Friday, August 31, 2012

TPRC - Running enthusiasts to host Merdeka potluck on Saturday

TPRC - Terrence Poon Running Club. It's was suggested by someone when we were joking around during our LSD long long time ago... Suddenly, someone inside the group took the initiative and created a Facebook Group called "TPRC Weekend LSD" 2 months ago. They ( i put they as i have not into running and hardly go running since HK100) were so actives in the FB group discussing about running.

Glad our potluck session being mentions in national newspaper The Star! Happy Merdeka!

KUALA LUMPUR: People can join a Merdeka potluck gathering at 8.30am Saturday at the Bukit Aman car park.
The catch is, you have to run there to be invited.
Members of the Terence Poon Running Club (TPRC), who holds the gathering annually, are welcoming running enthusiasts to join them on their 6am morning run culminating in a breakfast gathering to celebrate Merdeka.

“We are a club that promotes multi-culturalism and unity. Anyone interested to join us for runs and subsequent gatherings are welcomed,” said TPRC member Wilfred Yeo.
He said their 16km route starts from the Bukit Aman carpark to Solaris Dutamas, Mont Kiara then back to Bukit Aman.
“We have weekly long slow distance runs on Saturdays and Sundays, where we travel long distances at a leisurely pace,” said Yeo, who was with his clubmates at Dataran Merdeka on Friday for the Merdeka celebrations.
Yeo said the team decided to make a detour while they were out on a run to check out the mood at the processions.
“It is nice to see many Malaysians out in droves to celebrate out nation's independence,” said Yeo.

Happy 55th anniversary Merdeka day!

Happy Merdeka Day, Malaysia from Ultra trail runners who joint HK100 early this year February !

HK100 2012

Nike We Run KL 10K

It's coming! 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

We Run SG 10K

Our neighbor Nike Singapore just posted this on their Facebook page Nike Running Singapore! It's interesting to see and read the comments posted by fellow Singaporeans feedback on the run. hehe...
one of the comment posted on FAQ:

Entry fees are as follows (all fees are inclusive of 7%GST)

Entry fee for 1 person:

S$35 (24 years old and below as of 21.10.12)
S$45 (25 years old and above as of 21.10.12)
Entry fee for 2 people registering as Buddies (meaning registering together on the same Registration Form):

S$60 (24 years old and below as of 21.10.12) 

Again, like previous year, buddies run, are cheaper than register alone. So get ur partner information ready!
 2012, this year, get your buddies and register together to enjoy cheaper rate!

Wonder will Nike KL do the same this? Get ready! Prepare for yourselves~!

For those who interested to run in SG. Can register using link above, if you are below 25. =.=''' 
Dont as me why. I dont know. 


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

We Run KL 10K - 2012 #WeRunKL Updates

Confirmed! WeRunKL will be held on 13 October 2012 ! It's million dollar question: When is Nike We Run KL 2012? Now it's answered!

Found this photo posted on Twitter with #WeRunKL... 

Are you able to spot We Run Kuala Lumpur??? It's 14th race which falls on 13th October 2012... 

While there's a reader Lings mentions that the info she got from school: "what i received from my school is will be start from zouk club and end at dataran merdeka. :D "

Start from Zouk Club, Jalan Ampang, KL and end at Dataran Merdeka. How to solve your logistic transportation problem if you are planning to drive. 

Ideally park your car somewhere near to Dataran Merdeka, if you have to drive else there's can be car-less mode to go Nike WeRunKL race! 

First let's talk about car-less via public transport mode. Zouk KL, it's nearest public transport would be Putra LRT, KLCC and Monorail Bukit Nanas. Just park your car at Kelana Jaya or whatever LRT station near to your house and get off at KLCC station. 

From KLCC, you walk to Public Bank direction and you can see Wisma Selangor Dredging Selangor and next Maya Hotel, Zouk is opposite Maya Hotel. 

From Bukit Nanas monoral, you walk toward KLCC direction, Zouk Club is just half way to KLCC. 

Next, a solution for myself where i'm going to drive, (if im decided to join as I have KOM Cameron Highland race on 14 Oct at Simpang Pulai, Perak, which start at 7:30am) I would park my car at runner's famous hot spot, which is at Bukit Aman Car Park. Then walk to Dataran Merdeka. 

Depends on the weather and mood of the day, if feel good, FYI, walking from Dataran Merdeka to Zouk Club is achievable follow Leboh Ampang road starting from Little India. Just a straight road which would connect you to Jln Ampang. 

Feel lazy to walk under the hot sun? there's another solution, pay RM1.00 or RM1.20 bus, take any buses at Little India, within 10-15 minutes journey depending on traffic of the day, (assume the road is not close for traffic yet) the bus will passby Zouk KL. Press the bell once you passby Renaissance Hotel! I bet some of you never take bus ride before right, it's opportunity to experience yourselves. 

Anyway, on the bus suggestion, it's too early to decide, as I'm not sure how's the road condition on the race day. Will the road close for traffic or not. 

Lastly,  talk so long, date is known, next, WHEN IS REGISTRATION will be open for public??? See photo below! 


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Blog With Brooks

Invitation by Brooks Malaysia to "Blog with Brooks" at The Curve this evening just now.

Be Green + Run Happy! 

Float Vs Feel ! 

Got to know Brook's shoe in greater details.  

See the pink shoe on the left??? something excited is coming up from Brooks. 
I will blog it in details in next entry. 

Pure Project. 

Can you read it!?
Don't you think it's a great green effort from Brooks Malaysia? 

While "blog with Brooks" is a contest organized by Brooks Malaysia, where all the activities will be mainly focus on my Facebook page ----> Vinann 
Please support with a click of LIKES on Vinann 

Thank you. 

For more information about Brooks, please refer to link below: 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Touch 'N Go Centre @ KL Sentral

It's Friday. it's during fasting month. To be honest, i'm trying my luck to buy a smart tag during Friday lunch hours, skipped my lunch and just had bread in the car while driving to KL Sentral.

There's only two counters available to service the CUSTOMERS. Fasting month? no idea. TnG centre should be sensitive on Friday lunch time would be peak period where everyone like me trying to settle / buy Touch N Go card or Smart Tag. 

Took my number. 2027 while there's 2022, only 5 numbers in front of me. I was thinking, 5 should be fast. Whose know i'm wrong! )(*&^%$#@!@$%^&&.... i waited bloody 45 mins to reach my turn! 

During the 45 mins, nothing else better to do, thus observation ! There's weakness in Touch n Go Centre, which the staffs never bother to care / take note even it's just small matters which would be able to reduce the waiting time for customer and better processing! 

For example, i'm buying Smart Tag. What's a procedure to buy a smart tag? Filling the form? or just give me the bloody smart tag device and take my money! 

It's turn out i need to fill in a form. Thus i'm filling the form when im express my intention to the customer service personnel. Few minutes are wasted. I can have fill the form in advance when i'm waiting. 

While for reloading TnG card, there's another counter. The girl keep shouting "Who want reload can come to here!" Yet there's not many people reloading their TnG card....! 

Please la, Touch N Go, you already in the monopoly business, all highways are using Smart Tag, please improve your service to serve your customers! We know, you know, i know, we always heard "Customer is KING" and this failed to apply to Touch N Go Centre! 

Okay. End of my 2cents ranting on getting a smart tag! 
Please dont sue me TnG. Open your heart and accept my 2cents pls. 


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

BYOLB - Bring Your Own Lunch Box

Last weekend, was trying out this "bring your own lunch box" with some healthy conscious in mind. Thus went to my new found grocery heaven NSK Trade City at Selayang.  

Brought 4 chicken breast for about RM24++ which weight about 2kg plus. This was before cleaning up taking out the skin and remove the FAT ! 

After clean up of skins and fats! 

Final outcome! Boiled chicken breast and boiled broccoli. 
I was trying to steam but too bad, un-fortune i'm lack of the steam cooking hardware. just managed to boil. 
Although i know steam option would be better. 

Too bad. Bring your own lunch box, it's only managed to last for 3 days, before the start of Raya. 
Today's lunch, eat outside as i'm felt too tired to prepare my lunch box yesterday evening. 

Hope i can sustain this habit at least 3 days a week minimum. 
Just pray hard! 
Must. Do. It. 

Monday, August 20, 2012

Polar RC3 GPS Heart Rate Monitor

The latest product from Polar ! it's RC3 which have integrated GPS ! 

See the new integrated GPS heart rate monitor in action. It's one of the slimmest and lightest integrated GPS devices on the market but is still packed full of Smart Coaching features that give you personalized feedback and guidance. Whether you're training for an event or just like to get out and explore, the Polar RC3 GPS is your complete training package.

More information:

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mango Si Mu Lu @ Tmn Seri Segambut

It's just a small stall. It's nothing special. it's not eye-catching or attract attention. On the day, I was visit to my mechanic friend to fix my signal bulb, he brought me to this Pan Mee stall nearby his workshop at Tmn Seri Segambut. 

We ordered pan mee and my friend said he loves the mango si mi lu here... so i also follow to order this mango si mi lu... When i'm first taste the mango, it's taste sweet. Nice mango! I was like fall in love with mango si mi lu... =.='' 

Nothing special on Mango Si Mu Lu presentation. 

the second mango si mi lu.... 

the third mango si mi lu... 

and the fourth mango si mi lu.... 

As i have move to new place at Kepong, tmn Seri Segambut so happen can be part of my toll-free route to back home! Nyek-nyek... 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Nike 10K a series of races around the World

We Run Prague is part of a series of races around the world. 

All the photos are from Nike Run Prague Facebook where they collect other countries Nike 10KM races ! Which one would you prefer? Enjoy! 

We Run Prague 10K 2012

I Run Algiers 2012 

We Run Athens 10K 2012

I Run Beirut 5K 2012 

We Run Belgrade 2012 

NightRun Bratislava 2012 

Fuss Budapest 2012 

We Run Bucharest 2012 

Run Istanbul 5K 2012 

We Run Ljubljana 10K 2012 

We Run Mosow 10K 2012 

Munich Marathon 2012 

We Run Riga 2012 

We Run Tallinn 2012 

Nike NightRun Tel Aviv 2012 

We Run Zagreb 2012 

Biegmu Warszawo 2012 

Very nice collections from Nike Running Prague Facebook ! Enjoy! 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Nike - We Run Prague 10K race - T-shirt

Woo Hoo... The power of Facebook! It's seem Malaysia runners are sharing this Nike Running Club Prague on their Nike 10k race.... ! 

Do you see the similar design with We Run KL T-shirt? 

We Run KL 10K 2012 - T-Shirt !!!

Guess what... i spotted this photo being shared in Facebook. It's seem some conflicts happening between XX and XX... which im not bother to find out... 

Anyway... Nike #WeRunKL T-shirt was being displayed at some college place where Nike conducted their registration for the #WeRunKL race. 

Anyway, by the way, Facebook users are sharing this photo all over the place! Have you spot this photo??? 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

We Run KL 10K - 2012

Much anticipated Nike We Run KL 10K 2012 race. I saw this photo being shared. Not sure how accurate the information. As we can see below, the date falls on 13 October 2012, 5:30pm which is Saturday evening. Start Jln Ampang. End Dataran Merdeka. 

Logistic will be a headache for runners. Anyway, for me, i would park my car at nearby Dataran Merdeka, perhaps Bukit Aman Car Park, then walk to nearest Putra LRT station take LRT to Jln Ampang. .

Another cheaper option would be by bus! Car still park at BA Car Park, walk to Masjis India and take any bus which show "jln Ampang" sign. From Jln Leboh Ampang, the bus will travel along the road and into Jln Ampang. 

Hope my suggestion able give some hints, idea on logistic for the Nike We Run KL. 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

09082012 - Driving License Renewal


Thursday – On leave.

There’s few things to settle / to do for today.

Cleaning the old place are the main purpose. Really hope its can settle real fast, but ended delay and keep delay…. Only manage to finish everything by 5:30pm

During the day, I renewed 5 years of driving license at JPJ. Woo Hoo… 5 years of hassle saved to renew annually but it’s cost me 1 lump sum of RM150.

 License renewal of 5 years, paying RM150 for 5 years, but if you notice on the dates, my expiry date would be my 2018 birthday... which mean im earned some extra "months" period. 

09/08/2012 - 09/08/2017 - 5 years... 
09/08/2017 - 04/01/2018 - extra bonus periods. 

What are you waiting for now? Remember to bring photo if you want to renew 5 years! 

080812 - Car Battery


My car battery was suddenly out of juice. It’s happening! Sigh. Who to call ask for help? Thinking…

Then friend come across my mind. Called friend.

I was at Ikano Power Centre. When I got down from car, there’s security guard and I’m telling him that my car cant start. He offer me jump start cable. I was like “wow” shopping have jump start cable ready.

My car battery suddenly dies and it’s really unexpected! Argh….  I know if im feel angry, it’s wont be helping… just be claim… be claim while waiting friend to arrive.

Friend arrived jump started my car and it’s working! My car engine kicked start! Like normal. So as I’m drive to parking booth, to validate my parking ticket again as I’m paid my ticket overlaps 15mins of grace time. My car die again! Argh…FML…

Lucky my friend is following me behind. I was planning drive to One Utama to change the battery at Enoes, else tomorrow I wont be able start my car. Jump start again, this round, I’m not on my air-condition, no lights and keep stepping on the pedal !

Enoes One Utama located at Old Wing. From Ikano Centre to there, we passby new wing first, and I decided to enter New Wings first, just in case anything happens again, I will be under 1U security care!

My guess, my prediction was hit the jackpot ! After took the parking ticket, drove for some distance, cross over the bump and my car die again! Aiduh…. FML… Y my car die again! It’s so near to Enoes yet so far !!! My car windows are down, and not able to windup as battery no juice.

Friend suggested we ask security guard to look after my car and we go over old wing buy car battery… within second, there’s no security in our eye-sight. As we continue walking around looking for guard, the management office staff on motorbike spotted us, he helped us get security guard to look after my car.

Brought my most expensive car battery ever ! Battery itself cost RM211 and labour charge RM30 = RM241. Paying RM241 at this hours (9:30pm) in this kind of emergency situation, I cant really complains much. Just my luck run out.

Next: time to rethink on my car maintenance strategy. From corrective to prevention. Next I shall be AAM member first. Buy an insurance.

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