Sunday, December 08, 2013

H1 100miles UltraMarathon @ Kayapa, Philippines

A very very long long outstanding blog on my H1 100 miles Ultramarathon at Kapaya, Philippines back in February 2013.

I still can remember how's i feel how's the weather on the race day! Being my virgin ultra trail race in Philippines, I never come across this tough. I'm basically under estimate the terrain, the weather (which play a very important part in the ultra), I'm basically unfit for the H1 Ultra!

First wrote: 1 March 2013
Second updates: 24 Aug 2013. 
More updates coming soon. 

1 comment:

RaYzeef said...

this is very Ultra entri about H1.

very mental to wait this long.

come on Chin Ann...cepat cepat hehe

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