Tuesday, June 10, 2008


after getting the news of my aunty, i take 2 hours leave to back hometown on friday at 3.00pm.

i went to KL Sentral to take my brother, who also going back to hometown.
back to home, bath and change then come out around 4.oopm.

since im going back to hometown, which going to travel about 300km++, i took this opportunity to add 3M injection clean which im brought from Brother shop and at the same time, im changing my air filter to replace my dirty air filter.

i start my journey around 5.00pm when everything is done. Went to Genting kelang's brother shop buy 3M injection cleaner, and to taman Melawati the shoplot beside the MRR2 to buy the air filter. i pour my 3M injection cleaner and replace my air filter at the Petronas station nearby the shoplot and pump full tank at the same time.

after that, start my journey. i managed to get into Sg buloh toll around 5.30pm and reached at Parit Buntar around 8.30pm, which at the same time im also able to fetch my sister who coming from Singapore at Bandar Bahru toll exit there.

when we reached my aunty house, we immediate change to white shirt and join the ceremony. that night is the last night, the next day, Saturday 7 June 08 my aunty will be burnt at Taiping.

the next day, after the burning ceremony, it's happened real fast. after that, my uncle n his son go to choose "home" for aunty.

i dont know it's so complicated when coming to choosing "home".

when im back, i heard from my mum that, something is happened. my cousin, 2nd son my of uncle is insisting that must buy two "home" side by side his mother and his father. No wonder, during that time, i saw my uncle is hugging his son.

i thinks my cousins, tooks a lots of courage to face this chanllenge.

All the best

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