Tuesday, January 27, 2009

CNY 2009

Chinese New Year 2009

my CNY is just over like that...
this CNY, i back on Saturday, which most of the people also back to hometown the same time.
this have caused the heavy traffic jamm in the highways.

on the way back to Kedah from KL, i stop-over at Ipoh to have a drinks with Jack at Old Town Kopitiam.
he is just back from China.

on Sunday morning, i wake up quite early, got nothing to do and i decided to take out my running shoe and runs around Serdang Lake.

on Evening, i got too much of nothing to do, i went to Sunway Butterworth Mcdonald, wanted to tried the wireless, but im dissapointed. no power plug.

before i continue my journey to Auto City, i pumped Petronas at nearby. the meter pump shown RM44.50, but my credit card receipt show RM44.51.

really wired.

after that, i reached at Auto City. it's so empty. Starbucks also less people. i guess, every1 is preparing for the reunion diner.

i stayed until 4.30pm and then back to home.

my reunion diner was a great 1. im so miss the food and we all able to gather and eat.

after diner, the night still young, yet i did not go out and find friends. i feel like lost track with my friend in hometown. im just so sleepy and just went to sleep quites early.

on Monday, nothing much to do. no calls from friends. just stay at home and watch movie from my brother, TAXI 1,2,3,and 4.

at night, after diner, also nothing much to do. i just took my car to round my town for 2km and back.

on Tuesday, morning, my relative have buffet, we all went to their house to have our lunch.
after that, we depart to my grandma house ( my mother side) at Tanjung Pinang in Perak, nearby Parit Buntar.

this year, i did not drive, but my brother drive. im just sit at the back and listen to my MP3.
nothing much to talks with my relatives. im just relax and sleep.
from 1pm until 6pm... im just received ang pao from my relatives...

at 8pm, we all back to Serdang. i had my bath and at 9pm im came out.
until now, here im now, Auto City Starbucks...

it's 11.21pm, time to go back.
it's 40 minutes journey!

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