Friday, April 20, 2012

Proton Preve - Trolololololo

The real story already officially written by news hub gaiz

KUALA LUMPUR: The trending image on a local forum and social sites depicting a Proton Prevé's failed suspension and tyre damage are being heavily discussed among netizens this evening.

An official statement from Proton was given by Datuk Ahmad Jingga, chief director of Proton's marketing unit, regarding this issue. The image was depicted as one way for rivaling companies to bring down Proton's name.

"There is a story behind that image. Proton's suspension and our latest technology is working just fine. During the test drive, this particular unit has hit a foreign object that instantenously damage the tire and suspension unit due to the heavy duty element of that object."

A further forensic research regarding the photo were done immediately to clear up rumours about Proton's supposedly 'failed' suspension. The official reports have depicted that foreign object as 'too strong for any mass object moving in high speed to withhold, even a BMW could not survive the ordeal'. Datuk Ahmad Jingga has been quoted to say that the object itself is the main cause of the turmoil, and not the failure of Proton's technology.

The following are the official photos released by the laboratory depicting the foreign object that was said to be the real culprit behind this chaos.

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