Monday, April 09, 2012

Revolights - Kickstarter

I was looking for lighting system for my bike where i'm planning to have evening cycling after sky is dark.
Been looking for cheap China made option till the expensive lighting yet it's look not that promising and it's normal. It's not something that interest me by looking at it online.

Somehow, i'm came to this Revolight project in kickstarter. It's an awesome lighting system that makes me feel excited about it! I wanted to get it when i'm 1st saw it.

Amazing right! 

Amazing is one thing. So automatically the next thing to look for is the price tag. It's really turn off for me, at least as a Malaysian, it's not yet in the market, but scheduled to launch in late June 2012 with a price tag of USD220 plus international shipping of USD30.

Those who contribute in Kickstarter paid USD200 with international shipping USD30. They will be the first batch users receiving Revolights when it's ready.

Enjoy the video.

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