Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Station 1 @ Rampai Business Park

No internet access @ home...
and without thinks more, i know where i need to head to.

that is KFC Wangsa Maju. got plug and also free wifi and the air cond is damm cold.. im just like it.

too bad, when im reached there... it full house.

i line up and keep thinking where should i seat later. every seat which have plug got occupied by people.

and im recalled, station 1 @ rampai business park which is newly open should have wifi and i can try out the new environment. Station 1 @ Setapak is definately out of my choice as it's too crowed.

it's quite spacious! and the same environment as other branch.
importantly i got my seat with plug!

it will be my main choice in future for my wifi online...

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