Sunday, January 11, 2009


it was a warming up session or training session prepare for the Great Eastern Run 2009.

it's a 10km run, double hill route, that's what most of the people called it.
previously i got run the double hill route, but im "pancat" the very early stage.
i dun know why, perhaps im not listen to my loved MP3.

this round, i used my hp W610i, i brought my earphone's rubber to replace the missing rubber.
it's works well with the rubber, else without rubber, it will falls off when running.

it's 6.45am, we only start to run. We suppose to run at 6.30am, but guess what, the Bukit Aman Parking is FULL. this have caused one of our running mate can not find the parking space!

i thinks every1 is prepared for the GE run next sunday!

Surprisingly, i managed to run 1st ever non-stop for 10km. i thinks i need to thanks for my MP3.
this have lead me feel that i NEED an IPOD NANO...

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