Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saman II

Yesterday, i was planning to get the MyviC sticker for friends and another member during the TT session at Wangsa Maju Karry House and accidently i managed to find out how to settle my saman.

as i reached the TT place at 10.00pm there is only 1 member waiting. he is quite senior member in the club. so went over to greets and asking how's going on and bla bla bla.... i thought why not i give a try asking whether he know how to settle the saman. too bad i did not bring my saman together with me in car. he wanted to see my saman and then only can see whether can help me settle or not. Argh.... i have to waits until Monday then only can pass to him to settle.

hopes he can helps me settle without paying any $$$.

after got my MyviC sticker, i went off. back home. end of Friday.

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