Tuesday, March 20, 2012

TMBT Race Report 2: The Most Beautiful Thing 100KM 2011

The TMBT race report part II continue. 

We were flagged sharp at 7:00am
The sun already come out long long time ago since 5am. 
It's was a slow pace start up for me. 
The road condition are ok as you can see the photo below.  

Hard surface with rock. My MT101 protected my feet. Going slow... 
No runner that i know were same pace with me. 
Just go ahead. 

Passby some villagers house area and they were so happy to see us running pass their home compound. 
it's like whole family were out standing witnesses we running pass! 

Self-cam whoring since no one is around to help to take photo... 
I was on 2 layers, inside is Skins top and outer layer is my SCKLM finisher T... haha... 
Initial plan was to wear one layer, but considering i will be running under hot sun, plus my SKINS top is black color, its will making me feel even hotter... Thus, wear another layer... 

Run pass villages with Mount KK at the back... 
Beautiful view. 

Mount KK view!! 

Cement pavement going downhills... Appreciate the flat road that I ran pass. 

Ran pass another villages. Whole family were out to give us support ! 
Feeling warm welcome by them. 

With Mount KK as background... 
I'm still fresh and have mood for some photoshoot self cam! hehe 

The road condition become rocky again. 

The rocky road seem endless and it's going up and down hills... 
I'm just keep running slow and follow the two girls in front... 
They were very consistent in speed! Lucky I have someone to follow / pace... 
else bored to dead. 

Seeing Mount KK again and again! It's never fails to amaze me! 
From starting point to Check point 1 (CP1), nothing special, nothing challenge but to enjoy the villages views 

with Mount KK. CP1 to CP2 also nothing but rocky trail. 

 Refilling water at every checks points as the weather getting hotter. 
I'm never bother to look at my watch on how fast i run, how many hours i ran... 
I'm just run! Run with my own pace. 
When there's uphill, power walk, when there's downhill, run ! 
When I'm checks into CP 3, it's 27.5KM mark, hot sun! 

Keep applying sunblock... 

Running alone really mental challenging. I'm thinks i'm lucky i have someone in front to target and follow. 
Trying to keep up with them, and without realising, i overtake them and ended up I'm running alone. 
I knew, there's someone in front. I keep my running motivation high and maintain my pace. 

To be continue. 

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