Sunday, September 29, 2013

15th Marathon - My Personal Best SCKLM 2013

Yes. Its my personal best for my 42KM marathon today in Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2013! I never know i could do my personal best! 

I was targeting between 5 hours plus and not later than 5 hours 30 mins. Starting off with good conditions. Nothing unusual happens on my legs and im just run in comfortable speed which i found its abit faster than my normal pace that i would do. 

First 10km - 1 hours 4 mins 
Second 10km - 1 hours 12 mins 

I know i'm faster, and if i'm able to maintain my speed until 30KM, i most likely can hit sub-5 timing and i overtook the 3 5:00 pacer runners, they're behind me! hehe...  But on other hand, I'm worried about 30km mark as i only have 2 weeks running training for this SCKLM. My speed slowed down significantly when i'm crossing 30km mark and even start to walk. 

When i reaching at the Mutiara complex at Jln Ipoh, my habit told me to grab a Coca-cola like last year. Last year, the weather were hotter than this year. After i brought my coke, i drank it and whose know the 5:00 hours pacer was running fast from behind! I'm trying to catch up with them but failed. The Coke have gas and I felt bloated when im drank it so fast just try to catch up with the 5 hours pacer! argh... 

It's continue and i'm just run walk run walk trying hard to run to over my bloated situation. Somehow at KM33, the bloated feeling magically gone after i had a cup of water. It's time to run! Run to catch up 5:00 hours pacers ! Im just felt good. 

At KM35, James distribute milo popsicle which really helps a lot ! then came to KM 36 support station, just 1 sip of water, and then came to LYN Runners support station! Hong Lan passed me a cup of coke and im just grab it and drink! I never hold back, lucky the coke were no gases unlike the tin coke. This round the coke helped! 

Walk up the steep hill after Rinjani, and from there onward, i pickup my speed and ran downhills... After the downhills, i saw the white balloon which was about 700 meters away i guess, i need to run faster a little more! Finally i managed to catch up with 5:00 hours pacer and others just after Sogo before turning into the Jalan TAR! Phew! Sub-5 is coming! 

Finally, Im going to complete my 42km marathon with sub-5 timing since my virgin marathon in Singapore back in 2009 Dec. 

We Sing Song...we were excited and we were crossing finishing line together! 

Photo credit to Ah Ming. 

Awesome finishing with 5:00 hours pacers YKK, the Gold-man and Renee ! 
Wonderful sub-5 marathon! I love it. 

See you in 2014 again. 

Friday, September 27, 2013

SCKLM - My 15th marathon, Hospis Malaysia

Coming this Sunday, 29 September 2013,  its Standard Chartered KL Marathon ! Finally, its going to be realize and no more postpone after haze in June.

I will be carrying "I run for those who can't. I am running for Hospis Malaysia" bib with me in the SCKLM this Sunday.

Just counted, this SCKLM will be my 15th marathon! My 14th marathon was SCKLM 2012 ! haha... Time flies ! My marathon numbers are so less compared to my other running friends. There's some change of focuses since 2012 and same goes to 2013... 

For some, you might not knowing what's Hospis Malaysia but if you can recall, Royal couple Prince William and Catherine visited Hospis Malaysia last year Sept 2012. 

Photo courtesy

For more information, kindly click the link about to find out more about Hospis Malaysia. 

All the best to SCKLM runners! 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Malaysia Armed Forces day - Perarakan Raksasa ATM 2013

The KL folks been complaining about the fighter jet flying around their offices, loud sound, annoying sound over the social media in the weekdays and include today also. 

But they never bother to visit the Perarakan Raksasa ATM day at Dataran Merdeka. I'm always wanted to visit and find out more about our army forces who protect our country. 

After i did my 10km double hill run, and also breakfast at Brickfield, i realized i have spare time! Thus i'm landed myself at Dataran Merdeka for the showcase of army forces. 

Always seeing tanker from far. Today i see it in front of my eye and touch it. 

Lot of kids are queuing to feel the gun! 

Argh. Once upon a time, they're famous in battling the enemy in Sabah. Suddenly cant recall the special forces name. 

Guess what i spotted in Dataran Merdeka! Two cute kids! 

With tourists. 

Spotted this special force too! 

Tank !!! 

Walking, walking and i came to this booth where the officer let me to wear the real size of parachute bag and the big bag army wear during their combat. It's big and heavy, during the training, army walks 120KM with the bag, the weight not include guns yet. I were imagined that I can run/walk for 100km but with much much lighter weight of my hydration pack! What's i'm compared to these! Army Rock!   

Not everyday you can spot these plate numbers. haha... 

Today and tomorrow Sunday 22 Sept, there's basically whole army departments are opening their booths to recruits youngsters to joins army. Air force, Navy, Army etc etc many more! 

Youngsters,  if you're dream to protect our beloved Malaysia, it's your opportunity first step to realize your dream by sending your application by tomorrow at Dataran Merdeka! Dont miss it. 

Another army equipment on display at Dataran Merdeka. Tomorrow, after my LSD and breakfast, i shall bring my EPL-2 Olympus camera and go tour again, if everything are smooth. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Salomon Trail Run - Registration open tomorrow 11/9/13

Register @

BHP Orange Run 2013 - Registration

BHP Orange Run 2013
Registration & Collection of Bib :
Date : 28-29 September 2013
Time : 10.00am – 4.00pm
Venue : BHPetrol Mutiara Damansara, BHPetrol TTDI, BHPetrol Damansara
Utama, BHPetrol Damansara Jaya, BHPetrol Sg Kayu Ara, BHPetrol SS2,
BHPetrol Bandar Sri Damansara (Kepong/Batu Caves bound)

Monday, September 09, 2013

Ocean to Ocean Thailand - 11 Dec 2012

Back in Dec 2012, i have the opportunity to joins Bukit Aman Runners group who are experience in joining Ocean to Ocean Thailand. In 2012,

The route starts from the Pacific Ocean at Haad Kaew, Amphur Singhanakhorn, Songkhla and finish line at the Andaman Sea. The total distance is the about 136.6 km with 8 runners in a group.

In 2012, there's 140 teams joining the Ocean to Ocean aka Sunrise to Sunset ! It's amazing ! 



Sunday, September 08, 2013

TNF100 - The North Face 100km race report

I'm always fails to write my race report. So this round, try to write it while my memory still fresh. This round, i'm hardly took photos during my running as im so busy battling with the uphills and never ending hills again and again! 

On Friday evening, after dinner at 6pm, went back to hotel and try to sleep. Slept from 8am until 12am then get ready. This is 100km, not much mandatory items compared to my February 2013 (H1 ultra run, which i have not blogged about it) I felt much relax, as less things to put into the hydration pack. 

We went out around 1:30am. Lucky us, we managed to get taxi to the starting venue, Camp John Hay. The sky was like going to rain, can few rain drops, but it's never become heavier while im keep put on and off my TNF Hyvent jacket. so finally decided not to wear it. 

Before start let me list down my running gear from top until bottom: 
1. Headlamp Petzl Nao 
2. Salomon red cap 
3. 3 Buffs - Ah! so bad luck, i realized my HK100 buff was missing after im back to hotel ! Grr... 
4. SKINS top compression and TNF blue color event T-shirt 
5. LineBreak compression pant 
6. Injinji toe sock 
7. New Balance MT1010 trail shoe. 
8. Salomon S-lab 12 hydration pack. 

Once we were at race venue, all runners have to go though mandatory checking. The race started at 3.00am. While we were waiting

4 of us, Malaysians joining 100KM category before flag off. 
Beside that, we have 1 common thing in us! Can you spot what's that? hehe... 

The starting point ! 

Shine and me with our Philippino ultra runner friends. 

Wonderful mountain! 

this photo taken somewhere after 50KM, before the sky become dark! 
I enjoyed my Pepsi ! 

See the tower on top of mountain?? That's where we going to climb over it! 

Ok. Not really a detailed race report as its happens on April, now already 5 months lapse. some of the memory blur. But on the particular section, its already become a permanent mark inside my heart which i'm asking myself now how do you do it ! 

It's my first ever longest 100KM Ultra Trail race event which i took 29 hours plus to complete it whereares my previous 100KM races about 26 to 23 hours. 

Will i back to TNF Philippines next year? Will i? it's million dollar question that i keep asking myself. 

Shall share in my next entry on particular experience while I'm together with other ultra runners concur the A6 to A7 point! 

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