Friday, March 09, 2012

Aloe Vera @ Klang Valley

In the last weekend outing, i was heavily sun burnt from the outing from 7:45am till 1:30pm under the hot sun! 
Showed my sun burnt to friend and my friend suggested Aloe Vera will helps! 
Was cracking my head, looking for aloe vera, google-ing... 
But disappointed. Resolve to old fashion method by asking colleagues and friends around! 
Within two days i got the answer! 
Yesterday, i came across ! 
Guess what i found! 

This is really huge! I never see this huge Aleo Vera before although i'm from small hometown, even my house also have aloe vera, but never this huge! 

it's occupied 3 tiles 

The Aloe Vera!!! 

Due to tomorrow are going to SG, put this Aloe Vera in the fridge first... 
Shall enjoy the cool aloe vera gel once back from SG Twilight Ultra Challenge! 

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