Thursday, December 12, 2013

H1: Hardcore Hundred Miles UltraMarathon - Part II

H1. the long long outstanding sharing that left in the draft. Finally i have some time to updates about H1. 

H1 - 100 Miles where it's 4 points UTMB qualifying race! 

Wearing my Petzl Nao for the first time in the Ultra race!  

Wearing 2 shirts and 1 compression top with compression short. That's all my clothing for the H1. 

Selfie ! wahaha... I was in selfie mode long time ago! hehe... 

Camwhore at the starting H1 point.  

with my Philippines strong ultra women runner and also Singapore strong ultra women runner! 

Start / Finish - That's simple and yet fulfills the basic requirements. :)  

Video i took before the start of H1 ! Few days prior to the H1 on Friday night 11:59pm, its was raining ! Raining! That's the worry before the start. We had a nice start. Run! Run! Keep moving !

We were flagged off at 11:59pm on Friday, and we were running in dark. No photos were taken until this stretch. The rain session resumed around 2am, and it's rain all the way! Rain! Rain! Zzz...! 

The trail. 
The H1 trail route, it's really amazing! the elevation, the views! 

It's been raining since 2am! i can just blame myself that i came under geared, i underestimated Philippines trails! It's me myself to blame!  

Keep on running and walking up hills and down! My speed really turtle pace like 5KM for 75 minutes! 

It's feel good when i managed to catch up the runner in front of me! Running with someone is much better than running alone! 

With another runners when we catching up! 

Their constant running speed enable me to keep running! If i'm were alone, i will walk more than run! 

Run..Run.. we runs together without talking as we know we could accompany each others.

Red says no go, blue says its the right way to go. 

The hanging bridge in Philippines are dam long! I have to correct my perception on the hanging bridges in Sabah ! 

Only 1 runner crossing at 1 time. I gotta wait. 

Selfie before crossing the hanging bridge on wet day! 

The hills. I was at latitude above sea level at least 2,000 meter. At 1 point, when walking uphills, i took about 45mins for 1 KM uphills! 

When there's uphills, there's downhill. Now i'm at the bottom of hills, its like valley! 

I still can recalls my H1 experience. It's like permanently inked deep inside my heart! At this point, im alone again! I slowed down. Cant catch up the 2 runners in front of me. lucky, running along the river, it's flat, opportunity for me to recharge. 

To be continue. 

p/s: sorry for the watery photos as i'm really wet and there's nothing much i care to do when i have long journey ahead of me.  

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