Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The River Jungle Marathon 2011

Its coming back this year again! The Malaysia ONLY Boutique Marathon The River Jungle Marathon which only have 1 category which is 42km.

We were having our fun at The River Jungle Marathon last year. We started at Ulu Langat small town at 5.30am and its was so dark! We running with headlights in the dark in the kampung! Its was scary and yet excited! haha... run run run... its in Ulu Langat and the fresh air really good for running! Besides that, we have to run up hilly hill for 2-3km and downhill for 2-3km again! After hills, we run pass Semenyih Dam, if im not wrong! Its was fun, its was fun to suffer together! We enjoyed it!

Im just realised im forgets to blog on the race report. Okay, im too shy to blog about my result. I was completed in 6 hours 45mins which was my worse marathon timing!

Anyways, i had fun last year! You can read here: The River Jungle Marathon with Porsche & Ferrari & River Jungle Marathon 2010 details

Bookmarked my calender! 25 September 2011. 
The registration is not open yet, but you can follow The Marathon Shop on Facebook on latest updates from time to time.  

Photo by Runwitme.

hehe... The River Jungle Marathon 2011 is coming ! 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

T36-C5® Melaleuca Oil, Natural antiseptic

Natural, pleasing aroma—never smells artificial
All-natural, 100% pure oil of Melaleuca alternifolia
The highest quality Melaleuca Oil available
Heals Better. Feels Better.

No other essential oil is as versatile and beneficial as the oil of the Melaleuca alternifolia leaf. Valued for hundreds of years as a remedy for a variety of health concerns and many skin ailments, Melaleuca Oil has since been proven by research to be a powerful natural antiseptic, a soothing balm for minor wounds, insect bites, and minor burns, as well as a skin conditioner—and much, much more.

We have brought Melaleuca Oil to our customers in its purest form for more than 24 years. Every drop of this oil is harvested and distilled in southeastern Australia, the very region where Aborigines and early explorers first started turning “tea tree” leaves into tea, infusions, and balms centuries ago. Leaves are cut from Melaleuca alternifolia trees in a way that doesn’t harm the tree or its surroundings. Steam is used to open the capillaries in the leaves, releasing the oil. That oil is then filtered and ready to be poured into bottles.

Whenever you receive a bottle of T36-C5® or T40-C3® Melaleuca Oil, you’re receiving the purest, most effective Melaleuca Oil found in nature: an oil high in terpinen-4-ol, the compound that gives Melaleuca Oil its amazing antiseptic properties, and with just the right level of cineole, the compound that gives Melaleuca Oil its penetrating power.

Only the best sources yield such a high-quality, beneficial, natural balance. We select our sources carefully. That’s why we can guarantee the highest quality, 100% pure Melaleuca alternifolia oil in every bottle.

Often referred to as “The Miracle Oil” by its customers, this pure oil is the one product every medicine cabinet should contain. No other product is at once antiseptic and gentle to the skin, penetrating and soothing on burns, bites, and minor wounds, and refreshingly, comfortingly aromatic. There’s just nothing else like Melaleuca Oil. Once you try it, you’ll find a hundred uses for it—and you won’t ever want to be without it again.

Six Properties, Many Applications

Each property in Melaleuca Oil meets a different need:

Naturally antiseptic. Melaleuca Oil’s antibacterial properties help prevent topical infection at the first sign of trouble.
Gently soothes. Thanks to terpinene-4-ol, the "aah" sensation of Melaleuca Oil stops the scratching, which helps skin heal faster.
Safely penetrates. Melaleuca Oil moves quickly to the source of the problem.
Beneficially non-caustic. Melaleuca offers two grades of oil; T36-C5 Melaleuca Oil—non-irritating for most all skin types—and T40-C3 Melaleuca Oil, for more sensitive skin. Skin doesn’t feel raw after using Melaleuca Oil.
Effectively solvent. Melaleuca Oil’s natural solvency helps dissolve dirt and stains.
Pleasantly aromatic. The fragrance of Melaleuca Oil will comfort you with its pleasing aroma (sometimes described as a combination of eucalyptus and nutmeg).
Best of all you won't have to spend a fortune to enjoy the benefits of Melaleuca Oil.


抗菌力強 (殺菌效果是石碳酸的13倍),舒緩,無刺激性,安全滲透,氣味芳香,天然溶劑,天然防護。

1. 痛、紅腫、癢、流血請直接擦茶樹精油,可配合茶樹凝膠效果更好。
2. 灰指甲:直接由指尖指縫滴入,有立竿見影之效。
3. 燙傷:於燙傷處直接滴上,搭配 “蘆薈凝膠” 效果更好。
4. 撞傷、肌肉酸痛、輕微扭傷、關節炎、痛風:腫脹處直接滴上搓揉
5. 牙痛、牙齦發炎、嘴角發炎:可以直接抹上
6.富貴手: 用"香液皂"洗手後擦乾,於患部先抹上"茶樹精油",再擦"護手露"。
7. 防蚊蟲叮咬:10-15滴精油+100CC的水,噴全身即可。或於防曬乳或乳液中滴數滴茶樹精油塗抹。
8. 鼻塞:直接抹於鼻下
9. 喉嚨痛、咳嗽,含於口中約20秒吐出
10. 芳療薰香:薰香燈放九分滿的水加數滴茶樹精油,能對抗環境壞因子,同時舒緩身心不適。
11. 泡澡:滴5-7滴
12. 除漬::手被簽字筆劃到時,也可用茶樹精油去除
13. 頭脹或頭痛::可抹在太陽穴或頭頂,可紓緩徵狀。


Remarks: Its so amazing right? If you need one, you can let me know. 

Monday, March 28, 2011


Nike's first ever Girls only race in Singapore, the GODDESS 5K!

NIKE RUNNING SINGAPORE launches today to bring you news, product, training runs, community and motivation to help you run better and stay connected with other runners. Kicking off the launch is Nike's first ever Girls only race in Singapore, the GODDESS 5K!

Go "like" their facebook NIKE RUNNING SINGAPORE!

I missed Nike KL 10K race last year. I wanna run Nike running race!
Argh... why Nike only focus Women? Where's men right!  Lucky its in Singapore. Anyways this is not going to happen in KL in anytime soon for Girls only race.

Will year 2011, Nike going to organise 11.11.11 11K race? Im waiting to hear the good news! Waits... 11.11.11 falls on Friday. So its impossible. Anyways, im waiting to hear for 2011 Nike Race in KL!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Energizer Night Race 2011 - Race Kit Collection - E@Curve

This morning my scheduled posting post on Energizer Night Race 2011 - Race Kit Collection about location of the Race kit collection. The first round of Race Kit collection kicked start today 10am until 10pm until Sunday. 

Today, i went to collect my Race Kit after my works. 

Please take note that, Race kit collection for 5.5km category is located at outside E@Curve between Fitness First and Laundry. If you're running 5.5km, look for this board.   

Not many people when i was there around 7.00pm. 

Basically the 5.5km is under the bridge! 

Next, so you might ask, where's the other categories! Where's 11km, 21km & 42km ! 

Its all inside the E@Curve !  

Fuyoh! You gotta take number for your categories !  

After got your number, waiting for number to be call!  

11km counter is on your right side while 21km is on your left side which im not shown in here. 

 42km is at the Centre ! Yeah... Guess, its normal 42km category is the least participants joining if comparing to 21km & 11km. 

Ah.. Im really forget to take my Power im busy taking photos and im hungry! After got my bib, i went to cari makan for my dinner ! 42km runners, remember to claims your power gel at Power Bar Booth outside! 

The claiming process is simple. I received my postcard and im just show it to the staff with my IC for verification. Its done! I got my Race bib package within 2 minutes ! hehe 

Argh... my beloved postcard have to be teared! sob sob sob... and FabioLee postcard have to surrender back to organiser as proof im collected my Race Bib! sob sob.. I cant get FabioLee's signature on the postcard anymore. :(  

Its all inside! Energizer Night Race is using Champion chip for recording time. 

After got your package, remember to come to this counter to activate your champion chip ! Place your chip on the device on the table...  

Vola, my name is appeared on the screen! Its done! Completed my Race kit bib collection! Make sure your name is correct! 

For 42km category, you will be given headlight during collections while other categories have to bear from now until on the race day itself only will be given the headlight. 

Be patients 5km, 11km & 21km runners, yay ! 

If you can not stand the waiting, next year come join us 42km! You can get your headlight during Race Kit Collection! hehe... 

Energizer Night Race 2011 - Race Kit Collection

The 1st round of Race Kit Collection for Energizer Night Race 2011 is starting today, 10.00am until 10pm until Sunday.

The location:

No. 2A, Jalan PJU 7/3, Mutiara Damansara,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Please visit for more information!

Important Notice!!!

Please kindly bring along your REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION, PAYMENT CONFIRMATION and your IDENTITY CARD/ PASSPORT during race kit collection day.

This postcard also acceptable when presented with your NRIC/passport ! 

If you are unable to collect your race kits, you may appoint your relatives, friends, or representatives in Malaysia to collect your race kits on your behalf with a letter of authorization. 

Please take note that your relative, friend or representative in Malaysia is required to produce their identity card / passport, along with your letter of authorization and photocopy of your identity card / passport upon request from the counter staff.

Each appointed relative, friend or representative can collect up to a maximum of FIVE (5) race kits including his own race kit if they are a registered runner.

At the collection counter, you need to submit the registration and payment confirmation emails to the official as proof of collection. The organizer may refuse anyone the race kit collection when failed to identify the proof of participant in the event.

Please download the authorization letter at

Please note that no changes in vest sizes and race category will be entertained during the race kit collection.

Race kits not collected after the collection date will be deemed as property of the organizer, who reserves the right to dispose or re-distribute them accordingly.

Bring your running shoes and gear during RACE KIT COLLECTION. Energizer cares for your health.The Energizer Night Race Malaysia bringing you workshops for free to care for your pre running preparation. Just flip your race bib and walk in for the workshop for free... Check out the updates!!

The FREE transfer to Sepang International Circuit on Race Day!!! 16 April 2011

P/S: Im will be collecting my Race Kit  after working hours ! See you there! 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

#GTP - Government Transformation Programme ( Pemandu )

#GTP - Government Transformation Programme ( Pemandu ) 

Dear all member of public,

 You are invited to participate in the 'Majlis Transformasi Bersama Rakyat: Untukmu Malaysia to mark the launch of the Government Transformation Programme (GTP) Annual Report 2010.
The GTP was launched by the Prime Minister of Malaysia in January 2010. This event will share the progress and achievements of the GTP effort, and will be graced by the Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers and senior government officials.
Details of the event are as follows:
Date: Sunday 27 March 2011 
Time: 6pm – 11pm 
Venue: Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil 
The event will feature performances by Dato' Siti Nurhaliza, Reshmonu, Amy Search, Aizat & Band, Suki Low, Danell Lee, Zainal Abidin and Atilia, among others. 

By the way, please take note that, its not everyone can just walk into the Stadium Putra, you need a ticket to enter into Stadium Putra. No worry, the tickets will be given FREE starting from 4.30pm as mentioned by @GTP_roadmap in twitter respond to my inquiry. 

Reply: @GTP_roadmap Yes,  Im kambing! haha. 

So, member of public, dont be late! Come early to grab your tickets and seat in the good location seat!

Below are the agenda of the evening! Enjoy the GTP Annual report launch by our Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak.


6.00 pm Ketibaan para jemputan
6.30 pm Konsert Rakyat
7.30 pm Ketibaan Y.Bhg. KSN, KSP, KPPA, KSU-KSU Kementerian dan pimpinan tertinggi Perkhidmatan Awam

7.45 pm Ketibaan YB Menteri-Menteri Peneraju NKRA, YB Menteri-Menteri Persekutuan Dan YAB              Ketua-Ketua Menteri Dan Menteri-Menteri Besar

7.50 pm Ketibaan YAB Timbalan Perdana Menteri
8.00 pm Ketibaan YAB Perdana Menteri
8.05 pm Nyanyian Lagu Negaraku
8.10 pm Ucapan YAB Perdana Menteri
8.25 pm - Pertunjukan Video NKRA EDUCATION dikuti oleh persembahan artis
         - Pertunjukan Video NKRA URBAN PUBLIC TRANSPORT (UPT) dikuti oleh persembahan artis
             - Pertunjukan Video NKRA CORRUPTION dikuti oleh persembahan artis
 - Pertunjukan Video NKRA RURAL BASIC INFRASTRUCTURE (RBI) dikuti olehpersembahan artis
          - Pertunjukan Video NKRA LOW-INCOME HOUSEHOLD (LIH) dikuti oleh persembahan artis
            - Pertunjukan Video NKRA CRIME dikuti oleh persembahan artis
10.25 pm Majlis Perlancaran Buku Laporan Tahunan GTP 2010 oleh YAB Perdana Menteri Malaysia
10.45 pm Nyanyian lagu 1Malaysia oleh YAB Perdana Menteri, Menteri-Menteri Peneraju NKRA dan artis
11.00 pm Majlis bersurai

Remarks: In case, you are 1st timer, NKRA stands for National Key Result Areas.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Rome Marathon by Malaysian Couple @ 20 March 2011

Its Rome Marathon... and what you can thinks of? Sparta? Its a beautiful Historical city!

Finally my sifu's Rome marathon photos were posted 3 hours ago and uploaded by Maybel. Let's me try my best to bring you tour popular marathon in Europe - Rome Marathon.

The starting lines were at Via De Fori Imperiali in the shadow of Coliseum.

Before the start of marathon, Maybel was in front of Coliseum. 

Ah.. feel like going back to ancient time!

The Rome Marathon started! Sparta going to run 42km ! 

The Piramide, Pyramid of Cestius @ Rome. 

Looking good sifu! Feel good, he is going entering into Vetican City! 

Rome ancient warriors supporters! Feel like Sparta! 

Sifu Terrence and Si mo Maybel were at The Saint Peter's, Vetican City! 

Yay, Malaysia flag was at the Saint Peter's, Vetican City. We proud to be Malaysia. 


Photo with volunteers! Looks cool! 

Pizza Navona ! 

Water fountain at Pizza Novano. 

Another water fountain! Its so nice! 

P.zza del Polopo 

Maybel was @ Pizza Di Spagna ! 

The famous Fontana di Trevi ! 
I was there when i was on my Europe trip after my UK summer degree course! Im missing Rome! 

P.zza Venezia ! 

Argh.. Im loving McD..! 

Woot..! Malaysia flag in front Piazza Venezia! Loving it! 

Running past another fountain. 

Sifu running past Circo Massimo.  

ULTIMO KM ( 1 more km to go) 

Its the finishing point @ Colosseo 

Sifu and his wife crossed the finishing line with splits second just before hit 6th hours. ! 

Sifu's finishing medal... 

Maybel's finishing medal... 

Its was a great experience they were enjoying while running Rome Marathon. Its making a lots of us envy deep in heart and its also enable us to know more about Rome via Marathon! 

At last, Sifu wish to express his thank you for AirAsia X which offer cheap fare for flying to London else the trip is going to cost a bomb. I thinks marathoners community in Malaysia would be even more happy when they find out they have chances to join Virgin London Marathon via AirAsia X. 

For your information, Maybel is one of the Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon pacers! She will bring you back to finishing line with 5 hours 30 mins!

Visit SCKLM website to find out more about SCKLM pacers.
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