Thursday, March 01, 2012

The Capers

On 10 Jan, when i'm pass by The Capers, I'm surprised to see there's construction on going at night around 8pm. So snapped the following 2 photos out of boredom.  

Snapped on 8th Jan 2012. 

There's not many projects i saw are rushing for works during night... Hope i'm wrong. Perhaps the site need to light up? haha... 

Until recently the past few weeks ago, I'm active back in foursquare. Checking into various of places that i'm visit and pass by just for fun. 

Then i'm come across this venue. 
The Capers in the foursquare, and without doubt i'm checked into the venue. 

As time allowed, I'm snapped and posted 2 photos into Foursquare - The Capers 
which i find it's good information for those buyers who already brought it. 
To my knowledge, The Capers were "sold-out". 

Snapped on 12th Feb

Snapped on 12th Feb. 

Snapped on 23th Feb 

Snapped on 23th Feb. 

From time to time, whenever time allowed, and my foursquare checks in are in KL, i will upload the latest photo of The Capers into Foursquare or if not, will post in blog. 
My Foursquare tomorrow will be virtually checking into at Las Vegas... hehe... 


Remarks: all photos snapped using iPhone 4. Kindly bear with the quality of the photos. Thank you.

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