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TMBT Race Report 1: The Most Beautiful Thing 100KM 2011

The race report for The Most Beautiful Thing ( TMBT ) , since Nov 2011, it's never able to get publish. 
So much things to write about it, yet have total lost in direction on what to share out. 
I shall just share with my photos taken during the whole journey on TMBT 100KM. 

Since my completion of Sundown Ultra Marathon 2011 in June, which i'm never expect able to achieve such timing, I'm feel somehow I'm standing on top of hill. 

I need another Ultra. But what, where, when! 
Not long after Sundown Ultra, i get to know about TMBT! 
It's was early July 2011 I made up my mind to register TMBT. 
All previous post about TMBT

On 4 Nov, I board Air Asia flight to Kota Kinabalu. 

There's few of us. Me together with my Sifu Terrence and Yim... 

On 5 Nov 2011, early morning, I'm with Shi Kai, my colleage-mate. He is a local but works in Singapore. 
When I was telling him about TMBT race which held in Kota Kinabalu, his respond were "I'm going to join the race" ! He was joining 25KM as he not the hardcore as me. 

On the way to the starting point Kota Belud. It's about 6am morning and the sky are so bright! 
I'm was thinking, it's going to be a hot day! 

At the starting point!!! It's a very beautiful view on the south side of Mount KK. Normally what's people see are the north side of Mount KK... 

Behind me is the Mount KK. Self cam-whore at the starting point before the bridge.  

With Shi Kai at starting point. To be honest, we hardly meet up. Even when i visit SG or he come to KL, we hardly got time to meet up. 
 TMBT meet us up! haha... 

River with Mount KK as background. The scene is awesome! 

Ha... Now recall back, I'm quite hype about Nike Sport Band. 
Right is my Polar footpod and left is Nike sensor tie on my New Balance MT101. 
It's 100KM race. Nice sport band failed me at 80KM++ point running out of battery. 
While my Polar managed to record the whole journey. 

Crossing the bridge to starting point. The view is just too beautiful ! 

The simple starting line. It's 25KM / 50KM and 100KM runners ! 

We were waiting 7:00am to be flag off. 

That's me at starting point. That's how i look for TMBT. 
Skins compression top and Skins short tight with SCKLM 2010 finisher T. 
My hydration pack was borrow from TriStupe which have about 20 Liter of capacity to store my running nutrition, mandatory requirements item and lot more other things! 

Ok, Not all i bring as my nutrition as i found my bag is too heavy after i tried to fit in all. 
2 Clif bar, 4 packs of sport bean, 4 clif shot gel, 6 power gels and 5 sticks of Clif Shot Blok! 
Adding up the number are 21 ! 

TMBT - The Most Beautiful Thing 100KM Ultra Trail Marathon. 
I never thinks so much when i'm signed up. 

As i mentioned earlier, i never run trail. All i have is just my CamelBak hydration pack which only have 5 Liter capacity. Lucky TriStupe have spare pack to lend me and he helped me on few other things! 

It's took me month of thinking and research on my running nutrition as TMBT is a self sustain ultra race. 
It's sound challenge to me and i'm happily search for my nutrition. 
That's how i'm landed with Clif brand energy nutrition for my TMBT ultra! 

Ignoring the raisins, focus on the centre of raisin! The protein bites Clif Shot ROKS ! 
It's really rocks my TMBT 100KM!!! To bad, i'm only ordered 2 packs, 1 packs consumed in training and marathon, left only 1 pack for TMBT.  

Too bad, it's not selling in Malaysia. It's a painful process to get the nutrition from oversea by myself. Spent about RM300. Of course, the nutrition shown in the photo are part of RM300 plus worth of nutrition as in August till October these period, I was testing the nutrition in training and marathon. 
It's served me well the whole 100KM.  

Other than nutrition, other items, i'm also buying for the 1st time.. 

That's all for now. Some introduction on TMBT and my running nutrition... 
If you're interested to know where i get my Clif nutrition, you are welcome to ask me. 


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