Friday, March 09, 2012

Twilight Ultra Challenge 2012

Last year, the Twilight Ultra Challenge (TUC) is a stranger race / challenge to me. 
I'm just focus on my Sundown Ultra. 
Since after Sundown Ultra, any Ultra races / Challenge I'm quite aware of it as I have confidence on my ability to complete the challenge unlike last year. 

Twilight Ultra Challenge is not a race, but rather a challenge to myself. 
btw, before that i got a confession to make. 
"I have not run a single KM since HK100" 
Guess, i'm tired of Foreveralone Ultra training. Giving myself a break on running. 

But, when I'm registered for TUC, i never thought of my current situation. I know I'm going to challenge myself as at that point of time, I'm on ultra running fever! 

So, TUC, no benchmark being set, just run walk crawl for minimum of 6-7 hours having my Burger King meal break, and McD meal break in between when feels hungry... 
Life is not about just running! 

Looking forward to test my new found Hammer nutrition! 

Wonder what number will i get ....! 
Some figures about TUC: 
210 Registered Participants
164 Individual Participants
14 Teams with 46 Participants
Almost 2,000 litres of water
1,000 Bananas
10 Watermelons
10,000 Cups
Uncountable sweat, tears... and some blood :)

Good luck to all TUC participants! 

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