Sunday, June 29, 2008

McDonald's 2008 Olympic Day Run

it's tomolo.
ops, it's today already. the run will be start on 7.30am.
im joined 10km run.

going to meet a few of low yat forumer, they are pro in running.

this is my second run this year.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

ACCA Carrer Fair - Petronas

i never expecting anything today.
my target is simple, just find out all the vacancy and throw in my resume to all the companies.

so i go photostates 10 copies of my resume and put into 10 envelops.

so i start my journey to ACCA career fair at Crowne Plaza Mutiara Hotel.

i was alone. feeling lonely. it's ok. i can do whatever i want to do.

reached there, i register myself, got 1 big red ACCA bag. so i walks into the hall.

first, it's was Shell shared services. lucky that time the person in charge is just finished with other person, i got the chances to find out more about the vacancy in the company. it's seem not easy to get an account executive post in that company. im only qualify as account associate, a level below account executives.

i was thinking, shd i be happy with my current post? Account Executives. all this while, i thought im can be Assistant Accountant. but it's seem not applicable in the multi-national companies.

so i filled in the form and submit my resume together with the form.

Next, i need to find another company, and do the same thing i do with the Shell. Then come Petronas. the person is just went off, and i immediately sit down and waiting the person in charge. so i asked her, and she start to explain to me. just a simple explaination.

so i submit my resume to her, and she examinate my resume. i was not aware there are some pre-liminary interview is on-going. just saw her, tooks the green small paper, writes down my names and ask me to go to 4th floor, and there will be people guide me for the interview.

wow... im feel so excited. can have interview on the spot. Lucky im wearing formal with tie. without delay i rushing to the 4th floor. on my way out, i saw two of my ex-colleague who is currently with GT and BO.

when i was reached there, there are many people siting there waiting turn for interview. so i submit my resume and waits. that time was 12.50pm. after not long that, there are Petronas Career talks. We all asked to go in to listen, as it might helping us more understanding about Petronas. i thinks im lucky have attended this Career talks, it is what i wanted to do, to be all this while.

Petronas can helps me realised my dreams.
Petronas is a very good training ground for me.
Petronas is a testing ground for me whether im able to achieve my dream or not.

The training and developments scheme presented by the Finance Skill manager is execellance.

this added more interest for me to go into Petronas.

my pre-liminary interview only can be continue after lunch 2.30pm. when the career talks was finished its 1.45pm. wanted to go lunch, but the nearest food stall available is at wisma genting or wisma cosway. im too lazy to walks out and again, im alone. no appetie to have lunch alone.

so im walking around, drinks more water.

i back to the waiting area around 2.15pm. waiting until 2.45pm, and it's my turn.
since it's pre-liminary interview, no hard question is being posted. just those normal questions.

the interviewer placed an importance of "mobility". lucky im very mobile. she even asked me, are you mind being re-allocated to oversea or dosmetic? im totally have no problems with it.

i got the feeling, im not going to stay in KL for a long time soon.

im going to leave KL.
im going to leave my confort zone.
im going to leave my loved myvi behind.
if domestic, im still have chances to bring it alone with me.
if oversea, im have to leave it to my mother in Kedah or sell off.

im going to miss KL Low Yat forumer friends.
im going to miss Low Yat forum gathering.
im going to miss MyviClub member.
im going to miss MyviClub TT.

i have the confidence, im going to get call for structured interview.
im going to pass the structured interview.
im going to join Petronas.
im going to grow with Petronas.

Friday, June 27, 2008


im never believing myself that im now blogging from office.

today early in the morning reached office, my finance manager and project engineer already in the office gossip.

my big big boss is back to Japan and my big boss is not feeling well.
all bosses is not around.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Argh.... why im wait up so early on Saturday?

i was disturd by a lound sound from outside. it's a women sound, shouting people name. i thought i was dreaming, but it's not. the women shouting and knot the door.

i can not continue to sleep already. sigh... everday wake up around 6.15am and today i wanted to sleep a little bit late also unable to do so.

Saman II

Yesterday, i was planning to get the MyviC sticker for friends and another member during the TT session at Wangsa Maju Karry House and accidently i managed to find out how to settle my saman.

as i reached the TT place at 10.00pm there is only 1 member waiting. he is quite senior member in the club. so went over to greets and asking how's going on and bla bla bla.... i thought why not i give a try asking whether he know how to settle the saman. too bad i did not bring my saman together with me in car. he wanted to see my saman and then only can see whether can help me settle or not. Argh.... i have to waits until Monday then only can pass to him to settle.

hopes he can helps me settle without paying any $$$.

after got my MyviC sticker, i went off. back home. end of Friday.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


i really no idea...
i really cant thinks of anything...
i really just do whatever i thinks to..

ended i got saman from police.

sob sob...


i have been working in new company for 3 weeks plus.
quite enjoy working here.

somehow it's a new experience for me.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


it's been almost 2 weeks im working since 28 May 2008.
im been since quite free since then.

my company is quite small in size, but a volume is not small.
in account/finance only two of us. my finance manager and me.


after getting the news of my aunty, i take 2 hours leave to back hometown on friday at 3.00pm.

i went to KL Sentral to take my brother, who also going back to hometown.
back to home, bath and change then come out around 4.oopm.

since im going back to hometown, which going to travel about 300km++, i took this opportunity to add 3M injection clean which im brought from Brother shop and at the same time, im changing my air filter to replace my dirty air filter.

i start my journey around 5.00pm when everything is done. Went to Genting kelang's brother shop buy 3M injection cleaner, and to taman Melawati the shoplot beside the MRR2 to buy the air filter. i pour my 3M injection cleaner and replace my air filter at the Petronas station nearby the shoplot and pump full tank at the same time.

after that, start my journey. i managed to get into Sg buloh toll around 5.30pm and reached at Parit Buntar around 8.30pm, which at the same time im also able to fetch my sister who coming from Singapore at Bandar Bahru toll exit there.

when we reached my aunty house, we immediate change to white shirt and join the ceremony. that night is the last night, the next day, Saturday 7 June 08 my aunty will be burnt at Taiping.

the next day, after the burning ceremony, it's happened real fast. after that, my uncle n his son go to choose "home" for aunty.

i dont know it's so complicated when coming to choosing "home".

when im back, i heard from my mum that, something is happened. my cousin, 2nd son my of uncle is insisting that must buy two "home" side by side his mother and his father. No wonder, during that time, i saw my uncle is hugging his son.

i thinks my cousins, tooks a lots of courage to face this chanllenge.

All the best

Thursday, June 05, 2008


today, i got the news of my aunty.

she have went to a place which is far far aways from us.
i thought she leave us in peaceful.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


bye bye RM1.92

in few more minutes, we all have to kiss bye bye to you.
and we have to welcome the sadness RM2.70.

so down.
so sad.
so spechless.

nothing that we all can do. we just sit there and being chop.

now we all is countdown to 12.00am 5 June 2008.

Price Hike

Yesterday, i thought today 12am will have price hike for petrol, so i go petrol station and pump.

wired, how come no people pumping petrol? didnt the government said they will annouce the new price structure on wednesday?
back at home, bath and come out again to pump petrol again, whose know it's jammm and long Q at petrol station. sigh..
so i decided tonight going to stay home, wont go anywhere.


my aunty is going to be fetch back to Parit Buntar, Perak.

it's where she stay.
it's where she works.
it's where her first works there.
it's where she settle down with her husband.
it's where she stay with 3 loving sons.

somehow, when people is not ready to go, he/she need to go.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Wishing for you
Praying for you

tht's the only thing that i can do for you now.

you soon will be recover soon.
you soon will be back to normal.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

My Aunty

Today, 1 June 2008, morning i visited my aunty in hospital.
her liver is not functioning.

my grandma is there
my aunty's husband is there.
my uncle is there

my aunty was admited to hospital since last Wednesday when her situation become worse.

every one is worry.

Pro Detailers

i thinks im been talking my car wash centre and detailing and polishing at Kota Damansara all the while yet i did not disclose the name of my pround detailing centre.

suddenly i was thinks of this topic, as im have 2 weeks did not go there wash my car.
anyways, my car now still looks very clean. hehe
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