Thursday, February 26, 2009


im feel vomit when im alone, working and facing with tonnes of works...

the feel just strike me when im works...
im trying hard not to thinks of it...
im trying to concentre on my works...

Sunday, February 22, 2009



There's a long long outstanding problems... i never bother to go solve it, as i can bank in cheque without from problems... and now i have a concern, which im dare not to take the risk on it.

my salary is going to bank in to my Maybank account. if the name shown is not the same, sure my pay wont be able to bank into my account!!!

my account's detail is showing wrong name which is: AUN.

on last Thursday i changed my ATM card to new Visa Debit ATM card and asked the staff there to check my name.

but the print out from the Maybank system (system which used in Maybank not Maybank2u) is showing the correct name: ANN.

Called the 1-300-88-6688.
The customer service suggest me go to the nearest maybank and ask them to liased with my home branch which is in Penang.

yesterday i went to Pavilion Maybank, which is open 7 days banking. They were helpful.

Great Eastern Pacesetters 20KM 2009 II

my friend showed me the link of my picture of Great Eastern Pacesetters 20km.
im so happy.
finally i got my picture of running.

Time: 02:29:18
Class F: 439/641
20km All : 525/845

my next run is 1 March 2009 KL Tower Run and followed by 8 March 2009 Der Wild Wild Run 2009 which is running in the Zoo Negara.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Flying heart

my heart is flying...
but i need my heart to continue to do my works...

what's wrong with me.


Struggle to do my works...

Direct Access Vs ACCA

These few days, it's should be for the past 2 days, im been trying to pay my acca fee using Direct Access (DA).

but it's failed the authorised the payment. WTF....

Called the DA customer service, and he / she said it's ACCA portal problems... tht's why can't get through the payment... he said DA have problems with ACCA.. worse case, he is suggesting that i pay the ACCA fees manual...

WTF... @#$%^&*(

fed up with DA, then i remind of my 1st love of HSBC... so i give it a try...
damm.... still the same thing, authorisation failed..

so i called the HSBC Customer Service and he check for me. it's appear that's ACCA is foreign merchant and they have block it...

now im called and he already checks with the security dept and they have authorise my transaction for the ACCA merchant... and ask me to try to pay after 5-10 minutes.

after that, i tried. Yeah... it's being authorised. Now im 95 pound poorer.

Worse, my 95 pound can not claim from company for the movement. im resigned staff so not entitled. while coming soon, im a new staff, yet to be confirmed, so still can not claim the 95 pound. i thinks im only can claim it after 6 months, that's Aug.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Moving, moving moving...

im moving soon again... due in 1 month time.

this time from Blue moving to Red...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Track Running

it's was last minute cancel for my 10km double hill running with others.
so that time, i was in Cari Chinese Forum, spamming @ the running thread, and found out that they have running session this morning.

so im just join them...

it's was 2.4km running, 4x100m, 15 push up and 50 sit ups.

they are quite good, at least better than me. i still have a long way to catch up with them...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Get Ready

Get Ready, VA...

it's your chance. Are you ready for it.

Tomorrow have another round of interview. This time is with HR manager.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


location, location, and location.

it's being stressed by my running mate.

besides that, accessibility also play an important roles as well. no public transportation access, wont be able to demand high price.

i was asking, how to decide whether 1 particular house is the right one you going to buy.

there are no any short cut, you just need to go and see the around.

Viva La Vida

listen the song today on Hitz fm and it's won the Song of the year in Grammy Awards...

im just falls in-love with this song!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Common Sense...

it's the important word stressed by my car detailer Albert yesterday...

i thinks i have long time did not practice the words "common sense" since im back from UK.

yet, sometimes, im failed to practice it. WTH...

"?" Questions Mark

Any "?" which appear during course of works and if you did not go and ask to clarify, it's will definately be your problems. it's maybe not now, but perhaps 2 days later, 3 days or 1 months later.

beside that, "?" will cause you to stay back... you thinks hard on how to solve it your own and stay until late...

Any "?" it's better to ask and get it done... You will be never working late again...


Attitude is something that you can not change immediately. You need to show, brain wash and need takes sometimes. It's Attitude towards working... There's a story about how to train a housekeeping in a 6 Star hotel. Washing toilet is sound an easy task, but you're washing a Six-Star Hotel, beside wash, you need to mock it, dry it and also clean the surrounding...

after being trained, brain wash, the housekeeping found that his house's toilet is so dirty, even though previously he thinks is clean...

Skills is not important... although you got the skills, yet you do not posse the attitude towards works also can not jadi... Attitude is really important...


"How to keep a person's motivation high all the time?"

when someone is doing a great job, you need to praise him / her. Let he / she feel proud of what he / she achieved. Yet, this is hardly done by anyone.

Kenari & Atos

im just noticed that Kenari car back door is opened like normal door which is just need to pull out. Unlike other cars, the back butt is pull up and pull down to closed it. This is mentioned by Albert.

He asked me to thinks: what's good / great about Kenari & Atos's back door which is open like normal door... i cant thinks of anything...

Actually there's some research showed that, back door which can open like other normal door is very suitable for girl... OK, kenari is suitable for girl... nothing problems but what to do it's related with back door? Then he added: Suitable for short girl....she can just close the back door easily... without need to pull down from high like others. Now i got it...

yet, this kind of small things, people did not notice...

"You Can Makes A Difference" Awards

Yes, "You Can Makes A Difference" is an awards for a MNC and my friend Albert have won it.

The talk with my friend Albert came in about time. i really need some guide.

really thanks him a lots for the all above thing he told me....


aunty called just now...

initially, she is asking me whether want to join her to attend a talks about "Branding" given by a Singaporean Company @ J W Marriott Hotel.

waits, i should re-phase like this:

She is asking me whether im free on this coming Saturday, as got FREE buffet @ J W Marriott. Wah... free buffet @ J W Marriott Hotel... it's sound so tempted. then she continue and say, it's organised by a Branding Company from Singapore which is new in Malaysia and will gives a talks on "Branding".

She said, she received a call from the company and invite her to go. So she can reserve few seats if she wanted to go.

after that, then come the 1527. i thought it's One Hundres fifty-two and seventy cents. Then my aunty said, minus the beer portion RM100, and also others RM100...

my aunty keep repeat 1527... 1527... suddenly im realised, and ask back her, is 1527 is One thousand five hundres and twenty-seven??

OMG... since when i owe her the money... thinks thinks, and thinks hard again... my mind sparked...

OMG... it's the insurance thing which she told me during CNY and im agreed... OMG... i thought it's already charged to my credit card which appear on January...

now it's another round... new premium...

Monday, February 09, 2009



These few days, been listening to few people is talking about attitude towards working.
They hit the right points, as im really need their opinion.

Somehow, i feel like im alone in the team. My accountant and me seldom talks.

we sometimes talks through "communicator" (same as msn function which is internally used).

Sometimes, to reply her, i tooks few minutes to thinks of how to reply her in a nice manner.

i can feel our communication gap is getting wider and wider...

somehow, i can sense that, people around me, which are my running mate and my car detailer the topic talks about is related to what im facing...

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Financial Planning

All this while, im trying to find the real financial planning.

read some of the articles on how's it being work, yet for myself to works it out, it's really hard.

somehow i do not know my own financial goal. What's my financial Goal?

besides that, im also wanted to find out the monthly premium i paid to insurance company is whether a correct way or not.

im always tell others that IM ALREADY OVER INSURED!!!

i have saving plan with insurance company.
i have medical plan with insurance company.
i have 4 in 1 life insurance with insurance company.

all this while, im trying to find "outsider" to give me opinion on the financial planning matter.

Finally, until yesterday, i managed to get where to looks for.

Is my running mate. He was tax director from 1 of the big4. He just resigned recently.
we all about 7 people had breakfast talks after we running.

it's was 1 of my running mate who asking whether he let go the property he own. then it's related with financial planning and every1 is get interested. at least got 3 people including me.

Im looking towards the meeting session. Where he will introduce his friend, who is real financial planner (not those insurance agent) who is really doing the practice and not just got the license.

Im wanted to get out of my negative financial status...

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Myself or other

sometimes, im not sure what's went wrong with me.

im too quite?
that's why lack of communication between me and my bosses.

1st day of the month, busy preparing the schedule and rushing. Yet, i did not have the time to tell my boss about delay of tiny thing. yet, she mentioned i shd have told her.

why i did not tell her? what's my problems?
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