Saturday, August 11, 2012

080812 - Car Battery


My car battery was suddenly out of juice. It’s happening! Sigh. Who to call ask for help? Thinking…

Then friend come across my mind. Called friend.

I was at Ikano Power Centre. When I got down from car, there’s security guard and I’m telling him that my car cant start. He offer me jump start cable. I was like “wow” shopping have jump start cable ready.

My car battery suddenly dies and it’s really unexpected! Argh….  I know if im feel angry, it’s wont be helping… just be claim… be claim while waiting friend to arrive.

Friend arrived jump started my car and it’s working! My car engine kicked start! Like normal. So as I’m drive to parking booth, to validate my parking ticket again as I’m paid my ticket overlaps 15mins of grace time. My car die again! Argh…FML…

Lucky my friend is following me behind. I was planning drive to One Utama to change the battery at Enoes, else tomorrow I wont be able start my car. Jump start again, this round, I’m not on my air-condition, no lights and keep stepping on the pedal !

Enoes One Utama located at Old Wing. From Ikano Centre to there, we passby new wing first, and I decided to enter New Wings first, just in case anything happens again, I will be under 1U security care!

My guess, my prediction was hit the jackpot ! After took the parking ticket, drove for some distance, cross over the bump and my car die again! Aiduh…. FML… Y my car die again! It’s so near to Enoes yet so far !!! My car windows are down, and not able to windup as battery no juice.

Friend suggested we ask security guard to look after my car and we go over old wing buy car battery… within second, there’s no security in our eye-sight. As we continue walking around looking for guard, the management office staff on motorbike spotted us, he helped us get security guard to look after my car.

Brought my most expensive car battery ever ! Battery itself cost RM211 and labour charge RM30 = RM241. Paying RM241 at this hours (9:30pm) in this kind of emergency situation, I cant really complains much. Just my luck run out.

Next: time to rethink on my car maintenance strategy. From corrective to prevention. Next I shall be AAM member first. Buy an insurance.

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