Tuesday, March 18, 2008

17 March 2008

People post 17 march 2008 on the same day while im post on the next day.


Today, it's the day came which anticipated very long. to go into the worse case client place yet their location is very "Ong".

i thought it would be some improvement, which im hope for, but it's let me down. turn me down so hard... really fed up and just do whatever im suppose to do.

at night, i have TT session my myviclub gang at Sunway Subaidah. this TT let me see another new things, new gadget. really a poisan's TT.

for the coming 2 weeks, i will be stuck at the same place. Wondering how im going to survived at this place. anyways, this is my 3rd year been here. third times already, still let me very down.

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