Thursday, February 28, 2013

H1: Hardcore Hundred Miles UltraMarathon 2013.

Since back from Kayapa, Baguio, Philippines, I have not updates my blog, mainly due to PC problems, plus its month end! Been rushing for closing and now running on my old laptop... :(

I did not finish my 100 miles race. I only managed to complete 62km for 18 hours plus, with the last hour i got lost when reaching to the 62KM check point. :(

In this run, it's so different from any other runs that i joins before, we get to know each others. Sharing running tips, exchange information, and many more.

Love this group photo!
Thank you Sir Jonel. 

H1 let me met with other strong ultra runners. H1 makes me grows. H1 teach me the valuable experience and insights. H1 makes me feel how inadequate im now. 

Friday, February 22, 2013

H1 : Hardcore Hundred Miles Trail UltraMarathon Philippines 2013

While i'm still on the run after 12 hours running the 100 miles course at Kayapa, 2 hours from Baguio, North of Philippines, there's some information i wish to share. 

I'm surprised when friend told me there's a 100 miles ultra run in February in Philippines without tell me much information about it back in 2012. Before that, i'm already thinking to joins one 100 miles run in 2013 to experience the lifetime experience as I'm hitting 30 years old...  

With the help of Google,  i managed to find out this H1 race, and it's really something new. Something totally new and im keep reading the information again, again, and again until i lost count how many "again" i did! 
I'm surprised H1 is UTMB qualifying race which will entitle for 4 points! 

This is too good to believe! 4 points worth of qualifying race in this H1 100 miles run and yet it's CHEAPER, or rather affordable for me! 

While i know nothing about the run, somehow, my gut told me just sign up ! Sign up! Think later. As time comes nearer, i got to know local runner linked up by Tey and Yim who referring to the same runner! haha... 

From there, more information and details of the trail obtained! It's COLD in night time, it's HOT in day time, and worse there's possible of RAINING which can become even worse weather for runner! 

All photos are from:


22 February, Friday, 12AM, Flag off !! We start to run Hardcore Hundred Miles Trail UltraMarathon (H1) with 46 hours time limits. 

Thank you my friend's wishes who pointing the "hand writing" note when she first sent the photo, she stressing don't see the muffin but "hand writing" note. 

"When is the last time you did something for the first time?" 

46 hours time limits, 100 miles, 160km, here i come to conquer for the first time. 

2 hours before Chap Goh Meh, I should have return and finish the run (very optimistic & confidence) haha.. 

(wrote on 19 Feb 2013, 9:10am, scheduled posting on Friday, 22 Feb, 12AM). 

Thursday, February 21, 2013


When you're reading this post (which is schedule to post on 21 Feb 2013 today), I will be running for my first ever 100 miles ultra race at Kayapa, Philippines in 12 hours time  and i'm probably out of reach since the town where start point located are out of coverage!

I will be only back to Msia on 17th day of CNY. 

Some of the scenes of the trail.


PDATED ROSTER OF PARTICIPANTS: hardcore Hundred Miles trail Ultramarathon H1

1. Guan Kheng Kho, MALAYSIA
2. Yee Chuan Teh, MALAYSIA
3. Tan Chin Ann, MALAYSIA
4. Wong Kum Ling Amy, SINGAPORE
5. Hendra Wijaya, INDONESIA
6. Almelito R. Casas, PHILIPPINES
7. Manuel D. Dela Serna, PHILIPPINES
8. Rienzi Robert T. Del Rosario, PHILIPPINES
9. Terence Chen,SINGAPORE
10. Paolo Osmeña, PHILIPPINES
12. Jose Lorenzo Mina, Jr., PHILIPPINES
13. Bong Alindada, PHILIPPINES
14. Aldean Lim, PHILIPPINES
15. Benj Termulo, PHILIPPINES
16. Ron Sulapas, PHILIPPINES
17. Jojo Dela Cruz, PHILIPPINES
18. I Nyoman Suka Ada, INDONESIA
19. Wilnar Iglesia, PHILIPPINES
20. George Dolores, PHILIPPINES
21. Rico Cabusao, PHILIPPINES
22. Jonnifer Lacanlale, PHILIPPINES
23. George Javier, PHILIPPINES
24. Brian Tan Seng, PHILIPPINES
25. Earl Warren Navor, PHILIPPINES
26. Joe Wacangan, PHILIPPINES
27. Mark Bryan Grey, PHILIPPINES
28. Ron Illana, PHILIPPINES
29. Meljohn Tezon, PHILIPPINES
30. Ronald Declarador, PHILIPPINES
31. Mac Azanes, PHILIPPINES
32. Mia Constantino, PHILIPPINES
33. Alain Llaguno, PHILIPPINES
34. Alen Alban, PHILIPPINES
35. Cheryl Bihag, PHILIPPINES
36. Alexander Tarasov, RUSSIA
37. Calvin John Escandor, PHILPPINES
38. Elmar Bob Tolete, PHILIPPINES
39. James Tellias, PHILIPPINES
41. Fernando Cunanan, Jr., PHILIPPINES
42. Cenen Milan, Jr., PHILIPPINES
43. Benedict Meneses, PHILIPPINES
44. Majo Liao, PHILIPPINES




Saturday, February 16, 2013

Cows @ Plus Highway

Counting cows... 1 cow, 2 cow.. And continue to cow from my Bandar Bahru toll until Sg Buloh toll. 

There's have total 20 cows along the highway... 


You can think for yourselves, Plus Highway move. 

Haha... Thanks to Gmail app! Now I can draw ! Happy Snake Year !

Chin Ann

Saturday, February 09, 2013

#Balikampung 2013 Gong Xi Fa Cai

Balik kampung. Balik kampung... This year, I decided to leave KL at 6am. I'm decision was right. 

Woke up at 5:05am, first thing to do was check Twitter updates... Ah... Traffic already built up due to accident at Sg Buloh RnR.... 

Got ready and left house at 6:10am. Opened my Waze app, put my hometown Serdang, Kedah as destination, it's show only 3 hours 10 minutes journey. Zzz... 

Initially decided to go to highway via Rawang toll, but my sense told me to follow Waze which go via Sg Buloh Toll. 

Once entered passed the toll, traffic were slow. But soon, the traffic were become smooth. The journey started with slow traffic due to accidents, due to overflow of rest area, due to accidents again! As my journey continue up North, by Ladang Bikam rest area, the traffic were smooth until Tapah Rest area! 

It was 8:30am I'm entered Tapah Rest Area. Some 10mins rest, got down and pee, recharged, continue my journey...

Accident again at Gua Musang area. Zzz... Other than that, it's was smooth traffic until Ipoh... 

At Ipoh, I had 2 round of breakfasts. 1st tried the very much "hype" Ipoh Dim Sum ! My friend told me the prices were revised upward to bloody expensive level, which almost comparable to StarHill Dim Sum price! KNS !!! 4 dishes and tea cost us RM23. Zzz... Guess there won't be dim sum at Ipoh anymore for me.  

Dim Sum hype craving satisfied. Haha. Perhaps, next time shall go a dim sum place where locals having their dim sum there. The very much "hype" dim sum in Ipoh are no longer visited by local, but tourist but local Ipoh who come back visit Ipoh. This is very sad scenario. 

We proceed to second round, but the Kopitiam closed! Even the famous white coffee Sin Fok Loong closed! Next, friend suggested Mee Jawa! I'm ok with it. 

It's RM3.50 Mee Jawa ! No kidding! Yet it's really have the good taste of Mee Jawa !!! It's reminded me the last Mee Jawa taste I had back at Prima Setapak 1 of hawker centre sold by an Aunty. But she no longer selling there! Glad I can find similar taste ! 

Had awesome Mee Jawa then continue my journey back to Kedah.... 

Reached at hometown around 1pm plus. Just nice. 

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! 
Reunion dinner shall begin in 2 hours time. 


Gong Xi Fa Cai ! 

Chin Ann

Friday, February 08, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year 2013 - Snake Year

恭喜发财,蛇年快乐!Gong Xi Fatt Cai, Happy Snake Year!

Brought postcards, get ang pow long from Royal Selangor Pewter! How's nice ! hehe... 

Without fail, I visited Royal Selangor Pewter Visitor Centre at Setapak. 
Beautiful CNY theme decoration! 

Oh yeah! My favourite postcards are back on display ! Im loving it! 

HUAT ah! 

More Postcrossing postcards to send and receive ! 

When I free, when i free, i shall share postcards i received via postcrossing! 

Happy Chinese New Year. 

Chin Ann.  

The North Face Hong Kong - Dec 2013

Happy Chinese New Year ! Just saw this new race! Woo Hoo.... Interesting ! It's The North Face 100 Asia Pacific Series - Hong Kong station which will be held on 14-15 December 2013. 

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