Thursday, April 12, 2012

River Jungle Marathon 2012 - RJM

Dear Runners,

There has recently been some confusion in regards to the date of The River Jungle Marathon 2012. The official date is on 9th September 2012.

The Marathon Shop

A quick search on my blog, i'm just realised i did not blog about River Jungle Marathon 2011 post run! Oh Mi God... Sigh. Shall do a proper one... with pending HK100 race report too... 

I'm were on full SKINS compression top and tight. :) 
It's was in Sept 2011, it's where i'm in tip top condition in preparation for TMBT 2011 which held in November 2011. 
I'm felt so proud that I'm managed to run up most of the Bukit Hantu hills compared to 2011 where i walked all the way up.   
From The Marathon Shop's FB. 

Managed to complete my RJM with 5 hours 30mins plus... :) 

Remember to bookmark your calender, 9th Sept 2012, 09.09.12 it's River Jungle Marathon, The only boutique marathon in Malaysia! 


Observer said...

Hi, I'm interested in doing the JRM in September but from your experience, what is the best way to get to the location and then go back? Is there any public transport to and from the location? I'm staying in the city of KL.

vin_ann said...

hi Observer,

I'm not aware of any public transport available to Batu 18. if there is, you need to report at starting point around 5am plus as they will flag off around 6am, if im not wrong.

Most of the runners are driving / car pool to reach at starting point. It's best you can get ur own transport to there or friends...


Punita N Naidu said...

Something wrong with the marathonshop website. Can't access it. :(

vin_ann said...

Hi Punita,

Yes, The marathon shop web is down.

You can follow up the latest status via their Facebook

Thank you.

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