Thursday, January 24, 2013

Broga Loop - April 2012

Just start using Strava.... uploaded 1 activity on my cycling ride happened back in April 2012. I still can remember this ride well. Why? because it's infamous 120km Broga Loop which i never have thought how hard, how steep the hills were.

On that day, I'm following Kelvin Tan to joins Team Magnum at Tmn Billion Kajang and meet up with Pulley Tan. That's how we started our ride there...

Only after the ride, i only know about Broga loop. It's clockwise loop, cyclist called it Broga jatina... if clock-anti wise, it's called Broga Jantan... much harder !  

Basically two of us were some how "outsider" with the group as that was our first time joining ride with them. We went off from the peleton / group ride to enter Titi village to have our breakfast.

It's was wonderful wan tan mee breakfast ! 

After breakfast, we continue our ride... Two of us, we were working together, pulling each other, drafting behind each other and maintaining at 30km/hr+- speed... 

After Kuala Kelewang town, it's hills. bloody long climb of hills... each stroke of pedal were taxing under hot sun! When reached at top and start to downhills, it's awesome! managed to hit maximum speed of 70km/hr... The best thing was, just before the junction turn right, we stopped by to have watermelon! argh... feel like in heaven! 

Good time wont last for long. After the watermelon treat, we continue our ride. Still only two of us, even we managed to catch up some others cyclists, but they all "naik kereta". This hill they called it staircase hill... if im not wrong! so steep until my speed up only at 5-6km/hr, and it's after riding for some 80km... my legs were not fresh as beginning! Another big suffering! 

After the hills, remaining of the route were okay. no more steep hills. Rolling some hills and we managed to catch up other cyclists too! From there, we join back the group... We have 1 final stop at Broga town before we end our ride back at Tmn Billion. 

Its was good ride! 


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