Monday, March 12, 2012


In the past few months, i'm been trying to practice healthy diet over my self cooked dinner. 
From plain pasta till vegetable dinner... 
Broccoli is one of my favourite as i like its simple to cook. 
Just boil for few minutes and it's done! 

Can you guess how much is this broccoli ? I brought it from NSK wholesale supermarket 

The broccoli are too much for me! 
Just plain vege do helps in maintaining my weight. If i'm were to do more workout, my weight is reduce! 


plee said...

As alternative you can stir fry with a bit of garlic, salt, pepper, oil.... or even blend the broccoli and add to porridge(oats) with salt and pepper... yummy.

Paul Lee

vin_ann said...

Paul, thanks for the suggestion.

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