Thursday, January 29, 2009

Midvalley Parking fee Increased.

since the opening of The Garden, the parking got segregated into few zones. Among the zones, my favourite parking zone is the Premier Zone.

Initially, i dare not to park at the Premier Zone, as the name suggest, it's premier and might cost more expensive parking. until 1 fine day, i decided to try park at the Premier zone.

To my surprised, it's same rate as other zone. since then, Premier zone have become my favourite zone.

Good time did not last. Finally today, i saw the notice of New Car park Rates...

The Premier zone is only applicable for The Garden parking space, while the Mid valley Megamall did not affect.

Premier zone:
Weekdays : 1st 3 hour RM5.00
subsequent Hour RM2.00

Weekends / Public holiday : 1st 3 hour RM7.00
Subsequent hour RM2.00

Zone U:
Weekdays: 1st 3 hour RM1.00
Subsequent hour RM1.00
Maximum charge per day RM7.00

Weekends/ Public Holiday : 1st 3 hour RM3.00
Subsequent hour RM1.00
Maximum charge per day RM9.00

Oh... the New Rate is only applicable to Zone U, level 4, 5b, 5a and level 5c to 7.

my favourite parking is always the B2 and B3... lucky, im still saved.


Philips to cut 6,000 jobs

Dire Q4 results prompt drastic action

Written by Rosalie Marshall

Consumer electronics supplier Philips is to cut 6,000 jobs after releasing fourth-quarter results that showed a loss of €1.5bn (£1.4bn).

"Our fourth-quarter results are a reflection of the severe impact of the global financial and economic crisis, and the decisive actions taken by management," said Philips chief executive Gerard Kleisterlee on Monday.

Kleisterlee explained that falling consumer demand had particularly affected Philips' Consumer Lifestyle division and OEM lighting businesses.

The company announced restructuring and change programmes, but said that spending on R&D and marketing would not be affected. "Innovation is now more crucial than ever," said Kleisterlee.

The layoffs will occur across Philips' global operations at some point this year. The firm could not comment on how UK staff will be affected, but promised to share more information in the coming months.

yesterday, when im back to KL, on my PC, and surfing.
the 1st thing im doing was surf TheStar Website and i found the above news.

it's sad to hear this.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

CNY 2009

Chinese New Year 2009

my CNY is just over like that...
this CNY, i back on Saturday, which most of the people also back to hometown the same time.
this have caused the heavy traffic jamm in the highways.

on the way back to Kedah from KL, i stop-over at Ipoh to have a drinks with Jack at Old Town Kopitiam.
he is just back from China.

on Sunday morning, i wake up quite early, got nothing to do and i decided to take out my running shoe and runs around Serdang Lake.

on Evening, i got too much of nothing to do, i went to Sunway Butterworth Mcdonald, wanted to tried the wireless, but im dissapointed. no power plug.

before i continue my journey to Auto City, i pumped Petronas at nearby. the meter pump shown RM44.50, but my credit card receipt show RM44.51.

really wired.

after that, i reached at Auto City. it's so empty. Starbucks also less people. i guess, every1 is preparing for the reunion diner.

i stayed until 4.30pm and then back to home.

my reunion diner was a great 1. im so miss the food and we all able to gather and eat.

after diner, the night still young, yet i did not go out and find friends. i feel like lost track with my friend in hometown. im just so sleepy and just went to sleep quites early.

on Monday, nothing much to do. no calls from friends. just stay at home and watch movie from my brother, TAXI 1,2,3,and 4.

at night, after diner, also nothing much to do. i just took my car to round my town for 2km and back.

on Tuesday, morning, my relative have buffet, we all went to their house to have our lunch.
after that, we depart to my grandma house ( my mother side) at Tanjung Pinang in Perak, nearby Parit Buntar.

this year, i did not drive, but my brother drive. im just sit at the back and listen to my MP3.
nothing much to talks with my relatives. im just relax and sleep.
from 1pm until 6pm... im just received ang pao from my relatives...

at 8pm, we all back to Serdang. i had my bath and at 9pm im came out.
until now, here im now, Auto City Starbucks...

it's 11.21pm, time to go back.
it's 40 minutes journey!

Auto City Starbucks

it's a real bored at hometown.

the wireless next door is un-certain when to on it.
im rather not to know it's existence of it.

i was waiting it to on...
waits and waits...

finally i decided not to waits and come out.
it's Auto City at Juru.

it's the latest happening places in Prai & Butterworth.
it's located 40km aways from my hometown Serdang Kedah.
it's a 40 minutes journey.

actually, come to here, run my SAP program and run 1 consignment report and it's done.
after that, i just need to download the report into Excel and i can do it offline.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Serdang Lake

sometime last year or year before, i got taken these pictures...

now taken again on my hp w610i, the quality is not so good.

This view remind of my Scotland trips...

Serdang Lake Garden

Back to hometown, and discover that there's new track built around the half lake.
only surrounding the half lake.

yeah, half lake only. really dissapointed with it.

at least, better than nothing. the previous old track is 1 full round surrounding the lake, which is before the merger of the 2 lakes.

the old tracks is lack of maintenance and lesser and lesser people running.
and lastly become abandoned.

now it's given new life, with the half route of the original track.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Im Not Happy !

22 January 2009 is the day.

The day Happy is reveal to the new rate.

first thing to do to checks on the rate is by login into Low Yat Forum and check at Happy sub-forum.

read, read and read... omg all is negatives comments.

so immediately i login into the website and to see myself the true.
Thursday, 22 January 2009
Happy is now HAPPIER with brand new call rates. With Happy, you can make extra long Happy to Happy calls of up to 45 minutes anytime between 9:00am to 5:00pm for just RM0.99! For short calls, we’re gotten even better with a super call rate of RM0.33 a minute to all networks! That’s way cheaper compared to our previous rate! And you’ll be glad to know that SMSes are still RM0.10 to all Malaysian numbers! The new call rates are applicable to all new and existing Happy customers. Find out more about these rates in our updated rate table and be HAPPY!

Only calling Happy to Happy between 9am to 5pm can get 99cents. Others than that, it's 99cents for 15minutes and sub-sequent 33cents per minutes.

it's impossible that i got friend who using Happy.

Anyways, Happy have brings me sweet memory when the old rate apply.
im really enjoy it.
but now the enjoy is become shorter and it's not enjoyable already!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


CNY is coming.
CNY is coming yet i did not feel the environment.

i feel like i got more works to do with CNY.

CNY, makes me to thinks twice hard as compare to normal.
CNY, makes me to rushing all the works.
CNY, gives me abit of luck, hopes it's really a good luck. will known in 2 weeks time.

on Thursday, 22 Jan 09, my division is going to have Year End Lunch at Yuen Streamboat buffet located at Sunway Mentari Park. it's been quite some time i did not visit the streamboat there which famous for the "chicken wing".

tht's Year End Lunch which before CNY. while after CNY, we were invited for the CNY Diner which is located at the Le Meridian Hotel on 7 Feb 09. Actually it's a CNY diner for the Dealer, only this year, we all are invited.

Initially, my boss told me that i need to works on 3rd day of CNY, but now is changed. i need to works from home on Friday, which is 5th day of CNY. while the works, the journal that im doing i need to refering to the hard copy which is impossible for me to works from home.

now i changed my plan and coming back to KL on 4th day of CNY... and friday just casual back to office to do the journal pass it, then back home and sleep n rest.

since back to KL so early, must find some program to occupied myself.

one of it is to visit 佛光山 which is located at the Jenjerum, Banting there.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Great Eastern Pacesetters 20KM 2009

it's the day, the time have come, to put me on test.
as usual, i will be using my W610i hp to listen MP3 all the ways.

it's 4.00am. my alarm rang... feel abit lazy to wake up.
i only wake up at 5.00am and went out at 5.15am.

since it's a 20km run, which is consider my first time running on it, i will be just doing slow pace and try not to stop anywhere.

6.45am, we all takes off from the Lake garden. after we exit the Lake garden and heading to Bank Negara, my hand free right side got some problems! my sound is breaking up on the right side while left side is fine.

OMG... please do not breakdown at this time, this movement, as i need it very much. just before reach Bank Negara, my right side hand-free is "KONG" dead. nothing can be done, but only to concentre on my left side hearphone.

My Running pleasure is reduce by half. yet, i still have to continue to finish it.
Run, run, run... a slow pace...

uphill must run with full energy and downhill is on relax mood, using gravity to running down.
with this pace, im only stop for drinking at the water station.

i never realised that i can run 20km without stop. it's really amazing. previously is running 10km without stop also. i thinks, agains must thanks to my mp3. Without it, i thinks i will be "pancit" very fast...

i managed to finished my 20km with timing of 2 hours 29 minutes! i thinks shd be quite ok for me 1st time running 20km. Next run will be improve my time.

Next year, also beginning of the 2010, i will be joining the 30km category, as those who finished 30km run they got a FREE T-Shirt, state 30km finisher at the back, which is i find it interesting, as most of the races, they only give Finisher t-shirt for 42km which is half marathon.

Friday, January 16, 2009

First Run in 2009

Registered last year. it's coming this coming weekend Sunday morning.
btw, im just joining the 20 km category, while 30km is the main category.

Great Eastern
which is my main insurance.
which is my 1st ever insurer.
which is my company medical insurer.
which is i brought my 1st saving plan with it.
which is my car insurance insurer.

seems i have lots of link to Great Eastern.

hope i can enjoy my run!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


it was a warming up session or training session prepare for the Great Eastern Run 2009.

it's a 10km run, double hill route, that's what most of the people called it.
previously i got run the double hill route, but im "pancat" the very early stage.
i dun know why, perhaps im not listen to my loved MP3.

this round, i used my hp W610i, i brought my earphone's rubber to replace the missing rubber.
it's works well with the rubber, else without rubber, it will falls off when running.

it's 6.45am, we only start to run. We suppose to run at 6.30am, but guess what, the Bukit Aman Parking is FULL. this have caused one of our running mate can not find the parking space!

i thinks every1 is prepared for the GE run next sunday!

Surprisingly, i managed to run 1st ever non-stop for 10km. i thinks i need to thanks for my MP3.
this have lead me feel that i NEED an IPOD NANO...

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Master Room to Let

finally, my housemate confirmed that they going to move out.

now im wanted to find people for the master room! As im going to move from master room to medium room.


Sri Pelangi Condo
128 block 9th floor.
Jln Genting Kelang.

Fully Furnish with washing machine, fridge sofa, TV.
very near to TARC.

Available in 1st FeB 2009

Monday, January 05, 2009

Nice guy

was reading friend's blog and saw this, "nice person card" 好人卡。。。

was curious and click on the link.

omg, it's seem same of my situation.


i thinks the above statement i got listened few years back...
suddenly recalled...

Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year Resolution re-visited

Searching my mail box... type: "resolution", and i found my 2006 New Year Resolution my blog post entry.

2006: New Resolution
  1. Pass my ACCA exam. - Yeah, i got it on June 2007 sitting.
  2. Learn as much as i can during work. - really learnt alot in audit.
  3. Take good care of my teeth. Prevent another lost of teeth. - my teeth is in good care.
  4. Reduce weight. - just only recently managed to reduce some weight.
  5. Get a girl friend. - Still un-achievable. *sweat*

Challenge stay a head

  1. Study and works at the same time.
  2. Works pressure
  3. Study pressure
  4. Short of time
hmmm... my 2007 resolution i didnt blog it. oh yeah, i know 2007 31 Dec im was rushing down to JB for 1st Jan 2008 stocktake!

then continue with busy audit life.

2009 Resolution

Been thinking for the 2009 New Year Resolution.

1. Get a girl friend.
2. Excel in work.
3. Participate every marathon run.
4. Keep running.
5. Climb Mount Kota Kinabalu.
6. Get an I-phone (if can get within RM1,000)
7. Travel to Asian country.
8. save money.
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