Monday, March 21, 2011

Rome Marathon by Malaysian Couple @ 20 March 2011

Its Rome Marathon... and what you can thinks of? Sparta? Its a beautiful Historical city!

Finally my sifu's Rome marathon photos were posted 3 hours ago and uploaded by Maybel. Let's me try my best to bring you tour popular marathon in Europe - Rome Marathon.

The starting lines were at Via De Fori Imperiali in the shadow of Coliseum.

Before the start of marathon, Maybel was in front of Coliseum. 

Ah.. feel like going back to ancient time!

The Rome Marathon started! Sparta going to run 42km ! 

The Piramide, Pyramid of Cestius @ Rome. 

Looking good sifu! Feel good, he is going entering into Vetican City! 

Rome ancient warriors supporters! Feel like Sparta! 

Sifu Terrence and Si mo Maybel were at The Saint Peter's, Vetican City! 

Yay, Malaysia flag was at the Saint Peter's, Vetican City. We proud to be Malaysia. 


Photo with volunteers! Looks cool! 

Pizza Navona ! 

Water fountain at Pizza Novano. 

Another water fountain! Its so nice! 

P.zza del Polopo 

Maybel was @ Pizza Di Spagna ! 

The famous Fontana di Trevi ! 
I was there when i was on my Europe trip after my UK summer degree course! Im missing Rome! 

P.zza Venezia ! 

Argh.. Im loving McD..! 

Woot..! Malaysia flag in front Piazza Venezia! Loving it! 

Running past another fountain. 

Sifu running past Circo Massimo.  

ULTIMO KM ( 1 more km to go) 

Its the finishing point @ Colosseo 

Sifu and his wife crossed the finishing line with splits second just before hit 6th hours. ! 

Sifu's finishing medal... 

Maybel's finishing medal... 

Its was a great experience they were enjoying while running Rome Marathon. Its making a lots of us envy deep in heart and its also enable us to know more about Rome via Marathon! 

At last, Sifu wish to express his thank you for AirAsia X which offer cheap fare for flying to London else the trip is going to cost a bomb. I thinks marathoners community in Malaysia would be even more happy when they find out they have chances to join Virgin London Marathon via AirAsia X. 

For your information, Maybel is one of the Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon pacers! She will bring you back to finishing line with 5 hours 30 mins!

Visit SCKLM website to find out more about SCKLM pacers.

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