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Im Chin Ann from Malaysia, a small country beside Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand.
I started my running routine on Aug'2008 with the aim of lose some fat and be healthier person. Since then, I never looks back and I falls in love with running. To-date (as at 25 May 2011) I have run 9 marathons. 
1) In 6th December 2009, i ran my 1st ever full marathon 42.195km in Standard Chartered Singapore marathon with Personal Best of 4 hours 57mins 41seconds. 
2) After 2 month of my 1st marathon which was February 2010, one week before Chinese New Year, i ran my 2nd marathon in Putrajaya Night marathon on 6th February 2010 with timing 5hrs 57mins.
3) In March 2010, im ran my 3rd marathon in Energizer Night Race which held in Cyberjaya Malaysia with timing 5hr 45mins.
4) In May 2010, im ran my 4th marathon in Singapore Sundown Marathon which started at 11.59pm and i finished in 6hours 00mins which enable me to see the sun raise just in time! haha
5) In June 2010, im ran Standard Chartered KL marathon in my home city Kuala Lumpur with timing 5hr 35mins

6) In August 2010, I ran Malaysia 1st ever the only Boutique Marathon in Malaysia with only one category which is 42km. I did my most worst marathon timing ever with 6 hours 45 mins as my knee were injured but i was enjoyed the marathon! 
7) In November 2010, i ran Penang Bridge International Marathon 42.195km with timing 6hour 9 mins which started at 2.00am and its started to raining at 15km mark! Its was my 1st ever marathon which im running in heavy rain in early morning, i.e. 4am in morning! 
8) In December 2010, i ran Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon for second time with timing 5 hours 40 mins. 
For year 2011, the marathons I committed: 
9) Energizer Night Race 42km on 16 April 2011 - 5 hours 21mins
10) Sundown Marathon 42km on 28 May 2011 - 6 hours 45mins
11) The River Jungle Marathon 2011 on 25 September 2011 - 5 hours 34mins
12) Putrajaya Night Marathon 2011 on 15 October 2011 - 5 hours 30mins

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2011 on November 2011 - Decided to Skip, decision made on 6 July 2011
Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2011 on December 2011 - Decided to skip, decision made on 6 July 2011

13) MR25 - 18th December 2011. (A 50KM trail marathon in Singapore)

Year 2012: 

Borneo International Marathon in May 2012. (due to hardly run since my HK100, i decided to skip the marathon. Air Asia cheap flight ticket burnt in the air)

14) Standard Chartered KL Marathon on 24 June 2012

3-digits marathon - Ultra Marathon

1) Sundown Ultra Marathon 100km on 25-26 June 2011 - Completed in 14 hours 41mins. I'm ranked 98th in the men open. :)

2.) The Most Beautiful Thing: Sabah Adventure Challenge 100km Ultra Trail Marathon on 5-7 November 2011 - Completed in 27 hours 20mins. I done it! It's my toughest Ultra Trail marathon route ever!

In 2012

Vibram® Hong Kong 100 Ultra Trail Race
 17 Feb 2012 - Completed within 24 hours, Bronze Awards, official timing: 23 hours 41mins.

4) Hardcore Hundred Miles Ultramarathon, Kayapa, Baguio, Philippines.

5) The North Face TNF 100KM Philippines, Baguio - April 2013, official timing of 29 hours 45 mins ! 

Life changed since Sundown Ultra. That's how i ended ran two more ultras within 6 months. There's will be no more running be it 42KM or 100KM for the rest of year 2012.

Although i loves running, but i discover i loves cycling more!
Let's me pedal as hard as i can, year 2013 would be an interesting year for me! 

In year 2013: 

In 2013 February, Im attempting my first 100 miles ultramarathon in Philippines, Hardcore 100 miles Ultra Marathon and i failed to complete it as it's really hardcore! Only managed to run 62km in 18 hours!

In April 2013, I returns to Philippines to attempt 100KM ultra trail in TNF Baguio 2013 and this round i managed to complete my 100KM ultra trail over Baguio mountains with timing 29 hours 45 mins just 15 mins before cut of time 30 hours!

15) Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon SCKLM 42KM - 29 September 2013, with timing 4 hours 59 mins. 

16) Penang Bridge International Marathon - 17 November 2013, 5 hours 10 mins

17) Kuching Marathon 2014 - 17 Aug 2014, 4 hours 52 minutes 57 second (New personal best timing since my first marathon)

18) Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon SCKLM 42KM - 12 Oct 2014, 4 hours 50mins 00 second (gun time) - Another personal best timing improved 2 minutes from Kuching Marathon recently!  

Hoorey! In year 2015, i did not complete any marathon, the only marathon i joined was SCKLM which got cancelled due to HAZE! 

19) Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon SCHKM - 17 January 2016, 4 hours 33 minutes 18 second, my personal BEST timing! 
You can follow me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vin_ann 
Thank you.

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