Development, Youth and Sports
)它是一則 支持婚姻」(pro-marriage
)的廣告,據說兩年前新加坡曾有一場市調,顯示許多適 婚的新加坡年輕人仍在待婚中,因為找不到完美對象。
這則「促婚影片」只有3分鐘又2秒:主角是一位印度裔太太,悼念著她剛死去的華裔老 公。她的悼詞和大家預期不同,她竟然當著全體親友描述著她老公在床上如何的「打鼾」和「放屁」,還當場模仿這些聲音!
這部影片的開始,司儀說:「李太太(即那位寡婦),妳 應該有些話想說。」
「今天,我不是要來讚美的,我不會說他有多好,因為很 多人都已經說了。今天我想和大家分享一些可能讓大家比較不自在的事。」
台下觀眾眼神都是問號,看著她 繼續說--
當場她學了發動引擎的聲音,但聽起來根本就是打鼾聲。 這位寡婦學得嘴巴都歪了一邊了,這樣鼾了兩趟,然後幽幽的說:「well,大衛(她的老公)的打 鼾,完全像是這樣。」
大家開始笑了,鏡頭轉到她的女兒,表情顯然有點怪,大 概是不解為何媽媽要說這件事?有些老夫妻也一邊笑一邊微皺眉頭,這場合好像說這種事不太對吧?
「但,打鼾只是開始,」寡婦繼續說:「他,也會……放屁!」,好像好多人都有類似的經驗呢。「有些晚上, 他放屁放得太大聲,還會被自己驚醒!」
「這時候我會說,親愛的,是隔壁的老狗在放屁啦,放心 繼續睡吧!」鏡頭轉到好幾個 太太笑得摀嘴,坐在旁邊的 老公面露尷尬。
「你會覺得,這很好笑是嗎?」她緩緩的說,「不過,當 大衛真的病得很重時,這些聲音至少讓我知道,我的大衛『仍然活著』。」
到生命的最後, 」鏡頭轉向這位寡婦孤單的身驅,看到她緩緩的說。
In the end, it ’ s these small things that you remember.
It ’ s these little imperfections that make them perfect for you.
鏡頭轉向她的兒子和女兒,兒子大約高中年紀,女兒是初 中年紀,他們看著台上的母親,專心聽著媽媽說話。
「所以我想告訴我的子女,有一天,你也能找到你們生命 中的伴侶,他們會像你爸爸在我眼中一樣『不完美得很美』。」
So, to my beautiful children: One day, you too find yourself life
partners, who are as BEAUTIFULLY IMPERFECT as your father was to me.

她講完後,彷彿如釋重負,回到一個仍要照顧小孩的媽 媽,收起悲傷,堅強起來,擁抱她的小孩。觀禮的全都沒有痛哭失聲,竟都看著前方,那是一種吃驚,這些文字的重量竟然這麼重的飄在空中、壓在心裡。這三分鐘 的片也旋及走到尾聲,最後,這則廣告的結束詞是──Family

這則極震撼的廣告片,是由一位來自馬來西亞女導演Yasmin Ahmad所拍攝。

its might be old video, but it leave big impact to us.

RIP to
Yasmin Ahmad

Friday, August 21, 2009


Yesterday, went back home quite late...
was given last minutes works...

work still ok, the worse thing was, it was raining... im totally can not run...

Back at home, shower and thinking of want to fry egg...

before this, my gas cooker was having some problems where, if i did not off my main head switch, my kitchen will have gas smell... tht's how my previous gas was running out so fast...

like usual, i turn the head of gas stone and fry egg. put on oil and egg.
while waiting it to be cook, im do other staff inside kitchen (my gas cooker was at outside)..

wired, i can smell heavy gas smell! i did not care about the smell and continue to cut my cucumber! Suddenly i head a "letup" sound from my window and fire is on the pan! OMG... what happened!

The fire was so big and within second it gone and the fire still burning down inside, i opened my cabinet door, where my gas cylinder located, i can see fire was on the cylinder head, where the head switch on and off of the cyclinder...

Immediately i took a jug of water (lucky im just re-fill my water) and pour to the cylinder head!
omg... fire still on... water cant kills the fire! im thinking i need to kill the fire fast, else the longer the fire burning on top of cyclinder head, it will blow! just like drama in Burning Flame II!

1 second 2 second, im try to use hand to off the switch, but im scared of burnning! then i saw my mopping cloths and immediately i use the cloth with some water on it, and tun off the swtich, and take out the head out.

finally no fire after the head switch was taken out. it was gas leak at the paip there. no wonder im always can smell gas whenever i did not off my head switch.

i was in shock for few minutes and just sit in front of TV enjoy watching the 8TV KOrean food TV drama... guess im too tired to be shock for long... went to sleep around 11.30pm...

i guess, for the coming few, in this few days i wont be do any cooking!!! its either dispose or get a mobile cooker!

Thursday, August 20, 2009



my car seems not so "dirty" for the past 3 weeks although now is the raining season.
this weekend, im decided to give my car some facial!

yeah... feel happy with it...

appointment is being made!



its been quite frequent raining during evening, specially during after office hours!

last Sat i ran 10km... a good one... then sunday 20km... another good one.
while i feel i need to rest on monday.

and monday is sun shine! i shd have continue to run...
Tuesday - raining... but it stop at 7pm and the sky is dark!
Wednesday - sun shine. i managed to run about 1 hours.
Thursday - raining + worksload

suppose to go to Lake Garden with friend running together with the Adidas running program, but seems the sky not allow us run together.

and also, both of us got last minutes work to do! im so with auditor changing figures and also translation until im forget to send email update my boss on the daily update!

while today, finally my big boss concluded sales. a sales which came in just in time...
busy updating my boss latest prices, seeing BMD prices and key into excel to calculates the prices....

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Potong Saga

just found this video... its part of 15Malaysia....

damm bloody slow TM Nut speed... loading so slow for this 5 minutes video!

whatever thing fun also ruin by the TM Nut...

im not enjoying the video! chicken cake the TM Nut!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

TM Nut

bloody hell the TM Nut....
these few days i can not download drama from sendspace or megaload....

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Sunday 9 AUg 09

What a Boring Sunday without doing anything.

1st, my hiking trip is canceled last minutes last night.

2nd, my running gang is not running 20km at the Hartamas route but a new route which start from Segambut, which i saw the route map, "feel not safe" because of the traffic.

3rd, i got no other running group to join to run 20km.

4th, my cari gang is going to hike the Broga Hill... but not interested to join.

thinking hard what to do on Sunday morning, ended up this morning im overslept. Did not go to running, hiking and anything...

Doing some room cleaning, ironing shirts and also thought ask friends go for the Yuen Steamboat for diner. i sent out SMS to 1,2,3,4 friends... ended all reply can not, only 1 guy friend is confirmed.

at the same time, try to do my report. End Year have past, new financial year is coming in. i have to prepare report for month ended July 2009. Cracking my head and present the new format yet feel it's might not be sufficient information... still need to cracking my head harder abit...

2 guys having steamboat is wired! Just cancel the diner...

now exploring movie option... see whether have any seats available for last minutes show for G.I Joe.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Saucony - Triumph 6

Today, im officially be the owner of Saucony Triumph 6.

090809 Lubuk Kawah Falls

Sunday, August 9, 2009
6:00am - 5:00pm
Taman Tun Dr. Ismail
Jalan Dato Sulaiman 2
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Again, we shall meet at trail trekkers office in taman tun, make car arrangements...all at an hour in the morning where most are still horizontally inclined and we shall drive off in search of perilous trek that spells adventure!!! join us join us.Anyone wishing to come do call the number below....

This waterfall is near Tanjung Malim
*please note that*
-we share out petrol cost
-we are not responsible for your safety, you come on these trips on your own accord.
-on certain difficult treks, we may get lost and never end up at a waterfall....but it's still be an adventurous jungle trek!!!!


Tomolo going to the above waterfalls...

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Adidas King Of The Road : A Tribute To Gary Leon Robert

This video is made by my running friend.

This video is abit special beside tribute to Gary, i was in the video!
i was seen at 5mins19second when im approching to finishing line in 2 hours 34mins.

Gary Leon Robert


Rest In Peace.

Gary Leon Robert - Last Picture Alive

It's was a grey event, Adidas King Of The Road when i was found out on Monday 5pm from my Cari Chinese Forum. my mood immediately dropped to deep valley.

i was running the 22km event on the same day!

let pray for Gary... R.I.P.

According to an eye-witness, he struggled, got up and walked off from the stretcher before he could be brought to the medical tent.

On the next day he was found dead in the stadium basement.

Big Question - What happened in between the moment when he walked away and the moment his body was found in the stadium basement?

If you have any information or seen Gary at the King of The Road event, please contact Krishnath at 017-6625587 or email /

You can more view pic from the same photographer here.

Year End Closing

Finally, its Year End Closing!
my Co YE is 30 June 2009.

Since the YE, my figures been changing once, twice, and coming soon third times...

my figures $$ is increase, increasing, and lastly might be ended de-creasing...


i was like stuck in the middle...
i liase with my department guy, then oversea people, then my ultimate local holding people...

As i got no 1 to guide from, im trying my luck... try and error!

ended up i kena "nail".

Really hopes everything come to end...

This week really tiring...
back at home, i feel so tired...

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

hitz RM5000 Says It's You

Dear my Friends,

If you are Hitz FM loyal listener, please continue to listen Hitz FM constantly...
we all stand a chances of wining RM2,500, if you are my friend and if im selected for the clues!

Lets pray hard, and wish for the best!

No harm trying my luck!


Adidas King Of The Road

@ 2 August 2009
Before Run

Finishing line... i managed to complete 22km (21.7km measured by my friend's GPS watch) in 2hours 34minutes 3second.
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