Sunday, March 30, 2008

21,000 km

yesterday, im already drive up till 21,001 km.

yesterday, i have done my second time tyre rotation.

i finished

this is the time when im crossing the finishing line.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

From somewhere.

Overall planning and management of a diverse portfolio of clients.
Supervising and motivating teams of audit staff.
Building and maintaining superior working relationships with clients.

OMG... i cant believed this. it's included in there. how come i never know got such things are exist.



JJ & Rudy

on Thursday, i was listening to the the Morning Crew JJ & Rudy. they were calling to the country manager of Nike and want to get some fund from nike for the charity.

so the idea was above. horey.

yesterday since morning, i was trying to the the 012-9192804 and very hard to get answered.

im keep trying and finally some one is pick up my calls and register my name on it.

so it's ON now:

30 March 2008
Padang Merbok

the registration start from 4.45am and will start to walk to the start line from 5.15am.

this is my first time im running in KL.
previously i was running Penang Brigde run, quite long time ago.

looking forward for this marathon.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Anti-lock Braking System

A friend of mine asking me what is ABS.

below is the defination i obtain from Wiki:

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedi

An anti-lock braking system (ABS) (translated from German, Antiblockiersystem) is a system on motor vehicles which prevents the wheels from locking while braking.

An anti-locking braking system allows the driver to maintain steering control under heavy braking by preventing a skid and allowing the wheel to continue to forward roll and create lateral control, as directed by driver steering inputs.

Most commonly, braking distances are shortened (again, by allowing the driver to press the brake fully without skidding or loss of control).

Disadvantages of the system include increased braking distances under rather rare circumstances and the creation of a "false sense of security" among drivers who do not understand the operation and limitations of ABS.


sometimes, when im facing a deep thing, im looking for ways out.
keep trying looks for the exit.

yet, in the process of looking for exit, i feel the relief.
the relief provide me a survival's determination.

im wonder, how long i can last for this given the relief.

i thinks i need to keep on-going constant to looks for relief.

i need relief or an exit door.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Day by Day
Day pass day

zombine walking around.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Panasonic Juicer MJ-70M

Yesterday, this is the juicer i brought from HSL sg Wang.
looking for this is quite hard in the process.
i was first come to this product during my survey in the jaya jasco wangsa after my 1st survey at Carrefour Wangsa Maju.
i wanted to have wider selection and make sure im not buying the over-priced products.
then Tesco Ampang, the sample of the products all is broken. parts missing. lost confidence.
the features of my new jucier are as follow:

-Capacity Gross Vol. 600 liters
-Home Juicer
-Built-in circuit breaker
-200W/12500 r.p.m powerful motor from overloading and overheating thus prolonging lifespan
-100% stainless steel. big spinner gives more refined nutrient and more juice
-Cleaning Brush
-Bigger feeding hole for easy insertion
-Safety Lock Clamp
- motor will not operate if clamp is not locked. When clamp is disassembled, motor switches off automatically


Power : 240V AC, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption : 200W
Switch Control : On, Off/Reset (for CB)
Circuit Breaker : Yes
Motor Speed : 12,500rpm(approx.)
Jug : 1 x 600ml
Jug Material : Plastic
Weight (Gross) : 2.8kg
Dim. (HxWxD)mm (Gross) : 289 x 206 x 274
Colours : White

ABS and outing

yesterday, planning whole day journey.

on the way to IKEA, after the Damansara toll, heading to TTDI, suddenly the car in front jamm brake, im also press brake hard since far, and found that the car really stopped, and i have to press harder brake, and the ABS kicked in. lucky i did not hit the front car, else pocket will be burn into big hole. ABS really saved me.

1st. IKEA.
went tot IKEA to buy some small staff.

2nd. The Curve
walked over to the Curve. i went to HSL shop and it's really lack of products which im looking for.

3rd Tesco
i found the electrical item which i wanted, but no 1 is there to serve me. i lack of confidence on it.

4th Courts Mammath
there got lots of chooice and i got what i want. when im looking for sales personnel and found out that the item is Out of Stock. and they can not sell it to me. i have to wait for 2 weeks for them to re-stock. really dissapionted with them.

5th Sg Wang
went to sg wang to fix my shoe. my black shoe need a new foundation and it cost me RM55 for it. beside my black shoe, im also repair my Nike Sport shoe, this cost me RM35.

6th HSL
at there im brought my Panasonic Juicer.

7th Carrefour
went there to masuk my stock. a lots of fruit im brought.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Formula One season is started.

17 March 2008

People post 17 march 2008 on the same day while im post on the next day.


Today, it's the day came which anticipated very long. to go into the worse case client place yet their location is very "Ong".

i thought it would be some improvement, which im hope for, but it's let me down. turn me down so hard... really fed up and just do whatever im suppose to do.

at night, i have TT session my myviclub gang at Sunway Subaidah. this TT let me see another new things, new gadget. really a poisan's TT.

for the coming 2 weeks, i will be stuck at the same place. Wondering how im going to survived at this place. anyways, this is my 3rd year been here. third times already, still let me very down.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

My Next Card

i found my next card which im waiting for it.
it's Maybank Visa Debit card.
it's considered as enhanced Maybank ATM card.
yet, im still do not know how the process of using Visa Debit card.
never own a Visa Debit card before.
anyways, it will cost me RM12 for the conversion from the exiting Maybank ATM card to this new enhanced Visa Debit card.
i will be waiting for the Maybank waiver of fee news from now.


Happy - Happy Moments

all this while im thought im Happy.
been always calling people with such a low rates, RM0.99 for a maximun 45 minutes. im very happy with it....

i thought im really happy.
i thought im enjoyed it very much.

suddenly i found that's all the while im just calling out, but no 1 is calling in...

i thinks i have to re-thinks of what i have now(owing 5 Happy numbers)....

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


i feel im in-balance again.

how this could happened? i myself also dun know...

10 March 2008

i cant believe it's happening.

5.00pm, office blackout. all our works on the computer is gone.

anyways, go back home sharp at 5.30pm as the electricity is not back online.

Sunday, March 09, 2008


Just now i received a sms from friend. it's a forwarded sms seems from a father.
all is in mandarin.

the content are:

Emergency fast forward to all your friends. my daugther 15 years old ( Butterworth Chinese) is being taken by a Black Wira aroback PFP 1415 Malay driver. if got news, please inform me quickly.

8 March 2008

in the morning, as usual Saturday, relax...

noon, i went to watch 10,000 BC at Midvalley. it's a very good movie to watch.

evening, i went to Kota Damansara for my car wash and also seek some advice from my sifu on my bumper scratch. But my sifu is busy, not at the shop. this leave me no choice but have to left.

back at home, so bored doing nothing.

anyways, im enjoy watching HBO and Star Movie. im Loving it.

at night, the excitement movement.

i was in Low Yat Forum at a thread Malaysia Vote 2008. it's was so fanstastic. few hours it's already posting for more than 4,000 posts. we all is discussing about the vote result and at the same time we all keep track at the malaysiakini website. almost every 10 minutes got update from the website.

and around 11.30pm about 1,275 online user is viewing the thread.

and im finally give up to chase at 2.42am.

Unofficial: BN denied two-thirds majority - 2.42am

According to unofficial tally, the opposition has apparently denied the ruling Barisan Nasional its crucial two-thirds majority by winning up to 82 parliament seats so far (PKR - 29, DAP - 28, PAS - 25). To deny the government two-thirds majority, the opposition must win 75 seats. On the other hand, BN has won about 130 seats. There are still a few more seats to be decided.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Shit + Shit

this will give equation of Die. feeling like being burnt alive now.

it's really something that went wrong and im going to head to hell soon.



how come im making mistake that im un-ware of it?

this is shit man...

thinking back, every move, every steps, im already try to slowing down and make sure im doing the rights things.

the things is happened a weeks ago, now only the client come and complain. Sigh. have to trouble my colleague to send it again.

this is the most scary thing when im sending thing to my client. im always wanted to check before and send, and im sure i got check it out before im sending out.

how this could happened? is it im so blur? or im already time-out, lost interest?
or whatever reasons?

nobody know except me myself know!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

6 March 2008 - Bumper

today went to SS2 to stocktake.

Wake up at 5.45am, 6.15am got Wangsa fetch colleague and then we head to SS2 for the stocktake which will be start at 7.00am.

my stock take only end at 6.00pm.
when im went to collect my car, which is just parked in front of the shop where im stocktake, i found my car bumper kena scratch by car.

so sad and kek sin....

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


on Monday, i was audit alone at client place.

something is happened.

firstly, client give me 1 big room and told me that sorry that i have to share the room with other auditor, which is E. Y, their main auditor.

this give me a chilled. WTF, have to share with them. Sigh.

9am, 10am, 11am... as time passes, no 1 shown up.

anyways, lucky im was not emotionaly affected. at evening, a customer came and is need to use the room for some discussion with the client.

while the client is away for a whole, the customer asking me: "are you auditor?"
im replied: Yes.

Customer(C): you are from which firm?
Me (M): im from MR.
C: hmm, dun know. im from Hew & Tan
M: oh, it's my firm ex-name.
C: stil located at jln ampang south block?
M: Yes.....

so surprise to meet ex-MR(HT) staff at there.


Monday im alone went to client place to audit. so pity, alone.
from far, KLCC Twin Tower is blur blur.

btw, these pictures were taken from toilet. *pai seh...

20K km Service

This picture is taken just now.

my 20k km service is due. it's 19,852 km.

today went to Autocraft to service my vivi. the service package information i got from the website will cost me about RM280++. Thinking that my pocket will be burnt a big hole for this.

When im reached there, there were so less customers and the services is costing me RM196, which is far below from my expectation. Im so Happy.
Beside Autocraft the Perodua Authorised Service Centre is the "Chop Shop" which selling all parts of Myvi. Be it new or second or imported from Japan original parts.
i went to enquiry about the fog lights. it cost about half of the original price for the second hand fog light. i was surprised, and can not thinks more, think rational, as it's outside my budget and some more i have not much money left after the services. 2 piece of fog light will cost me RM200.
after that, i had lunch with Alvin, my ex-senior who is working nearby. He is working at my client place which im audited last year, not really my direct client, but under the same group.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Too Free

i can not used with free lifestyle.
surpose weekend is working, and when the job is over, no need to works on weekend, i got no other things to do.

Sigh... some more it's raining day. make my plan spoil if i got plan.


Today been raining heavily at the noon.
thinking of wanted to go out, whose know it's rain.

Whole day been staying at home.


new additonal sticker is on my rear screen. hehe.
it's from Philips.

28 Feb 2008

this is the day. the day finally reach.
my place where im always sits ( we practice free seating) with my other colleague got the table cleaned.
no files, no papers.
where all my files gone to? it's all below the table.
*sweat sweat sweat*
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