Tuesday, January 20, 2009


CNY is coming.
CNY is coming yet i did not feel the environment.

i feel like i got more works to do with CNY.

CNY, makes me to thinks twice hard as compare to normal.
CNY, makes me to rushing all the works.
CNY, gives me abit of luck, hopes it's really a good luck. will known in 2 weeks time.

on Thursday, 22 Jan 09, my division is going to have Year End Lunch at Yuen Streamboat buffet located at Sunway Mentari Park. it's been quite some time i did not visit the streamboat there which famous for the "chicken wing".

tht's Year End Lunch which before CNY. while after CNY, we were invited for the CNY Diner which is located at the Le Meridian Hotel on 7 Feb 09. Actually it's a CNY diner for the Dealer, only this year, we all are invited.

Initially, my boss told me that i need to works on 3rd day of CNY, but now is changed. i need to works from home on Friday, which is 5th day of CNY. while the works, the journal that im doing i need to refering to the hard copy which is impossible for me to works from home.

now i changed my plan and coming back to KL on 4th day of CNY... and friday just casual back to office to do the journal pass it, then back home and sleep n rest.

since back to KL so early, must find some program to occupied myself.

one of it is to visit 佛光山 which is located at the Jenjerum, Banting there.

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