Friday, March 30, 2012

Safe Cycling

This was taken from the Highway code book for drivers.

The New Highway Code Book 2, Advanced Theory of Driving, (Published in consultation with Traffic management, Land Transport Authority)

Cyclist ride on all types of roads excepts expressways. Bicycles are used for both transportation and recreation by people of all ages and sizes; you should expect to find them almost anywhere. Because they rode close to traffic, cyclists are vulnerable to injury in a collision. As a driver, it is your special responsibility to pay attention to them and to provide for their safety.

1. When sharing the road with cyclists, expect sudden moves on their part at all times. A patch of oil, a pothole, an opening door of a parked car and other hazards can force a cyclist to swerve suddenly into your path.

2. When approaching or passing a cyclist, give him/her ample space and be extra alert. Be prepared to slow down or stop. When a cyclist glances back, it is an indication that he/she may change direction anytime.

3. Look out for cyclists riding against the flow of traffic especially at residential areas.

4. Give even more room to cyclists when they are carrying a heavy weight or a pillion. This makes them unsteady and wobbly and they may ride into your path or even hit the side of your vehicle.

5. Just before turning:
i: Check your mirrors and blind spots.
ii. Watch out for cyclists between your vehicle and the kerb.
iii. Don’t make a sudden sharp turn, you may knock down a cyclist.

6. When overtaking, keep a safe gap between your vehicle and the cyclist. Don’t cut in sharply after overtaking the cyclist. This could result in your vehicle “side brushing” or hitting the cyclist.

7. After parking, look out for cyclists coming up from behind before opening your vehicle door.

I do hope there would be more safe cycling clinic conducted to raise the awareness of safe cycling in parts of the World.

Here are some good tips from the past safe cycling clinic rolled out in East Coast

1. Bicycle is considered a vehicle, you drive a bicycle.
2. Observe all traffic rules like any other road users on the roads.
3. Be competent and confident before hitting the road.
4. Know all traffic rules and road signs. Get a Basic Theory Book.
5. Know your skills, your ability, your health. Do not over estimate yourself.
6. Know your bike, it’s performance, it’s ability, it’s wear and tear.
7. Know your equipments, clothing, helmet, gloves, etc. their functions, performances, their life span, when to replace.
8. Know your route. Plan your route before you ride, know it’s traffic conditions.
9. Know your right of way but NEVER INSIST on it.
10. Be courteous and patience with other road users, share the roads.

The most important take home message is:

Extract from

#Cycle2Work & Share Out Roads

Since the recent accident on cyclist hit and run by driver. 
A group of passionate cyclists started "Share Our Roads" awareness campaign. 
You can find the campaign on facebook page below: 

Like it! Support it. 

Last time, when i'm were training for Ultra, I have thought of run to work. 
But it's never happened as the current office facilities are not encourage "run to work" culture. 
Killed off immediately. 

Now, with cycling fever, and my soon to be new office which is a "Green Building" as claimed, I have this hope on #Cycle2Work. 
I'm been tweeting #Cycle2Work hashtag since last week. 

There's also some self brainstorming over twitter with #Cycle2Work hashtag. Syok sendiri ya! 
There's some considerations needed to solve before Cycle to work can be realised. 

1. Route - which route to cycle is safe? Tristupe dot com suggested "setapak-sentul-duta-pencala-surian-kota dsara-office. Est 35km one way." - now you can guess where's my office would be located? hehe... 
2. Shower facilities - new building, green building, i'm not sure whether this would be available or not. 
3. I need a big backpack - to store my working cloths, my working shoe and etc etc... 

These were some of considerations i thought of... 
Out of sudden I got surprises! There's my friend replied me on the topic. 
He mentioned "parking for bike" is not available. Where to park his thousand ringgit roadbike in office. You can't ask him to park below the office! It's would be easily targeted ! 

4. Bike Parking? I cant think of anywhere but my office inside. Dirty? uses service lift to go up the building. I thinks my boss would allow me to park my "bike" in the some where corner of office. 

Anyway, I still have 5 months grace period to survey, to consider, to get ready on #Cycle2Work. One fine Saturday will try to cycle to new office place. One fine day will find big backpack. Basically nothing much to prepare, but just waits for the right time for action. 

Any suggestion on #Cycle2Work? Anything that i'm left out, or omitted or not aware off?
 Welcome feedbacks. 


Genting Sempah Ride

Last Saturday, not joining cycling group for some fast & furious ride, so automatic it's Genting Sempah ride from house. 
Leisure ride, with camera ready. 

Gombak view to Batu Caves while on the way to Orang Asli Hospital. 

Saturday morning, it's less cars! 

The sun is just raising! Cool weather... 
Wonderful morning. 

Riding up to Genting Sempah, it's chilling and cool!!! 

The signature flyover. 
it's Genting Sempah. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

FRIM @ Raining day

It's was one of the those day back then when i'm training for The Most Beautiful Thing 100KM TMBT 2011 where I'm just only running at FRIM. Only at FRIM and with the same route again and again and hardly go explore new routes available in FRIM.

It's was one of the training day, where it's rain and i'm running alone.  

You will know where this sign if you're frequent to FRIM. 

When I saw this, I know it's going to be end of the trail and beginning of another trail.  

The sky seem going to rain soon. Thus, not further continue but U-turn. 

Still look very fresh.... 

Argh... it's was durian season! 

Rain started to fall on the way back! 

Test on my Olympus water proof camera! haha... 

This was the 1st time running in rain with my New Balance MT101. 
It's good to test it out in wet condition to know how's performance of the shoe is. 

Water flow into the shoe and flow out of shoe very fast. 

July 2011 was the trail running fever. Even running in the rain were enjoyable. 
Ask me now, I'm wont be running in the rain anymore! 

No doubt NB MT101 serve me well. 

Been running trail with MT101 and have no problem at all... 
Except there's 1 movement where I'm so hate my MT101 ! 
It's in TMBT, it's raining, it's slippery, it's dark, it's going down the stairs, and i'm all alone! 
I'm were falls down few times!  

Half way, I met Ben, he told me it's slippery in front ! 
Okay, it's not my shoe problem, but the extreme slippery condition for all type of shoes... 

My beloved New Balance MT101 accompany me since July 2011, concurred 1 50KM Trail Ultra and 2 100KM Trail Ultra until to-date.  

Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend ride with P2K - 25 March 2012

Weekend ride with P2K.
Started at Uptown, PJ to Batang Berjuntai and back via Guthrine highway.
Total mileage clocked 103KM. actually should be more as i forget to press start when leaving Uptown, and only pressed start at One Utama flyover.
Looking at the map, wonder how i manage to complete the ride!

Been riding with P2K on and off since November 2011.
Recalling that my 1st ride with P2K were to Guthrine Highway and back on Saturday "short" ride.
Recalling that my 1st ride with P2K to Batu Arang that I'm were dropped when going up the first bridge.
So many painful drop out memories.

But today, I felt different. I managed to follow most of the time and only dropped when they "attacked".
After being dropped out, the drafting gone, riding alone become harder. Keep paddle.
Tried to follow one rider, managed to follow him for some distance and then i'm dropped.
Ride alone again... and it's hills.
Suddenly, someone shouted my name. Oh, another 3 riders coming fast from back! yeah, got another opportunity to follow and drafting. Managed to follow until 1KM before reaching our 1st stop!
More training are needed to catch up with them.

We have our 1st stop at Batang Berjuntai.

From Batang Berjuntai, we head back to Uptown via Guthrine highway. The group is firing up when entering into highway where's its a hill entrance. Dropped off there with few riders.
In this stretch, Pulley the white hair old man paddle at constant speed on uphills... I'm put in every effort trying to keep up with him, but still unable to follow him...

We have our 2nd stop at Petronas after Guthrine Highway.

We have our 3rd stop at McD Kota Damansara.

My wired CatEye meter is malfunction at KM 52. sigh. Suspect run out of battery.

Satisfied ride. 

Look forward to our Melaka ride next weekend 31 March & 1st April 2012. 

Friday, March 23, 2012

The River Jungle Marathon 2012

Dear Partners & Friends,

The River Jungle Marathon 2012 is back.

We will be launching this race by 2nd April 2012.
The date selected for 2012 is on 9th September 2012

Location remains in Kampung Bt. 18, Hulu Langat.

More information will be released in time to come. Registration will be done

Warm regards,
James Wong
Managing Director

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Polar ! Polar RCX3 ! Polar RCX5 !

Argh... When first saw this yellow RCX5..
heart is melt. 

This is Limited Edition Polar RCX5 Tour de France! 

Video on yellow RCX5 dedicated to Tour de France. 

Next, I'm proud to be owner of RCX5... a normal black RCX5. 
No red, No yellow. 

Wait.. did my title mentioned RCX3 right? 
RCX3 is a simpler version of RCX5 

Video about RCX3... 


International Fitness Week ( IFW ) @ Fitness First

As i were tweeted yesterday, the workout hall is jam up with people! 
Today, I'm doing my RPM, and were told there's will be free style training comprises of TRX, Bosu, Kettle bell  and Viper. 

Below is my RPM workout... 

The instructor gave us Berocca tube each to everyone... with the Berocca motivation, we tend of push more. haha... 

Calories: 690 kcal 
Training load: 144 

Below is the free style training as celebrate IFW. No more free style training, you gotta wait for next year! hehe 

It's 5 workouts for 1 minute each with 1 minutes transition. 
you can see the lines are like hills... 

Calories: 529 kcal
Training load: 102

On another side, my RCX5 watch need to reset all the data on workout like every month.
The last reset was made on 16 Feb 2012, few days before my Hong Kong 100 on 18 Feb 2012.

Since 16 Feb 2012, until now, 21 March 2012, my RCX5 computer watch is 98% full.
It's time to reset and delete all the data in watch.

You able to see how's intensive, frequent i do my workout. .

Wrote at 12:51am, 22 March 2012. 

Athlete's Circle

Glad to know that Athlete's Circle ( a sport based shop ) is organising fun run! 
My guess, it's going to be lead by Xtramiler aka Alex. 


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cycling with Team 20Ten & P2K

I'm been cycling... Cycling since when I was small back at hometown. 
Every evenings, I will take my mountain bike cycle around whole "kampung" in my hometown. 
Cycle to school, primary school, secondary school and there's one long long period I did not cycle as I'm was away from my hometown for studies. 
Form 4, Form 5, college in Penang, college in KL 
Summer top up degree program in UK... 
Working... Working... Working... 
These are the period where i'm hardly cycles. Perhaps when i'm back at my hometown, there's 1 or 2 days for me to cycle. 

Until recently last year, September / October 2011, I'm officially started my cycling journey ! 
It's was "just do it" type, joint my friend Kelvin Tan's cycling group P2K on one Saturday morning. 
It's was a good 50-60KM rides. 

While since November 2011, I had my 1st ride up to Genting Sempah with my ex-colleague, Andrew. Never thought I can do it. 
Then follow my friend's group P2K on Saturday short ride. 
This going on and off for cycling as I'm still have some ultra runs to settle.. 

In early March, I'm first with Andrew's group cycled for 113KM... Roasted! 

It's was good experience! Whole journey hot hot sun ! 
HR Avg: 142 bpm
HR Max : 177 bpm 
Calories: 3188 kcal 
Distance 113KM 
Speed Avg: 22.6 km/h
Training load: 464 

Source: Polar RCX5 

In this ride, i learnt one important thing: the definition of "FLAT" road!!! haha... 

Last weekend, I was with P2K together with Kelvin completed 107KM. Roasted as well. 

HR Avg: 147 bpm
HR Max : 180 bpm 
Calories: 2508 kcal 
Distance 107KM 
Speed Avg: 28.6 km/h
Training load: 409

Source: Polar RCX5  

When we were back, we were constant drafting at above 30km/hr speed for most of the distance ! 
What excite me was, half way RAINING...! Never thought, never experience cycle above 30km/hr in raining environment! Awesome experience. Still, have a long way to catch up with others. 

Look forward for weekend rides.  

TMBT Race Report 2: The Most Beautiful Thing 100KM 2011

The TMBT race report part II continue. 

We were flagged sharp at 7:00am
The sun already come out long long time ago since 5am. 
It's was a slow pace start up for me. 
The road condition are ok as you can see the photo below.  

Hard surface with rock. My MT101 protected my feet. Going slow... 
No runner that i know were same pace with me. 
Just go ahead. 

Passby some villagers house area and they were so happy to see us running pass their home compound. 
it's like whole family were out standing witnesses we running pass! 

Self-cam whoring since no one is around to help to take photo... 
I was on 2 layers, inside is Skins top and outer layer is my SCKLM finisher T... haha... 
Initial plan was to wear one layer, but considering i will be running under hot sun, plus my SKINS top is black color, its will making me feel even hotter... Thus, wear another layer... 

Run pass villages with Mount KK at the back... 
Beautiful view. 

Mount KK view!! 

Cement pavement going downhills... Appreciate the flat road that I ran pass. 

Ran pass another villages. Whole family were out to give us support ! 
Feeling warm welcome by them. 

With Mount KK as background... 
I'm still fresh and have mood for some photoshoot self cam! hehe 

The road condition become rocky again. 

The rocky road seem endless and it's going up and down hills... 
I'm just keep running slow and follow the two girls in front... 
They were very consistent in speed! Lucky I have someone to follow / pace... 
else bored to dead. 

Seeing Mount KK again and again! It's never fails to amaze me! 
From starting point to Check point 1 (CP1), nothing special, nothing challenge but to enjoy the villages views 

with Mount KK. CP1 to CP2 also nothing but rocky trail. 

 Refilling water at every checks points as the weather getting hotter. 
I'm never bother to look at my watch on how fast i run, how many hours i ran... 
I'm just run! Run with my own pace. 
When there's uphill, power walk, when there's downhill, run ! 
When I'm checks into CP 3, it's 27.5KM mark, hot sun! 

Keep applying sunblock... 

Running alone really mental challenging. I'm thinks i'm lucky i have someone in front to target and follow. 
Trying to keep up with them, and without realising, i overtake them and ended up I'm running alone. 
I knew, there's someone in front. I keep my running motivation high and maintain my pace. 

To be continue. 

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