Tuesday, June 30, 2009

SCKLM Result

Net Start: 06:13:19
Category:Half Marathon 21km
Net Time: 02:36:04
Position: 1066
Finish Timing: 02:36:22.27


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Run for your life!

You don’t need to finish a marathon to benefit from running. Twenty minutes, three times a week, are enough for a healthier, happier you.

PUTTING one foot in front of the other on a regular basis is an easy, affordable form of exercise that will get you far, in more ways than one.

Regular exercise improves mood, controls weight, and strengthens muscles and bones. It helps prevent chronic diseases by keeping blood pressure, cholesterol, and sugar in check.

Why run? Besides the health benefits, running provides 39-yearold IT project manager Jamie Pang with “me” time, good times with good friends, and competitive goals to aim for, like finishing a major marathon in less than four hours.

Regular exercise can even improve your sex life by boosting energy and promoting blood circulation. (According to the Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research, men who exercise regularly are less likely to have problems with erectile dysfunction than men who don’t, especially as they age.)

Too tired to exercise? Pity, because it’ll help you sleep better. Especially if you’re someone who comes home exhausted from the office, yet takes ages to wind down enough to fall asleep.

Running is a particularly flexible. You can indulge in it at any time in peaceful solitude, with a fun group of friends, or competitively in events like today’s KL Marathon.

Whatever your preference, the important thing is to start on the right foot, advises 10-time marathon runner, Jamie Pang.

“Running is not sprinting”

Pang, 39, has been running since his dad dared him to complete the Penang Bridge Run when he was 15. Most recently, he completed the 2008 US New York Marathon in four hours and three minutes - a personal best that’s miles away from his early days.

Like most first-timers, the teenaged Pang would be off like a shot from the get-go, or try to chase other runners down, only to have to slow to a panting, gasping walk minutes later. Today, his first piece of advice to beginners is: “Don’t run too hard. Running is not sprinting.”

These beginners are those who attend the free classes he conducts through Runners Malaysia. Every Saturday morning, Pang and his Runners Malaysia partner bring them through an easy route at the Lake Gardens in KL, instructing them on technique along the way.

“We always advise them to take it slow,” he says. “New runners tend to get very enthusiastic because they see their fitness improve very, very quickly. The first session is tough - they get sore etc - but after a couple of weeks, when their bodies adjust to the stress, they get very encouraged. Then they sign up for a 10km run, or, even better, a 15 or 20km run. Herd mentality kicks in and everybody signs up. It’s too much too soon.

“When they’re overenthusiastic, they don’t get enough recovery time, and their bodies start to break down. They’ll find something doesn’t feel normal, their knees or feet start to hurt. And when they injure themselves, they stop.”

To get you started, and avoid these pitfalls, Pang presents these pointers:


·Get shoes that fit well, with the correct support for your foot shape, and which are meant for running. Using other shoes can lead to injury.

·Eat and drink something before, but not too soon before, you run. Avoid foods that are difficult to digest, because they will reroute oxygen-carrying blood from your running muscles to your gut.

·Stre...tch. Stretching properly can prevent cramps and reduce soreness. Find out what works for you - holding stretches for longer (20 seconds) or shorter (three seconds), static stretching (where you stay stationary) or dynamic stretching (where you’re in motion).


·Don’t count distance, count time spent on your feet. The first 20 minutes will give you the highest spike in aerobic benefit, so go for 20-minute sessions more often, rather than longer sessions less often.

·Warm up. A warm body is a flexible body, and a flexible body gets injured less easily (in the same way a green twig bends, and a dry twig snaps). Walk, jump, or jog around a bit before you run.

·Run-walk. Measure your progress against visible markers eg lampposts. Run five lampposts, walk three lampposts, run five more. Increase running and decrease walking until you’re running the whole route.

·Go slow. If you can’t talk comfortably while running, you’re going too fast.

·Mix it up slowly. Running on varied terrains builds strength and adaptability, but should be approached gradually. Start running on level ground.


·Cool down. Don’t jumpstart your heart and don’t “jumpstop” it either. Slow your pace down from a run, to a jog, then a walk before stopping completely.

·Stre...tch again.

·Recover. Let your body rest in between runs. Measure your heart rate when you wake up - that’s your resting heart rate. If your resting heart rate is higher than normal the day after a run, rest another day before running again.

Moderation is key

You may have come across some alarmist articles about runners dropping dead in long distance races. These rare cases have typically been those of marathon runners who experience sudden cardiac death as a result of excessive heart stress.

But stress, Pang asserts, is the whole point of exercise: “It’s all about stressing your body, recovering, and repetition. To get fit, you have to stress your body, then recover, then you’ll be stronger.”

Besides, studies have shown the relative risk of sudden cardiac death in marathons to be infinitesimally low. As low as 0.8 per 100,000 runners, according to a 2007 University of Ontario study that retrospectively reviewed over three million marathon runners.

The study concluded: “Organised marathons are not associated with an increase in sudden deaths from a societal perspective, contrary to anecdotal impressions fostered by news media.”

Furthermore, the long-term benefits of regular, moderate exercise, as highlighted at the beginning of this article, far outweigh the risk of dying, says sports medicine doctor Dr William Chan (see Love your legs for more advice on SF11.)

If, however, you remain alarmed regarding the risk, just listen to your heart. Any of the methods below will help you keep your level of exertion moderate, and therefore safe.

·Take the talk test. Moderate exertion is when you can talk while running, but not hold a tune.

·Take your pulse. Count your pulse for six seconds and times it by 10 to get your heart rate. Moderate exertion is 60-75% of your maximum heart rate (HRmax). How HRmax is calculated can vary - some formulas take your resting heart rate, age, or gender into account, some don’t. Visit health.discovery.com/tools/calculators/hrc/hrc.html for a simple calculator.

·Buy an electronic heart monitor. It will do all the calculations for you, and even, depending on how much you pay for it, tell you when to take it easy.

To find out more about the Runners Malaysia beginner’s programme, visit www.runnersmalaysia.com.my or contact Jamie Pang (012-3080752; jamiepang@runnersmalaysia.com.my).

Saturday, June 27, 2009

SCKLM bib collection

26 June 2009

its Friday. i have 2 hours of lunch break.
12.30pm its raining... i wanted to go to Dataran Merdeka to collect my SCKLM bib, but cant.
so i went to have my lunch.

i was having lunch with my coursemate, who come to my office to audit. She is auditing my holding company. Good to hear from her.

1.30pm, rain is stopped and quickly go to Dataran Merdeka.

Wow, its long Q.

it's hot... long Q, and making people feel frustruted!

it took me about 1 hour to get my bib, vest and goodies!

back at home, 1st thing to do is bashing the SCKLM facebook!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

its Friday

its friday.

its the day to collect my Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2009 bib number!

im so excited about it.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


i cant believed that i met my coursemate in my office...

the 1st look im looking at her, i can recognise her, but can not recall her name...
wanted to find, but dun know where to look from...

until today, she finally asking on my company thing. we just act normal... he ask i answer.

back at home, just now, she finally commented on my facebook... then im only recall her name!


the world is small...

Transformer 2 @ TGV Capital Square

this morning...
1st thing when i reached at the office is login into TGV website and buy the Transformer 2 movie ticket.

last night, i tried to login into GSC website and it's experience the heavy traffic and worse can not buy any ticket...

this lead me have to choice the TGV, my least favourite. but for the sake of Transformer 2, i just wanted to watch it today!

it seems TGV is improved from last time. now i can use my visa credit card to pay online...

yeah... got nice seat...

i thinks im used to watch movie with GSC One Utama, the newly opened TGV @ Cap Square still lose to GCS in terms of lighting, seat...

The ugly lighting have polluted the feel of the cinema...
The seat, not a lether seat... and worse, the cushining is bad... real bad if compared to GSC One Utama...
while another improvement is the space... more room leg...

Coming Saturday, im going to watch the Transformer 2 again at KLCC TGV...
TGV again! hope they really got improvement. but did not place a high expectation on it.

Monday, June 22, 2009

SCKL Marathon goodies bag

wondering this bag will be useful to me o not...

Saturday, June 20, 2009


this few days, wanted to blog... but mind blank...

so many things happened, but when come to blogging, it's blank...


Monday, June 15, 2009

J&J Charity Drive Hunt 2009

16TH AUGUST 2009
Exciting Prizes & Lucky Draws to be won !

Hurry, 100 entries available !

J&J is organizing a charity drive hunt on August 16, 2009. All
proceeds collected will be channel to YWCA.

About YWCA
YWCA Vocational Training Opportunity Centre [VTOC] was established in
September 1998 to serve the needs of young women and girls from
economically disadvantaged segments of Malaysia irrespective of race,
religion and culture.

* Provide temporary shelter for girls and women [and their children]
in crisis situation.
* Provide opportunity to discuss their problems either face to face or
by telephone
* Arrange for necessary support services such as medical, legal,
childcare and job emplacement where possible:
a] when at shelter
b] after having left the shelter

* Empower women to take control of their lives; and learn to make
decisions as well as solve conflicts intelligently.

Entries are treated on 1st come 1st serve basis.

1stPrize –RM 2000 worth of hampers/ cash vouchers
2ndPrize –RM 1500 worth of hampers/ cash vouchers
3rdPrize –RM 1000 worth of hampers/ cash vouchers
4th–10thPrize –RM 500 worth of hampers

03rdAugust 2009

Entry fee: RM200 per car or RM50 per pax (4 pax per car)

You will enjoy..FREE EVENT DriFit T-SHIRT, GOODY BAG,

Please contact Amelia Ang @ 017 –366 9390 for details and entry forms.


Melaka Trip or Siemen's Run

July 18th, 2009
- Meet at Gathering Point
- Breakfast
- Arrive in Malacca, check in Hotel
- Have Nyonya Food Lunch
- Jalan-jalan at Jonker Street, see souveniers, handicrafts and antiques
- Malacca Cendol Snack
- Cross over to Stadhuys/St. Paul's Hill/Malacca Eye
- Dinner at Portugese settlement
- Jalan-jalan at Jonker Street Pasar Malam
- Hang out at Geographer's Cafe for some drinks
- Werewolves!
- Sleep

Sunday, July 19th, 2009
- Rise and Shine
- Bah Kee Soup/Dim Sum Breakfast
- Visit Flor De La Mar/Malacca River Cruise
- Lunch at Malacca Chicken Ball Rice
- Shopping at Jonker Street
- Depart for Seremban
- Have Seremban Famous Crab for Dinner
- Depart for home

just now noticed my friend is just confirmed on going to Melaka trip with the "Things To Do Before Die" facebook group.

the date is clash with my Siemen's Run...
Shd i go to Melaka or stick with my Siemen's run?

Friday, June 12, 2009

Indian Mango

two days ago, i was given a mango which is from India.
it's just another mango...
nothing special about it.

just now, when i visiting my friend's blog, i found out that she also posting the indian mango.
eh, so ngam...

without thinking, i went to take my indian mango and comparing to her's indian mango which she is in india now, snapping the indian mango... haha


Commitment & Discipline

Recently i was in forum chatting with friend.
All this while, i always mentioned i wanted to workout to reduce my tummy...

so always asking question by question to my friend and the conclusion is i need to have commitment & discipline on my dairy lifestyle and workout.

while im giving excuses of "lazy" and "tired"...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

is Im well protected?

mistake by mistake...

all were just following the instructions of my boss...

life up and down...

like some1 mention, when something is good being done, people will promote it very loud...
while if minor tidy mistake, people will hide it.
worse, if known by people, people will remember it deep in heart.

my journey still have a very long to walk, run...
no matter how hard, how up and down, i still have to "zen" and survive in the long journey...

just hope, there will be watch tower light guiding me...

Mistake again

yesterday, im feel something wrong before im press the "send" button to email to all my bosses about trade.

im keep asking my boss before sending out. im just cant spot the mistake in my email...
it appear that i have left out 1 crucial information.

i should have ask my boss what is the quoted price... i just cant spot it.

today, i need to call my real boss about the clause which is suggested by another boss. when im managed to get my real boss, and i mentioned my other boss name, my real boss linked me to the email that i sent...

omg... im feel terrible... i was keep shoting in the phone...

after hang up, immediately i tell my boss about the matter, while im speaking to him, my real boss call my boss...

then they begin their conversation... Appearly my boss also face the same thing that i face just now, but he managed my real boss...

Solution: no more email that going to be send out by me!!!

Boss Chasing Boss

it chasing time again!
previously i have been chasing for my figures to be check.

and now im chasing now..

my boss chase me, and i need to chase another boss...
the boss up-stair also asking the boss on checking status...

i have promised other another boss on my report, yet the figures is not confirmed.

argggh... so many bosses...

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Station 1 @ Rampai Business Park

No internet access @ home...
and without thinks more, i know where i need to head to.

that is KFC Wangsa Maju. got plug and also free wifi and the air cond is damm cold.. im just like it.

too bad, when im reached there... it full house.

i line up and keep thinking where should i seat later. every seat which have plug got occupied by people.

and im recalled, station 1 @ rampai business park which is newly open should have wifi and i can try out the new environment. Station 1 @ Setapak is definately out of my choice as it's too crowed.

it's quite spacious! and the same environment as other branch.
importantly i got my seat with plug!

it will be my main choice in future for my wifi online...

Telekom Modem

my internet connection is down when my housemate is accidently "pour" water on the modem.
it happened on sunday evening, since then i do not have internet access from home.

on Monday, after working hour, i went to Alpha Angle one of the computer shop, asking for modem.
in my mind, i wanted to get TELEKOM modem, modem ONLY. but the computer shop did not have the modem i wanted, althought it got put streamyx banner.

so this morning, 8.30am i went to TM point @ Titiwangsa to purchase TELEKOM modem. im was so confidence that they will have the modem and i can buy it from them immediately.

To my surprise, the customer service told me that, the modem is out of stock! OMG.. how this could happened!!! im really wanted to curse...

Since im going to get a new modem which is cost around RM69 quoted by the customer service, im also enquiry about combo package which i got interested on it since it introduction long time before.

She intro me the Combo Wireless @ home package where i will be given wireless modem router and it will have 1 year warranty by Telekom. after listening to her, i did not have much interested to get it.

back at home, around 6.30pm, i plug in again my modem and test. it got power again, but the DSL light is blinking and crazy. at one point, all the lights are blinking. then i testing and wanted to call for technical assistance using my house phone.

To my surprise again, NO DIAL TONE. suck-man... it's useless for me if im buying new modem other than Telekom modem. i cant test it immediately.

without second thought, i called the technical assistance using my handphone. wow, only few second, my call is being answered.

after explain my problem, he immediately log report for me.
after that, i asked him about streamyx combo package again. he explain to me in details to my questions asked as im ask quite details too.. haha...

then i found out that normal streamyx combo package (without wireless) have lifetime warranty by Telekom on the modem.. while im paying about RM5 less for my current bills.

it's worth the money for the lifetime warranty. whenever the modem have problem or malfunction, i can ask Telekom to change a new modem!

tomolo going to find out! and im also specifically requested the name of technical assistance, and double confirm on the availability of the normal combo package.

tomolo (10 June 09) 8.30am will find out...


To whom may concern,

streamyx user id: xxxx
telephone: 03-xxxx xxxx
hp: 012 xxxx xxx
name: xxx xxx xxx

refering to my report number above, which im reported this evening. my house phone is no dial tone. i can not make any calls out and also can not surf net.

it is a very serious matter as NO DIAL TONE for my phone. what if i have emergency matter and i need to call out for help.

im very un-satisfy with the service provided and im been using streamyx for more than 5 years.

i hope i can have my dial tone back by end of tomorrow (10 June 2009) else im requesting for the compensation for loss of service provided by tm net.

please advise.

sent at 10.50pm on 9 June 2009

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Setia Alam @ SP Setia

Finally i got the changes to visit Setia Alam.
i have known to this name since few years back and specially Setia Eco park, it have a very nice environment. Since then, i wanted to visit and have a look...

today, i went to Setia Alam Welcome Centre to collect my New Balance Klang Pacers Half Marathon 2009 shirts and number bib.

Tomolo, will be running 21km around the Setia Alam.

Skytrex Extreme Challenge

Finally, i managed to find the pictures with Trails Tracker group from facebook.

Our group photo before we start our challenge.

this is the toughest part and also the last challenge. we have to put our leg into the rings and cross over. Initially 1 rope have 2 rings... it's makes my movement abit easy to cross to another rope.

as im come to middle, the ring reduced to one. 1 rope only have 1 ring... i was struggle and figure out what leg movement is the best in order for me to cross to another ring... it's mental challenge and also used all my hand energy to control and body movement and my 1 leg to step in the ring to support me while my another leg moves to another ring.

yeah, i managed to cross for the 1st ring... and the rest, all i need to do is maintain and do the same movement again and again! it's real tough... im wondering how the girl in front of me managed to finished it... i can not lost to her! with the mental building up in mind, i step 1 by 1 to complete it.

Horey! our group have about 16 people and only 5 of us managed to complete it.

i thinks i can do better if this is not my first time coming here, while others come here for second time.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Suddenly, im feeling like be 好人...
suddenly friends asking this and that...

without second thought, im just helping them...

Maybe im just did not know how to say no to my friends...

Yesterday night, out of suddenly, one of my college friend sms-ed me, asking on the tax matter...
and without second thought, im just forward the sms to my two tax agent friends who are quite high post in the big4...

Both were replying the same answer and i just use the same sms reply back to my friend...
Thanks you my friend...

Today im also chatting through my company internet network with my ex-colleague who also in the Group tax department...
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