Wednesday, August 29, 2012

We Run SG 10K

Our neighbor Nike Singapore just posted this on their Facebook page Nike Running Singapore! It's interesting to see and read the comments posted by fellow Singaporeans feedback on the run. hehe...
one of the comment posted on FAQ:

Entry fees are as follows (all fees are inclusive of 7%GST)

Entry fee for 1 person:

S$35 (24 years old and below as of 21.10.12)
S$45 (25 years old and above as of 21.10.12)
Entry fee for 2 people registering as Buddies (meaning registering together on the same Registration Form):

S$60 (24 years old and below as of 21.10.12) 

Again, like previous year, buddies run, are cheaper than register alone. So get ur partner information ready!
 2012, this year, get your buddies and register together to enjoy cheaper rate!

Wonder will Nike KL do the same this? Get ready! Prepare for yourselves~!

For those who interested to run in SG. Can register using link above, if you are below 25. =.=''' 
Dont as me why. I dont know. 


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