Tuesday, December 31, 2013

XiaoMi is coming to Singapore 年2014

XiaoMi is coming to Singapore in 2014 ! I been following Xiaomi 小米 since the day i came to know about it. It's offer value for money smartphones and its currently only available in China and Hongmi in Hong Kong & Taiwan which sold out within minutes. 

Now Xiaomi posted in its XiaoMi Facebook guessing which next new market will be xiaomi target!  

Let's wait & see! 小米, 为发烧而生!  

Monday, December 30, 2013

My 2013 hightlights. Welcome 2014.

My highlights in 2013. Initially thought of using "flashback in 2013" but then felt not so nice until this morning listened to BFM Radio.... they're highlighting 2013 !

2013 is about to end in 1 day time. Attempted 2 Ultras Trail event in Philippines early this year and i had my first DNF in my life.

It's like wake up call for me. In the past, no matter how under-prepared i'm, I'm still able to overcome it. Overcome it with some prices to pay with some cramps, sore muscles post event.

But my first DNF due to my under-estimates
Under-estimate on the terrain (first time running trail in Kayapa, Philippines),
Under-estimate on the weather,
Under-estimate on the high latitude feel,
Under-estimate on the nutrition i brought along with me in hydration pack,
Under-estimate on the toughness of the raw natural trails in Philippines,
Under-estimate on the gears i prepared ( Cloths  & Jacket ),
Under-estimate on my mental.

The event is H1 : Hardcore Hundred Miles Trail UltraMarathon which held in February 2013. It's my first time visit to Baguio, north of Philippines and the beautiful mountains!

In April 2013, I came back to Philippines again for another ultra trail event --> The North Face Philippines TNF100 Baguio.

After tasted my first DNF, I never under-estimates again.
I'm working even smart and harder for TNF100 Baguio.

Its were tough 100KM in Baguio & i made it to finishing line in 29 hours 5 mins just before the cut off time limit of 30 hours.

The 29 hours hard-earned  TNF100 medal rewarded me friendships and new friends i met during 100km course. We went through tough time together climbing up mountains from 200 meters to 2000 meters in the dark. 

Post TNF100, i slowed down in running although i'm feeling good, injury free and i went into cycling and boosting my cycling fitness preparing for the UCI - P2K friendship rides where we (P2K from Uptown, PJ) & UCI (from Ipoh) riding to meet up together in Raub on first day and riding together for next 2 days. 
Raub to Gua Musang on second day
Gua Musang to Ipoh via Cameron on 3rd day. 

Group photo @ Raub before our ride start. 

P2K group photo at Gua Musang in front of the hotel before we riding up 100km to Cameron Highland and riding down to Ipoh shortly after refueled. :) 

It's was somewhere in May, and after cycling, i have about 3 weeks time frame to pickup my running back just in time for my SC KL Marathon 2013 42KM in June'13 but its was postponed to September due to thick haze. 

Much relief.  Since then, running and cycling on alternate weekends. 

Weekend LSD with Bukit Aman Runners from Lake Garden to Hartamas and back. 

In September 2013, with 2 weeks time frame focusing in running, I was running with free will free from any target, but i know deep inside me wish to run 5 hours 30mins. 

Running mojo were good and weather were good! I somehow managed to catch up 5:00 hours pacers in the last 2KM! hehe... 

Yes! I finally scored my personal best marathon timing in my home ground marathon! 

In November, I joints Bukit Aman Runner's Malakoff Powerman relay! I'm the cyclist. 

64KM 2 Loops with timing about 2 hours plus abit. hehe. 
After Powerman Relay, immediately have to restart kickstart back my running training for my Penang Bridge International Marathon (PBIM). Thanks to Renee, i joins her together with many other LYN Runners, we ran 30KM at Ammah Hills aka Newton Route @ Bandar Kinrara where LYN Runners always did weekly LSD.  

LYN Runner's usual group selfie after our run!

In November, I ran PBIM 2013. 

PBIM, not in my best mode compared to SCKLM in September as the starting time is at 2:00am. 

Last weekend of 2013, I ran with TPRC. 

2013. Its ending. Its also signify the beginning of the new chapter in 2014. More to come! 

Happy New Year 2014. 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

H1: Hardcore Hundred Miles UltraMarathon - Part II

H1. the long long outstanding sharing that left in the draft. Finally i have some time to updates about H1. 

H1 - 100 Miles where it's 4 points UTMB qualifying race! 

Wearing my Petzl Nao for the first time in the Ultra race!  

Wearing 2 shirts and 1 compression top with compression short. That's all my clothing for the H1. 

Selfie ! wahaha... I was in selfie mode long time ago! hehe... 

Camwhore at the starting H1 point.  

with my Philippines strong ultra women runner and also Singapore strong ultra women runner! 

Start / Finish - That's simple and yet fulfills the basic requirements. :)  

Video i took before the start of H1 ! Few days prior to the H1 on Friday night 11:59pm, its was raining ! Raining! That's the worry before the start. We had a nice start. Run! Run! Keep moving !

We were flagged off at 11:59pm on Friday, and we were running in dark. No photos were taken until this stretch. The rain session resumed around 2am, and it's rain all the way! Rain! Rain! Zzz...! 

The trail. 
The H1 trail route, it's really amazing! the elevation, the views! 

It's been raining since 2am! i can just blame myself that i came under geared, i underestimated Philippines trails! It's me myself to blame!  

Keep on running and walking up hills and down! My speed really turtle pace like 5KM for 75 minutes! 

It's feel good when i managed to catch up the runner in front of me! Running with someone is much better than running alone! 

With another runners when we catching up! 

Their constant running speed enable me to keep running! If i'm were alone, i will walk more than run! 

Run..Run.. we runs together without talking as we know we could accompany each others.

Red says no go, blue says its the right way to go. 

The hanging bridge in Philippines are dam long! I have to correct my perception on the hanging bridges in Sabah ! 

Only 1 runner crossing at 1 time. I gotta wait. 

Selfie before crossing the hanging bridge on wet day! 

The hills. I was at latitude above sea level at least 2,000 meter. At 1 point, when walking uphills, i took about 45mins for 1 KM uphills! 

When there's uphills, there's downhill. Now i'm at the bottom of hills, its like valley! 

I still can recalls my H1 experience. It's like permanently inked deep inside my heart! At this point, im alone again! I slowed down. Cant catch up the 2 runners in front of me. lucky, running along the river, it's flat, opportunity for me to recharge. 

To be continue. 

p/s: sorry for the watery photos as i'm really wet and there's nothing much i care to do when i have long journey ahead of me.  

Sunday, December 08, 2013

H1 100miles UltraMarathon @ Kayapa, Philippines

A very very long long outstanding blog on my H1 100 miles Ultramarathon at Kapaya, Philippines back in February 2013.

I still can remember how's i feel how's the weather on the race day! Being my virgin ultra trail race in Philippines, I never come across this tough. I'm basically under estimate the terrain, the weather (which play a very important part in the ultra), I'm basically unfit for the H1 Ultra!

First wrote: 1 March 2013
Second updates: 24 Aug 2013. 
More updates coming soon. 

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

G5N - Gunung 5 Nuang - An UTMB Qualifying Race in Peninsular Malaysia.

G5N - Gunung 5 Nuang - An UTMB qualifying race for 2015 in Peninsular Malaysia.  :) 

G5N - Gunung 5 Nuang (Mt Nuang)
Date: 30th Aug 2014 (Sat) – 1st Sep 2014 (Monday) Malaysia Public Holiday
Distance: 5 set (Nuang Entrance – Nuang Summit – Nuang Entrance)
Distance: 100km
Elevation gain:  8000m
Duration: 48 hrs (Cut off applied)
Entry Fee: RM 9.99 (Yes, you are reading it right!)

Limits: 30 participants

Let’s get this straight and out of the way – This, is not a race, so there is no space for anyone to whine about accuracy of distance, elevation or how cheap the entry fee is! Just don’t! You’ve been warned. You can however, whine and cuss about how difficult it is during the run.

The main theme of G5N is based on 3 key elements:
1) The ability of runners to take care of themselves, regardless the adversity.
2) Respect for nature
3) Trust

Jump right into the rules:

1) Due to the nature of the run, only runners with enough capability and experience can apply. Runners need to fulfill all 3 criteria:
A. A sub-4 marathon, certifiable.
B. A 100km trail ultra with a finishing time at the upper 75% range, i.e. those finished 100km race in 17hrs with a cut off of 18hrs will not be included; OR a completion of a 100miles trail race.
C. Email with a reason why do you want to join this. Be creative!

I do not want to come off as being an elitist with these strict requirements but the run itself is TOUGH. Furthermore, the sadistic side of me would like to see runners suffer a dying slow pain throughout the race.

2) There is only ONE aids station, which is the start/finish point of every loop. Food/Drink high in fat, protein, salts, sugar, carbohydrate will be served or whatever rubbish food you fancy. This is the ONLY part of the run I will NOT deprive you of any pleasure and satisfaction. Remember, you are here for a 48-hour food fest; running is just to pass the time. Resting place will be provided and you will be allotted some space to put your baggage, equipment, supplies, mattress (!!!) or maybe a kitchen sink. You will have room to sleep if you wish too, but be wary about the loop cut off!

3) Mandatory items. Well well, if you are experienced enough to enter the run, the chance is you probably know what you should bring along. I will not impose any mandatory equipment. BUT, a big BUT, that does not mean you should be taking this lightly. I do not run a sundry shop to provide fresh socks, tanning lotion or mosquitoes repellent, etc. If you run without a headlamp during night and knock yourself out rolling down the hills, well, life is a bitch, pick yourself up and move on. Whine a lot if it helps.

4) Only simple medical kits will be available at the aids station. Read this carefully, think twice and read again. There isn’t any medical support throughout the course. And no volunteers will be able to lift you out from the mountain so please spare them out of this misery. In the event of any misfortune, crawl yourself out of the woods to the aids station and we will figure it out from there onwards. Airlift is possible but not attempted yet in history. Don’t be the first! A little preparation on (3) will help you go a long way.

5) There will not be any extra marker apart from the existing ones available for hikers. Trust me, you have to be really blind in order to get lost, nor do you need to make a path to get through. There is visible trail up and down. Do take note that when you are tired and fatigue, attention to details seems to wane, and that’s when you will miss a turn or step. Don’t worry, the trees and rocks there won’t move by themselves….I Hope Not! You can always hike Nuang anytime before the run to familiarize yourself.

6) No outside support or pacer is allowed. Understand that during the course of 48 hours, you can always have friends to hike a loop or two with you if you are bored or are afraid of darkness, but they should give no extra assistance. To set the record straight, there are plenty of opportunities to break this rule; the only way to prevent this from happening is by having my TRUST in you.

7) There is only one place to throw your trash – aids station. I am pretty strict on this, any sight of anyone littering, smoking, lighting fire, damaging the nature will be DQ-ed on the spot, no second chance. However, fertilizing the soils with your urines and feces is allowed provided it is decently conducted.

8) The run itself will leave you scarred and marred physically and psychologically, so, you won’t be needing any t-shirt or medal to commemorate your victory. But there will be special souvenir for those finish within cut-off.

9) Reminder. 5 loops in 48hrs. (Cut Off for each loop applies and will be revealed soon). Not 4 loops, not 3 loops with broken leg or 2 loops with sprained ankle. Live up to the spirit of the challenge, if you fail, which most of you will, try again next year or in your own time – Nuang is always there!

10) If you are not pleased with (1) to (9), don’t join. Don’t argue. Don’t negotiate. Don’t complain. I have a life. And Yes, I am evil, crazy and heartless.

email to : gunung5nuang@gmail.com

p/s: Granted permission by race director for me to re-produce G5N race information for sharing. Anyone is crazy enough to take up the challenge (off course, you need to be a qualified person mention in rule 1 deem fit by the race director and not person with some fitness certifications trying their luck ) It's not your ordinary ultra race nor my race! But i wish 1 day, i can achieve to this level!

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