Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cycling with Team 20Ten & P2K

I'm been cycling... Cycling since when I was small back at hometown. 
Every evenings, I will take my mountain bike cycle around whole "kampung" in my hometown. 
Cycle to school, primary school, secondary school and there's one long long period I did not cycle as I'm was away from my hometown for studies. 
Form 4, Form 5, college in Penang, college in KL 
Summer top up degree program in UK... 
Working... Working... Working... 
These are the period where i'm hardly cycles. Perhaps when i'm back at my hometown, there's 1 or 2 days for me to cycle. 

Until recently last year, September / October 2011, I'm officially started my cycling journey ! 
It's was "just do it" type, joint my friend Kelvin Tan's cycling group P2K on one Saturday morning. 
It's was a good 50-60KM rides. 

While since November 2011, I had my 1st ride up to Genting Sempah with my ex-colleague, Andrew. Never thought I can do it. 
Then follow my friend's group P2K on Saturday short ride. 
This going on and off for cycling as I'm still have some ultra runs to settle.. 

In early March, I'm first with Andrew's group cycled for 113KM... Roasted! 

It's was good experience! Whole journey hot hot sun ! 
HR Avg: 142 bpm
HR Max : 177 bpm 
Calories: 3188 kcal 
Distance 113KM 
Speed Avg: 22.6 km/h
Training load: 464 

Source: Polar RCX5 

In this ride, i learnt one important thing: the definition of "FLAT" road!!! haha... 

Last weekend, I was with P2K together with Kelvin completed 107KM. Roasted as well. 

HR Avg: 147 bpm
HR Max : 180 bpm 
Calories: 2508 kcal 
Distance 107KM 
Speed Avg: 28.6 km/h
Training load: 409

Source: Polar RCX5  

When we were back, we were constant drafting at above 30km/hr speed for most of the distance ! 
What excite me was, half way RAINING...! Never thought, never experience cycle above 30km/hr in raining environment! Awesome experience. Still, have a long way to catch up with others. 

Look forward for weekend rides.  

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