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Malakoff Interstate Fellowship Ride 2012/2013 Day 1

31 Dec 2012

Malakoff Interstates Fellowship Ride 2012/2013

Time: 7:00am
Distance: 180KM

I never joins Malakoff Penang interstates before. Thus I decided to join this year. With off season in cycling and back to training 2 weeks before today, I'm successful complete 180KM without any problems!

No problems on bike nor gears nor tyre ! I'm physically and mentally managed to complete with so called "Honeymoon" ride pace. At one point, I'm feel like sleepy & boring!

It's 180KM with 3 stops. It's speed controlled ride. A maroon color pajero leads us. The starting point for this year begins at Bagan Jamal R&R area.
Guess many were disappointed when found out this year no Penang Bridge crossing. The 1st 60KM, some Padi field scenes, palm oil estate and importantly we rode past my hometown which is Serdang Kedah. We have our 1st stop at Caltex, Selama Perak. The next 60KM, and we still will return to the same Caltex for second stop. I never aware or know that, Selama side Perak have some awesome cycling route with some hills that can makes my heart go excited since I'm mostly on honeymoon pace with 1st peloton !

It's not too bad the 1st 60KM I achieve average speed of 31KM/Hr! I was drafting behind the first peloton all the way! Now you know why I called this "Honeymoon" Ride! Haha

In the last 40KM, I'm with the first peloton, the speed were increasing slowly from 25km/Hr plus to 30km/Hr plus... During last 10KM, suddenly "boom" sous heard! It's was one of the cyclist tyre blow! Then after that suddenly front peloton shouting SLOW ! It's seem two cyclists fell and 1 of them were at middle of road! He quickly got up, trying his best to stand up back, he try to grab his sunglasses I think and we were so fast that can't stop in time trying our best to avoid hitting him! Thank god, I'm just few CM away from his wheel! Then we continue as normal...

When we hits the highway, there's cyclists start to sprint and our speed hits 40km/Hr and above! Too bad, no one can draft with, I can't breakaway like others, just try maintains my speed around 35km/Hr...

The whole journey ends around 2.00pm plus. Basically my body wet for 7 hours! Hand dah kedut!
Checked out when I arrived, collected my goodies bag and jersey! After that quickly grab lunch to refuel. I'm still feel fresh!

After had my lunch, I followed Giant cyclists pedal back to Penang via ferry...

Thanks for the treat on ferry by S-Works Venge McLaren rider!

Back to hostel, cleaned my bike, my gears, my jersey and walked to nearby Penang road for famous Cendol and some other foods!

Chin Ann

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