Monday, April 30, 2012

PCC Inter-State 2012

1st day from Kajang to Kuala Pilah covering 120KM hilly route.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Cycling - November 2011

Cycling, cycling always my childhood activities back at hometown. I cycled to school, cycle around villages and sometime will try to explore kampung road. It's was just plain exploration and excitement when jump on bicycle. 
As growing up, the need for speed grow. During secondary school time, i got the most expensive mountain bike in town to ride! Feel so good with 21 speeds. Almost everyday, cycle up side down in my hometown... 
After secondary school, left hometown for study in Penang, since then hardly ride on bicycle. 
Just when back at hometown only have chances to ride. 
Cycling time almost become zero over the years... 
In 2009, i get to know my old man colleague is a passionate cyclist ! It's was a good enjoyable able to chat with him about bikes. Learning from him piece by piece. 
While at that time, my friend also have interested to start cycling. So i'm were gathering information about bikes. 

I even borrowed my old man's cycling magazine to scan and sent it to my friend for reference. 

Guess i'm so excited about cycling with my friend. 

But i never realised that whatever shown in magazine are huge different from the real world outside plus the affordability of a entry level roadbike. 

The figure on magazine is quoted in USD... 

Anyway, it's just for reference and for knowledge. 

Since 2009, I'm been getting information about roadbike. 
It's always talk about cycling with my old man colleague. He shares every single bikes information and cycling news. Yet, he never push me to get a roadbike plus i'm still waiting for my friend. 

Old man colleagues retires last year August 2011. From 2009 until 2011, i'm been getting feeding bikes information. In 2009, I went Taiwan, and i got myself a helmat, a CatEye speed meter, a small hand pump, hand glove which i'm anticipate im going to start cycling soon, some where 2010. 

Nothing is concluded in 2010 as waiting for friend. Still waiting. In 2011, I completed my Sundown Ultra 100KM and completed another 100KM TMBT ultra. Friend no respond. Thank to my old man ex-colleague tips, i managed to get the roadbike which suite me after all these long period of getting feeding on bike info. 

In November 2011, I'm officially start my cycling journey. 

The rest is history. No turning back. Looking forward to my 1st ever major cycling event - 3 days Inter-State 2012. :) 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Proton Preve - Trolololololo

The real story already officially written by news hub gaiz

KUALA LUMPUR: The trending image on a local forum and social sites depicting a Proton Prevé's failed suspension and tyre damage are being heavily discussed among netizens this evening.

An official statement from Proton was given by Datuk Ahmad Jingga, chief director of Proton's marketing unit, regarding this issue. The image was depicted as one way for rivaling companies to bring down Proton's name.

"There is a story behind that image. Proton's suspension and our latest technology is working just fine. During the test drive, this particular unit has hit a foreign object that instantenously damage the tire and suspension unit due to the heavy duty element of that object."

A further forensic research regarding the photo were done immediately to clear up rumours about Proton's supposedly 'failed' suspension. The official reports have depicted that foreign object as 'too strong for any mass object moving in high speed to withhold, even a BMW could not survive the ordeal'. Datuk Ahmad Jingga has been quoted to say that the object itself is the main cause of the turmoil, and not the failure of Proton's technology.

The following are the official photos released by the laboratory depicting the foreign object that was said to be the real culprit behind this chaos.

Tribute to: StationMonkey from LYN. 

Dont you just like it? Have a big laugh? wahaha... 

Proton Preve - Drive to believe

As the people always says, drive to believe.
Yes, you are looking at the Proton latest car model Proton Preve !!! 

A LYN forumer Maniack snapped this photo on his way back home just now. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Twilight Ultra Challenge 2012 Race report

I'm almost can't make it to starting point of Twilight Ultra Challenge on 11 March 2012, Sunday morning 12:00am as I forget to bring my passport out ! I'm only realised i forget to bring my passport with me when i'm reaching bus station at Bangsar for 2:30pm bus to Singapore. 

Panic mode for few seconds. Cool down, relax, brain start to thinks. I need to go back home to take my passport, i only left 45 mins to departure. It's terrible jam on Saturday noon. Wont able to make it. So instead rushing back home straight away, i decided proceed walk to bus office, to put down my luggage and ask for next bus available to Singapore. Phew, there's another trip to Singapore in 2 hours time, which is 4:30pm. Okay, 2:30pm bus ticket is burnt and buy another new one. 

Took LRT back home and come out reaching back at bus office around 4:00pm. Bus depart at 4:30pm sharp. No one was with me. Enjoying #foreveralone movement all the way till Singapore. Traffic jam, raining on the way, and managed to reached Singapore around 10:30pm. Took MRT to Pasir Ris and cab to reach at East Coast Park around 11:20pm. Still have some time for change and prepare. 

Finally have chance to photo with Ada Suka. Met him for second time, as 1st time was at HK100. 

Ben, the race director of Twilight Ultra Challenge. 

It's just started, i'm start to take photo. I'm were so hungry, i'm planning to have Burger King when flagged off. Sad to know that Burger King was located at opposite direction where we flagged off. I will be only passby Burger at 7KM point. So i "tahan" my hungry-ness... 


Finally got my Burger King refuel... 

Coke drink! Awesome
Twilight Ultra Challenge was just 3 weeks after HK100 and i'm only ran 4km in the Saturday morning with RunnersMalaysia group and that's it my training for TUC. My knee was sore so bad until it's took more than usual period to recover. Weird thing was, the 4KM run with RunnersMalaysia group giving me feel good and green light to run more mileages! But it's seem not the case. My knee start to feel pain just after 4KM in TUC. But still i continue to run / walk... 

Name on the list! 

Full range of Hammer Nutrition! 
Weird thing i noticed, i'm only get to know Hammer nutrition brand when i'm start cycling. It's been selling in bike shop which i found it's really helps in my cycling. Moreover, i managed to use Hammer nutrition in my HK100 run! hehe... Now you know how i can achieve 23 hours timing in HK100 ! 

Innov8 - quite new in running community in SG and hardly seen in Malaysia. 

Photo taken by Mohan Marathon. Thanks Mohan. 
I was on full SKINS compression top and tight to prepare for TUC. 

Yeah... we concurred TUC...

Oh yeah! i did not mention how many KMs i completed in Twilight Ultra Challenge right? 
See below! 

yay! i completed my Twilight Ultra Challenge with 15KM clocked. No need to feel shame. 
At least i know I'm not yet fully recover from HK100. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

E-Filling due 30 April 2012 for YA2011

Have you fill your e-filling online? The last day for you to do so is on 30 April 2012 for Year of Assessment 2011.

I'm just submitted mine. Have you done yours? 
While in the process of submission, i discover something. 
See below! 

This row of information tick off me. What's the definition of "pekerja berpengetahuan / knowledge worker" ??? Never heard of this in any tax updates. Or is me who out-dated in tax? 
Is this sort of brain drain prevention policy? If you are "approved" knowledge worker, can enjoy special treatment on tax rate? tax rebate? 

Let's see if i can find out anything from my tax field friend....

Friday, April 13, 2012

Signal of Election. Bersih 3.0

Soon Malaysia going to have it's 13th General Election (GE). 
While there's have another Bersih 3.0 which protect / fight for Electoral reform on election process. 

Too bad, sadly, the Bersih 2.0 on last year 9 July, MOST of people who went to street are know nothing about what's purpose of BERSIH 2.0. What i can thinks now, the same situation will be happen again in Bersih 3.0. 

Worse, I would salute those who sit-in 2 hours from 2pm until 4pm at Dataran Merdeka to support Bersih 3.0. May the sun be kind to you. 

BN clearly have huge advantage on doing it's pre-election campaign warming up! 

I'm just wondering, are people cursing the images projected on UNMO building when their stuck in jam? 
It's suppose to be spread out of message but yet wrong location spurs people frustration. 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

River Jungle Marathon 2012 - RJM

Dear Runners,

There has recently been some confusion in regards to the date of The River Jungle Marathon 2012. The official date is on 9th September 2012.

The Marathon Shop

A quick search on my blog, i'm just realised i did not blog about River Jungle Marathon 2011 post run! Oh Mi God... Sigh. Shall do a proper one... with pending HK100 race report too... 

I'm were on full SKINS compression top and tight. :) 
It's was in Sept 2011, it's where i'm in tip top condition in preparation for TMBT 2011 which held in November 2011. 
I'm felt so proud that I'm managed to run up most of the Bukit Hantu hills compared to 2011 where i walked all the way up.   
From The Marathon Shop's FB. 

Managed to complete my RJM with 5 hours 30mins plus... :) 

Remember to bookmark your calender, 9th Sept 2012, 09.09.12 it's River Jungle Marathon, The only boutique marathon in Malaysia! 

Magnic Light - Kickstarter

Another kickstarter project on cycling light system! it's Magnic Light

Magnic Light is the first compact contactless bicycle dynamo - a new invention which we believe has the potential to revolutionize bicycle illlumination. Magnic Light is so powerful and looks so magic at first glance that most people search for a trick behind. They can't believe a dynamo can produce electric energy without touching the wheels. There are some on the market but they need magnets attached to the wheels and they don't produce constant bright light. The Magnic Light dynamo does not need any magnets attached to the wheels and it produces enough energy for a brilliant light comparable to the best hub dynamos available, while beating the efficiency of hub dynamos by a wide margin.
This means Magnic Light has the comfort of a strong battery light (lightweight, no cables, no friction and hence nearly no decelaration, no noise) without needing batteries any more!


Look at the video! how's amazing people can invent this awesome products!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cycling path - Gears

Sunday ride 080412 to Titi and back which i mentioned i had 3 flats in the last 15KM.
Initially I thought i was went off road a bit and it's the source of flats, but i'm seem wrong.
I changed new tube and pump 110 psi and my  burst ! OMG...
How could this happened!

Side wall burst! gone. $$$ fly.... 

Just comparing old tube vs new tube... 

I have not done any survey on new tyre as i did not expect i need to change one so soon! I have totally zero preparation / knowledge / budget on which to get. It's all depend on the shop recommendation. 

Since started to ride on November 2011, prior to last Sunday ride, i'm only have 2 flat. 
1 front and 1 back. Life is good. All these was prior to cycle @ Hulu Langat Peres. 

Lesson learnt: Any tiny change in bike braking can cause tyre wall being wore out and subsequent tyre burst!  Be sensitive to bike. Be sensitive to bike... 

Lastly, some gossip. Today, after 100km ride to Batang Berjuntai, I got a chance to meet with a P2K veteran who retires 2 years ago... He talks... talks... talks... 
oh yeah, the main point is he is making return to action in cycling! 重出江湖! 

Weekend Cycling Ride 080412 - Titi w P2K

After done Broga loop on Saturday with so many "First", I'm back at Hulu Langat route again the next day but with P2K riders. 
We started from Batu 14 to Titi and back. 

Pray for fast recovery, bro... 

Starting with flat.... soon it's Perez hills again. 2nd times climbing the same hills in 2 days. Somehow, I'm not able to push harder as my maximum heart rate stay around 167 bpm. I'm tend to slow down and keep my cadence constant paddle uphills... 

After suffering like hell in uphills, there's reward after that on going downhills... yet, i'm still dropped from the pelonton... Trying hard to catch up... 

Suddenly there's an ice-cream motor appeared in front of me, I'm overtake him while going down hills... after the downhills, I'm cycle alone... and i saw far far away, there's another riders... 

While i'm trying to catch up, the ice-cream motor was overtake me again, without thought, power up, followed the ice-cream motor! It's was feel good factor looking at the ice-cream cons and keep paddle hard to maintain speed behind the ice-cream motor... "Dont go away ice-cream, let me follow you" 

From 30km/hr plus and followed behind ice-cream motor with 40km/hr and ice-cream motor getting faster and paddle even harder to draft behind... Drafting behind ice-cream motor for some distance and dropped when i cant keep up the speed... That's when i'm catch up with other 3 riders. 

4 of us, we start to pull each others. I learnt something new today. Team works are very important when come to drafting. 

Had our breakfast re-fuel wan tan mee @ Titi again... 

In the last 15KM, i was went off road a while when cornering turning into junction while coming downhills... and bad luck strike! I had Flat... tyre blowing loud! Grrr... Fun was cut short... else we would continue speeding back to Batu 14...

Changed tube. Continue ride. We regroup and we were drafting and not long after that, I had another flat again! Grrr...  Flat strike twice !!! After changed tube, 1 of cyclist says: " if you have flat again, we will left you tube and pump to change yourself, while we continue ride."

In the last 5KM, we all speed up, TIME TRIAL...
Just when I reached at the traffic light, 50 meter before reaching at car, i had my third flats ! FML...
Just push the bike back to car... 3 flats in last 15KM. When back at home, checked the tube, it's leak at same spot with quite a big hole. Yet i checked my tyre and rim, there's no foreign object inside!

Another 100KM clocked on Sunday.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012



作詞:阿信 作曲:阿信

會不會 有一天 時間真的能倒退 
退回 你的我的 回不去的 悠悠的歲月 
也許會 有一天 世界真的有終點 

如果說 要我選出 代表青春 那個畫面 
浮現了 那滴眼淚 那片藍天 那年畢業 
那一張 邊哭邊笑 還要擁抱 是你的臉 
想起來 可愛可憐 可歌可泣 可是多懷念 

懷念總是 突然懷念 不談條件 
當回憶 衝破考卷 衝出歲月 在我眼前 
我和你 留著汗水 喝著汽水 在操場邊 
說好了 無論如何 一起走到 未來的世界 

現在就是 那個未來 那個世界 
為什麼 你的身邊 我的身邊 不是同一邊 
友情曾像 諾亞方舟 堅強誓言 
只是我 望著海面 等著永遠 模糊了視線 

會不會 有一天 時間真的能倒退 
退回 你的我的 回不去的 悠悠的歲月 
也許會 有一天 世界真的有終點 

這些年 買了四輪 買了手錶 買了單眼 
卻發現 追不到的 停不了的 還是那些 
人生是 只有認命 只能宿命 只好宿醉 
只剩下 高的笑點 低的哭點 卻沒成熟點 

成熟就是 幻想幻滅 一場磨鍊 
為什麼 只有夢想 越磨越小 小到不見 
有時候 好想流淚 好想流淚 卻沒眼淚 
期待會 你會不會 他會不會 開個同學會 

他在等你 你在等我 我在等誰 
又是誰 孩子沒睡 電話沒電 心情沒準備 
天空不斷 黑了又亮 亮了又黑 
那光陰 滄海桑田 遠走高飛 再沒力氣追 

會不會 有一天 時間真的能倒退 
退回 你的我的 回不去的 悠悠的歲月 
也許會 有一天 世界真的有終點 

會不會 有一天 時間真的能倒退 
退回 你的我的 回不去的 悠悠的歲月 
也許會 有一天 世界真的有終點 

終究會 有一天 我們都變成昨天 
是你 陪我走過 一生一回 

說出一直沒說 對你的感謝 

時間都停了 他們都回來了 
懷念的人啊 等你的來到 

時間都停了 他們都回來了 
懷念的人啊 等你的來到


Salomon X-Trail Run 2011

Salomon X-Trail Run was my 1st ever trail running race. 
Since i'm into trail running since 2011 July, the Salomon X-Trail run came in handy which held on 11th Sept 2011. 

For the 1st time, I'm getting to know Salomon more closer. 

The trail start with muddy water ! 

First time running at UPM... It's really nice! 

The whether was cooling as there's were rains in yesterday night! 

The trail, not that bad... 

Going up hills... 

Going up hill slowly enjoying every movement of trail running @ UPM 

Look who behind me! hehe... 

From top over look the lake and highway... 

Salomon X-Trail run number 1 supporters ! 

Photo with No.1 supporters ! haha 

Grass trail while going uphills again. 

Was in the mood as TMBT was just about 2 months away! 
(dam, i still remember it, as i'm now writing it after 7 months, *faint* ) 

It's just feel so peaceful and quite... 

Peaceful lake as background... 

Photo with Mohan 

My NewBalance MT101 served me well... 
No problem! 

Trail running = Salomon
Salomon =  Killian Jornet.

No doubt, trail running was another new chapter in my usual running. 

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