Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Long weekend - 26-28 Jan 2012.

Look what i did over the 3 days long weekend! Jelly legs are the outcome after 3 days.

26 Jan 2013, Saturday, started my run with easy and short run, which was my first run of the week. I have been focusing doing RPM sessions, which i found myself detoured out from running.

Was running with Jamie's Gold Coast Marathon training group. Something that i needed to run in group. Its was a good run! oh yeah, running with Jamie, if you still have breath to talk, ask anything to Jamie about running, he will be glad to answering your questions provided you can catch up with him! I was running and listening... hehe...

Inaugural Gold Coast Airport Marathon Group Training. Head on to the FB page to get the latest updatehttp://www.facebook.com/groups/158532364294895/

On Saturday evening, my original plan, run from Kepong house to Jalan Bandar, which im soon found out i'm really de-motivated to run on such bad running path condition. The traffic were so great, i'm risking my life on each every step i ran beside the road. Decided to make a turn back to home which gave me about 7.7km.

Slept around 11pm....

Sunday morning, a good sleep which im auto wake up around 6.00am and only started my run from Bukit Aman around 7pm plus...

A good slow run alone as im were late. Saw friend wave hand Hi and Bye style. =.='

After run, went to Petaling Street for breakfast. This round it's Pork Noodle! Yummy... Then went back to home for nap.

Then, suddenly message came in! Invitation to run at FRIM at 1:30pm! WTF... its hot ! Anyway, running under hot sun are no longer strange to me. My yet to post Beaufort 60k and Thailand Ocean to Ocean were good hot running race! Thus joins friend for FRIM afternoon run... I can start to feel my legs getting jelly feel.

At evening, I went to visit Batu Caves! Parked my car some 3-4km away, walked to Batu Caves, climbed up the staircase went inside, pray, came down, back to car, all done within 2 hours 30mins...
Batu Caves really crowded during night time! 

On Monday morning, planning to have another 20km LSD, but somehow cut short.

Started alone with my own slow pace. Really slow one. Until Mr Vijay came from behind, and im like recharged and motivated to keep pace with him...I cant believe my jelly legs still can run that pace...

Guess it's power of buddy!

Then, the rest, are my recovery time.

Standard Chartered KL Marathon - SCKLM 2013

The Standard Chartered KL Marathon celebrates five years running and opens registrations on 30 January!

Kuala Lumpur, 29 January 2013 – Runners, get set go! Mark your calendars for the last Sunday of June this year, as the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2013 has been confirmed to be held on 30 June 2013.  Participant registration for this year’s marathon will officially commence tomorrow at 6:00 pm, 30 January 2013.

The Standard Chartered KL Marathon through the years has come to be regarded as an iconic event for the country. Last year alone, the event attracted over 28,000 runners from 48 countries, a 108 per cent increase since its inception in 2009 (with 13,500 runners).

Overwhelming response to Malaysia’s largest marathon
In 2012, participant registration closed six (6) weeks ahead of the deadline following an overwhelming response from the public. The event saw a total of 28,050 runners; with 3,168 runners in Full Marathon, 5,727 runners in the Honda Half Marathon, 491 runners in the MSIG Ekiden, 3,812 runners in the 5KM Fun Run and 541 runners in the Kid Dash, with the 10KM taking the lion’s share of participation with 51 per cent  or 14,311 runners.

Following the overwhelming response, the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2013 is looking forward to increasing the 2013 participation to 30,000 runners from all around the world.

The total number of participants throughout the four years of the Standard Chartered KL Marathon stand at 80,928 runners (2009 – 2012), with a strong record of participation increase each year. With this fifth year edition, the Marathon would have welcomed some 110,928 runners to Malaysia’s flagship running event with a total prize pot of USD520,000.

Highlighting Malaysia on the global map
Globally, data as of 2011 shows a total of 256,000 runners have participated in the Standard Chartered Marathon series that takes place in nine (9) markets around the world – Bangkok (Thailand), Dubai (UAE), Jersey (Channel Islands), Mumbai (India), Nairobi (Kenya)Stanley (Falklands Islands), Singapore, Hong Kong, and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).

The highlight of the Kuala Lumpur race is navigating a challenging route that weave between beautiful and historical landmarks around the city of Kuala Lumpur. The throng of cheering spectators and supporters additionally adds to the overall festivity of the event.

Last year, the Standard Chartered KL Marathon celebrated a new Full Marathon Men’s route record of 02:14:45.32, set by Kennedy Kiproo Lilan. The Women’s Full Marathon winner was fellow Kenyan Elizabeth Jeruiyot Chemweno, with her time of 02:40:24.84. Shaharudin bin Hashim retained winner of the Full Marathon Malaysian Men’s category with a time of 02:42:27.57.

The Standard Chartered KL Marathon is once again made possible by title sponsor Standard Chartered Bank in partnership with the event owner and organiser Dirigo Events, and co-organiser Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL) and the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Running enthusiasts can sign up at the official website www.kl-marathon.com
Early bird discounts on registration fees are available till 28 February 2013.

Connect with the other runners through the Standard Chartered KL Marathon Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/SCKLmarathon and keep up-to-date via twitter at @scklmarathon.


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Broga Loop - April 2012

Just start using Strava.... uploaded 1 activity on my cycling ride happened back in April 2012. I still can remember this ride well. Why? because it's infamous 120km Broga Loop which i never have thought how hard, how steep the hills were.

On that day, I'm following Kelvin Tan to joins Team Magnum at Tmn Billion Kajang and meet up with Pulley Tan. That's how we started our ride there...

Only after the ride, i only know about Broga loop. It's clockwise loop, cyclist called it Broga jatina... if clock-anti wise, it's called Broga Jantan... much harder !  

Basically two of us were some how "outsider" with the group as that was our first time joining ride with them. We went off from the peleton / group ride to enter Titi village to have our breakfast.

It's was wonderful wan tan mee breakfast ! 

After breakfast, we continue our ride... Two of us, we were working together, pulling each other, drafting behind each other and maintaining at 30km/hr+- speed... 

After Kuala Kelewang town, it's hills. bloody long climb of hills... each stroke of pedal were taxing under hot sun! When reached at top and start to downhills, it's awesome! managed to hit maximum speed of 70km/hr... The best thing was, just before the junction turn right, we stopped by to have watermelon! argh... feel like in heaven! 

Good time wont last for long. After the watermelon treat, we continue our ride. Still only two of us, even we managed to catch up some others cyclists, but they all "naik kereta". This hill they called it staircase hill... if im not wrong! so steep until my speed up only at 5-6km/hr, and it's after riding for some 80km... my legs were not fresh as beginning! Another big suffering! 

After the hills, remaining of the route were okay. no more steep hills. Rolling some hills and we managed to catch up other cyclists too! From there, we join back the group... We have 1 final stop at Broga town before we end our ride back at Tmn Billion. 

Its was good ride! 


Monday, January 21, 2013

MPIB Run - 2013

First race of 2013, it's MPIB Run 2013 for 12KM distance. It's probably the first and the last race for short distance race in 2013. Previously, I always wanted to join race organized by Runners Malaysia, but somehow i missed it previous year. So come 2013, no matter what, how, why, where and when, i told myself i must join! 

As expected, MPIB run never fails to excite runners! I was surprised to see red balloons were given FREE to runners. So, without any hesitation, i went to get 1 balloon and tie to my hand! wahaha... Running with flying balloon....   

It's been such a long time since my last running photo during a running race.... Plenty of photographers were taking photo during a race!

Dont you just like love the balloons? 
Group photo with LYN runners group. :) 

Thank you everyone who taking photos of me and many other runners! 

269 A0733 TAN CHIN ANN Net time: 1:11:23 Gun Time:  1:12:45
269/1225. hmm not bad. not bad... :) 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Penang Year End Trips 2012/2013

I... I.. I been planning and thinking of blogging my Penang year end trip 2012 / 2013 since the day i back at KL on 1st Jan 2013. Somehow, i can squeeze out time to blog about it. 

My previous blog on G.Nuang took me 3 nights of installments to upload 50 photos and finish it... so i thought i can do so with my upcoming blog entries which i wanted to blog since Dec 17.... which i must blog and share my experience with others.

The Famous Kuay Teow Th'ng at Hutton Road !!! 

It's already famous, plus when you had cycled round island for 80KM, the famous Kuay Teow Th'ng instantly upgraded become my world tasty food ! 

Food without drink is not complete! 
100 Plus are my best companion drink after sport! 

Not many people when im were there... lucky me! 

Friendly boss... 

Hutton Road - A road that i always passby when i was in penang back then. 
The famous kuay teow th'ng is located at Hutton Road. Parking might be a problem, but if you lucky, u can park in front of the shop! :) 

  To be continue. 
9.32pm, 18 Jan 2013

10:04pm. 21 Jan 2013

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2013 SCKLM 2013

Save the date & start your training NOW! It's 30 June 2013. Now is the perfect timing to kickstart your training to run 42KM FULL marathon ! 

Who is with me joining 42KM? 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Gunung Nuang - Run & Hike 130113

First of all, I would like to thank to God, that i'm still alive writing this blog. 
Then I would like to thank SKINS compression top and tight that im wearing are giving me comfort when doing this G.Nuang run and hike. 
Next, i would like to thank to my new trail shoe New Balance MT110 for giving me good grip in the wet condition. 
Lastly, I would like to thank to my Salomon Hydration pack S-Lab Skin 12 for storing sufficient water and nutrition for my G.Nuang run & hike trip. 

Previously I did some light running at G. Nuang. it's always in my thought that to hike & run to the summit of Gunung Nuang since December 2012 after being introduced by another runner. So on this one fine Sunday morning 13 Jan 2013, planning to reach at the entrance of G.Nuang at 7:30am, but i'm somehow overslept by little... only start my run at 8:14am... 

Time: Total time spent: 4 hours 8 mins. 
Starting point to waterfalls: 51 mins. 
waterfalls to Kem Lo Lo: 16 mins 
Kem Lo Lo to Pacat camp: 51 mins 
Pacat camp to somewhere half way: 10 mins decided to U-turn 
Somewhere back at Pacat camp: 5 mins 
Pacat Camp to Kem Lo Lo : 49mins 
Kem Lo Lo to waterfalls : 25 mins
Waterfalls to entrance: 40mins.... 

130113 would be my third time here. Hardly come to here as its quite fast and not many people coming. So on this fine Sunday, i memang dah plan to run hike G.Nuang. 

 Entrance of Gunung Nuang, mark the start of my trail running for the day. 

It's was a wonderful morning with some cloud, cold morning and sun was hiding behind the cloud! 

My new trail shoe - New Balance MT110 ! Stepping into G.Nuang for the first time and also it's my second time wearing for trail running after my hike and run back on 29 Dec 2012, at Youth Park, Penang. 

Spotted this somewhere before Kem Lo Lo after waterfalls. 

Flowers on the tree... first time seeing this! it's marked my wonderful day! 

Another shot closer to the yellow flower.... 

River stream! Initially im really hates it as it's will make my shoe and feet wet ! I'm quite happy when i managed to cross the first small river stream with dry feet ! But the joy short live as there's bigger and wider and longer river that i need to cross ! Argh.... 

Glad to find out that New Balance MT110 did not holds the water... Shoe become dry very fastonly wet shocks i need to handle. 

After river crossing... shoe become clean! hehe... 

After Kem Lo Lo, next is Camp Pacat. 1.2KM up, estimated 150 minutes.... 

On my way up, i met with Swee Kiah and his group. I'm surprised when i heard my name on my way up! It's him... i continue my hike and overtook them... 

The terrains after Kem Lo Lo, it's become tougher... keep going up! Up and UP UP !!! It's become so technical that not able to run, even try to walk up also will find some difficulties. I keep walk up, jumping here and there following the foot steps mark on the ground... But... the sky become so dark! 

It's become so dark that i feel like i need my headlamp! It's look like 7pm alike and it's when rain start to pour. Rain started. My initial plan to hike until summit seem facing some challenge. Anyway, im still feel motivated and im keep on going up! It's going to rain and it's so dark, so cam-whore first ! hehe... 

Before the rain started, it's look foggy and cold. 

Reach at this section, somehow, felt it's unique. 

I thinks when you seeing this photo above, rains been pouring for at least 30 minutes. The trail now become small river stream... Zzz... it's making my hike further difficult to hike as the water that im step into might be a big deep hole! It's also slowed me down! Every steps i have to be very careful. 

Reach at section where its brighter. What else, cam-whore la! Rain getting heavier and i'm still continue to hike.  

Rain non-stop and it's still not yet melt my motivation going up! 

Finally i reached at Camp Pacat... what a relief. 

There's few people inside the camp... 

Bersusah-payah reach at Camp Pacat, sure have to cam-whore as souvenir ! I'm was here! wahaha... 

Continue to hike up! 

Oh, another camp side at Camp Pacat. 

Rain still heavy! i thinks somehow i'm feel exhausted and it's become some de-motivated when keep seeing stronger water stream flowing down on the trails...! Gr... 

Anyway, i'm still not yet give up! 1.2KM should be manageable! 

Another souvenir before continue my hike.   
After Camp Pacat, continue my hike and rain still heavy, water stream become strong, and after 5-6 minutes hike from Camp Pacat, it's where i'm falls down for the first time. It's too slippery! I fell down and my hand hit the plant at side, and i looked at my right hand it's full with plant thorns! Alamak... i'm quickly carefully clean up and remove the thorns from my palm. Lucky non of thorns were deeply "cucuk" on my hand! Checked my hand carefully, no cut, nothing serious... Look good, i'm continue to hike... 

As it's getting heavier rain, and more water flowing down, and the trail become more slippery! I have another fall again! It's really frustrated ! it's remind of me my The Most Beautiful Thing 100KM trail race back in 2011, where the same condition, raining and slippery, i was keep falls down every few steps !  Really frustrated and i decided to call it off for the day! Zzz... 

Turn back heading down, argh... 

Look down, water flowing so quickly! i wish i can be like water just flow downhills ! 

Every step have to be very careful... It's really change my style on how i'm going downhills... Water is every where, either just step it or be very slowly put my feet on it... 

It's full with water, i have no where to avoid but to brace it... run with water! HUAT ah! 

When bored, time to take out camera and cam-whore... 

At a section where larger space... take a few second breaks... 

Now you can see how deep the water it can be on the trail! almost reaching my knee! 

within 1 feet away, my other leg step on the swallow water.. you can see how drastic it can be! 



All the way down... the trail are filled with water flowing down! How i wish i can be part of water flowing down quickly... 



i thinks it's almost all the way like this from Camp Pacat to Kem Lo Lo... 

Cant even go fast when downhills... 

Reached at Kem Lo Lo... way before im reaching, i can hear the loud waterfalls sound... argh... water stream seem so strong! im in doubt. I'm stopped. I'm asking people, is it safe to cross the river? he said yes, just now there's a group of people safely crossing the river. 

The strong water flow after heavy rain! 

NB MT110 serve me well ! 

Before im crossing this river, i'm been wondering around for few minutes and finally i brave myself to cross the river step by step... thinking of im going to have famous Ampang Chicken rice Loke Yun later... 

The deepest section were just below my waist level... 

Kem Lo Lo... when i crossed, i thought no more river crossing... ! Zzzz 


It's relief when im back to luxury trail road... 5km to reach back at starting point! 

I'm just love my New Balance MT110. 

Gift from G.Nuang appear on my hand after 1 day, which was on Monday morning. The red spots were the effect from plant thorns. By now, which is Wednesday, the red spots are also gone.  


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