Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy Merdeka - 31st Aug 2010

Happy Merdeka from vinann.com ! 31th Aug 2010 was the day Malaya gain independence from British !

Dataran Merdeka! Merdeka! 

Malaysian Flag with Bukit Aman Headquarter in the background. 

Giant Malaysian Flag display at Dataran Merdeka. 

Lastly, Happy Merdeka from vinann.com 

Enjoy the fireworks! Happy Merdeka. 

Monday, August 30, 2010

Myeg - Your Channel to renew insurance and road tax!

In 1 occasion, we need to renew the car insurance and road tax as well. But the car registration card are not with us. So asking the car salesman, they need car card to renew roadtax... FML...

then i suddenly thought of @myegclub and im tweet with them. Myeg can help me renew car road tax without the car card! Yeah... 

On Monday (23 Aug 2010), i called the hotline and find out the details... 

On the next day, i received the quotation. 
A very simple email with 1 link attached. Just copy and paste the link into browser vola viva its shown the quotation and also payment instructions. 

Woot..MYEG VIP MEMBER!  hmmm is the car owner is the VIP or im the VIP member? haha... 

Payment instruction. Very simple and clear. Either pay online using credit card or deposit bank-in. 

On Wednesday, we paid the amount and expecting Thursday evening we can get the road tax... 

On Thursday, we were told our car insurance were become referral case. Anyways, thanks to great effort by Myeg, the insurance was renewed and the road tax was ready for delivery. 

But Friday was Public holiday for Selangor (where Myeg HQ based at One Utama if im remember correctly) and i were told that there's no delivery on Friday. Aiks... a bit disappointed since im working in KL and its a working day for us. Anyway, its was not urgent, so i told them to delivery on Monday. 

On Friday itself, i suddenly received a call from Myeg delivery-man! They were delivery road tax to me on Friday! Wow.. im surprised. 

Found out from the delivery-man that, he is in-charge of KL area thus no holiday for him and have to delivery the road tax .

The shy delivery-man... 

  The receiver need to give IC for acknowledgement. 

The road tax inside the envelop.... 

Its not sent by 3rd party courier but the Myeg own logistic team... 

Thank you myeg for the great services offered. 

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Step Up 3 Screening

Thanks Advertlets on the Step Up 3 movie screening at Tropicana City Mall last Wednesday.

The story line were normal, but the dancing part were awesome. I feel like wanted to dance with them together.

If you like dancing, you must go in and watch Step Up 3! You will enjoy the movie!

Andes BYO - #No1PorkBurger 2nd Outing!

Second outing was planned and executed after 2 weeks later on our #No1PorkBurger outing at S'more Restaurant.

#No1PorkBurger - Finding the ULTIMATE and NO. PORK BURGER in Malaysia and our second destination  was at ANDES BYO,  Aman Suria as recommended by Becky. Initially we were planning going to Nambawan, but due to some foreseeable circumstances, we change to Andes.

This round we have about 7 people. me, Eric , @bigboss8888 Jonathan Tan,  @patchay Patrick Chay, @SalocinTen Nicolas, @CharlieChia and Joe and @mynjayz dropped by for awhile as well.

Andes BYO is located same row as Restaurant Cha Cha Pan Mee - Facing NKVE 

Appetizers, awesome Daddy Dry Pork Chili. its cooked with plenty of Chili, lucky its not too hot for me. 
Ally is starring at the dish... haha 

Its all about Pork Burgers! 

Review base on Looks, Taste, Juicyness, Portion and Bonus marks!

The Look 
Its quite simple with 1 thick pork burger. Its get 6/10. 

The Juicynesss 
Before comment, watch the video below 1st! 

Video credit to Eric Yong.

The juicy is just too awesome! 1st time i saw the juice coming out like that!  ANDES BYO's PORK BURGER get 9.5/10. 

The Taste
After my 1st tasting on the S'more pork burger 2 weeks ago, and also recently Nambawan Pork Burger, now im getting the taste of a real pork burger. 

Trying to bite at once, but failed. Its too big. Once i bite the meat, i can feel the pork meat. Its good. 
Andes Pork burger get 8.5/10. 

The Portion
For the price of RM12.90 on Andes pork burger, its definitely value for money! ANDES BYO's PORK BURGER get 8/10. 

Ally the Special Guest... 

The Bonus marks :-  
 Got to know that ANDES are pet friendly. Parking wise, we reached at Aman Suria around 7.15pm and there's plenty of space. 

ANDES get 8/10.  

Total marks are 40/50  or 80% and its have become our benchmark for the coming Pork Burger session. 

Mobile Phone: Andy – 0122200530
Other Phone: 
03- 78083292
K-G-11, Jalan PJU1/43
Aman Suria, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia 47301

Business Hour :Monday to Friday :12pm to 3pm & 5pm to midnight
Saturday & Sunday : 6pm to Midnight

Reservations: Not required, but may need to if big group.
Outdoor Section: Small section only, corridor seats.
Smoking Section: Not really, but they are really flexible though.
Pet Friendly: YES!!!

I will always remember the Andes Pork Burger at Aman Suria. Will go back whenever i have the chance or there nearby. 

Saturday, August 28, 2010

NEWTON Pacemakers 6th Anniversary Run 2010

Pacemakers 6th Anniversary run 2010 by http://pm1.blogspot.com/

Its happening tomorrow morning at Metropolitan Park, Kepong with total of 70 teams participate.

1 team 4 members and each member going to run 3.4km relay!

All the best!

hooHa ! 10! 10! 10! Fun Run 2010

Imagine doing something special with your family and friends on a unique day, 10th day of the 10th month of 2010, hence 10/10/10.

It is also unique because this date will never happen again for another 100 years (10X10). I don’t know about you but I don’t think I will be around to witness it again.

So why don’t we all come together and do something special on a unique day!

Have fun, be healthy and go crazy! Experience the carnival environment. Just enjoy what life has to offer with thousands of people who will be there. I am personally looking forward to the performances by the children in a street basking style.

Let’s be ALIVE! It is going to be a KODAK moment for YOU.

3700 people starting at Lot 10 Jalan Bukit Bintang walking or running (we really don’t care as long as you are having fun) 5.5km (=10) along Jalan Sultan Ismail, Jalan Raja Chulan, KLCC and back.

Imagine being together holding hands with your spouse, children, friends in the morning, being healthy, feeling the energy, bonding, meeting and making new friends.

What a way to spend your valuable time on a unique day. Dont missed out on this very special event on very unique day. Spaces are limited. Register Now

What? hooHa! 10! 10! 10! Fun Run

When? 10th October 2010 (Sunday) (10.10.10)
What time? 8.20 a.m (8 + 2 = 10)
Where? Lot 10, Bukit Bintang
How far? 5.5 km (5 + 5 =10)
How much? RM28.00 (2 + 8 = 10)
[ credit to runwitme

Closing date: 28th September 2010 or upon reaching 3,700 (3 + 7 = 10) runners

Details here.

i choose the Orange color! What's your choice? 

On 10.10.10 its the day you can run freely on Jalan Sultan Ismail, Jalan Raja Chulan, Jalan P.Ramli, Jalan Pinang, Jalan Kia Peng and back to Bukit Bintang!

 The road is belong to runners. 

Let's run together for a memorable day in heart of the KL city central. 

Friday, August 27, 2010

Free Hold Avenue Crest on Sale

Avenue Crest is opposite the sugar factory and nearby there's a new condo called Subang Andaman which is under construction.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Olympus E-P2 with C-mount CCTV Lens (25mm f1.4) #8

Olympus E-P2 with C-mount CCTV Lens (25mm f1.4) #8

Conventional mail box. Now people have Inbox.  
Awaiting news from her. 


DaneGreat's photostream 

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Olympus E-P2 with C-mount CCTV Lens (25mm f1.4) #7

Olympus E-P2 with C-mount CCTV Lens (25mm f1.4) #7

Artist, paint with full passion as their living. 
How many of us are living with their passion. 


DaneGreat's photostream 

Prawning Session

Woot... 1st time prawning! Im feel im kind of fail...

Anyways, its was a brand new experience for me! Im feel "geli" when chop the warm and put it on bait and also im scared of prawn when i trying to take out the baits....

Today's session included @ericyong77, @sur3wyn, @damienloong (for awhile, thank you for helping me take out the baits from the prawn), @rachaelleyong and bf, and then @melonlicious and @sakaireuben came by for awhile too. Nice to meet you all... 

Wearing to prawning session with my Vibram Five Fingers Bikila... im loving it... xoxoxo 

VFF at side pool 

My very 1st prawn!!! 

Relaxing while prawning... 

Lost count on how many prawns we got within 2 hours

During the 2 hours session, i managed to get 10 prawns! Yeah... not bad for a 1st timer prawning... 

Woot.. can cook on the cook and eat it... 

Bruppp.... 4 of us finished all the prawns... All my diet gone! 

Anyways, im enjoyed prawning, but can not to have so many prawns at once go too often... or else body and diet will go hair wired... 

Thanks you EricYong for planning the prawn session. 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Truth - the other part of the story... part II Ladyironchef

Continue to the post i posed yesterday here, now we have another side of coins story!


The other side coin of the story is coming from the "food blogger" Ladyironchef's true.

I am aware of the articles that have been circulating in my absence, regarding an accusation that I visited a restaurant and asked for a waiver on their meals. I would like to make certain clarifications here.
1. The Basis of Food tasting events
Food tastings in the Singapore food scene are regularly organized and non-obligatory events. Any food blogger who has been invited to one to sample delicacies of the particular restaurant will agree that it is akin to inviting someone into their house. According to the dictionary, an invitation is, “The act of inviting; solicitation; the requesting of a person’s company”.
2. Invitation to the restaurant
Story: The articles seemed to suggest that I paid the restaurant a visit on my own accord, that I walked into the restaurant and announced myself as a food blogger.
Fact: This is not true. I was invited to a food tasting session by Melanie, PR Manager for the Restaurant. The first invite came June 2nd. I was unable to make it then and it was not until Friday, August 20th that I scheduled the Sunday brunch. In the invite, i was told to bring a guest.

Story: I had informed the restaurant that as food blogger, I assumed that the bill for all 4 of us would be waived
Fact: Following up on the food tasting email, I had duly informed that there would be 3 accompanying guests on that very day. There were no claims or requests made for “free food” since it was a direct invitation to sample the items on the new menu. It was an oversight to assume to that no acknowledgement from Melanie about my 3 accompanying guests would mean that their meals would be on the house too.

4. Asking for waiver for myself and my dining partner
Story: It was reported that the restaurant had decided to “waive the fee” for me and my dining partner out of goodwill
Fact: This was an invitation to a food-tasting session. There is no hard and fast rule stating a plus one for a food tasting. However having attended previous food tastings before, I assumed that the meal would be, at the very least, on the house for myself and one dining partner. I was not expected to be billed for and then “waived” off from what was disguised as a “food tasting session”. When questioned, Melanie then cited this to be in-line with ‘industry standards’ of food tasting sessions: that the restaurant would only pay for my +1.
5. Asking for waiver for myself and my other guests
Story: I had informed the restaurant that I was a food blogger, therefore assuming that the bill for all 4 of us would be waived.
Fact: In truth, I had asked for no waiver. I paid for my other two companions. The bill for 2, inclusive of sparkling wine, came to $260. Out of goodwill, they did decide to waive the wine and I eventually paid $160 for 2.
6. My attitude towards the staff
Story: It was reported that I had said: “I always get free food wherever I go“.
Fact: This was never said. Nevertheless, I must admit the hostility while paying (I had tossed my credit card on the table) was uncalled for and I sincerely apologise.
An eye for an eye makes the world go blind. I would like to not point fingers at anyone – it was simply a case of miscommunication. When I dine out, I pay for my food like any regular consumer. When I am invited for food tasting sessions, it is a mutual understanding between the inviter and myself, that I would be attending as the identity of media for a possible food review.
I would like to urge all parties to view this situation objectively. I hope this post clarifies any misunderstanding that this might have caused.
Moral of the story is: Never assume and if asked to pay, just pay. 

Food Blogger - Ladyironchef

Today, got to know an impressive news! Its about blogger and its related to food blogger which im just start to learn be a food blogger, just for fun.

Food blogger who demands free meal sparks outrage online

This is manaboleh.com oh... Hope it wont happening in Malaysia...

Ladyironchef blog has been suspended!!!
Google cache reveals..


This is freaking me out, I have no idea how this could be possible, but according to the date on my calendar, it says 29th March 2010 – which is exactly three years since the start of this Singapore Food Blog.

Three years!

Over the past three years, I have received so much love from every one. Many of you have graciously left me with such kind words and encouragement. Considering that there’s barely ten friends who read my blog back then, it is surreal to know that ladyironchef is getting 7,000 hits a day now. The only thing that came to my mind was, Wow! And THANK YOU!

All along, people have always asked me about how my Singapore Food Blog – ladyironchef actually came about. I’m not going to explain the part about ‘why lady’, you can read about it here. When I created ladyironchef, I had no intention to write it as a proper food blog – if you get what I mean. iI was meant to be more like a personal blog about my daily rants. Naturally, I have never expected it to be what it is today. I am very fortunate to have a bunch of folks who enjoyed reading my blog in the early stages, and it slowly evolved to what you see now.

Back when I started this food blog three years ago, there wasn’t so many food blogs in Singapore. And since then, we have seen the explosion of the local food blog scene with so many new additions each year. Looking back, it still amazes me sometimes that I actually lasted so long. Writing a blog involves much more effort and discipline than you can possibly imagine and it is sometimes a lonely process, but at the same time, I got to know so many amazing people who are passionate about what they do and it really makes everything feel worthwhile.

One of the commonly-asked question that I received: What is the secret to the success of my food blog? Frankly speaking, I have no idea at all! Personally, I felt that there’s no secret to food blogging, always stay true to yourself, take good photographs of the delicious food, and write in a descriptive manner so that others can feel the taste of the food through your words.

The best part about life is – you will always have no idea what will happen next. And one of the best thing that comes together with the blog is photography. many people seem surprised to hear that I have never attended any photography lessons. They always thought that I was firstly a food photographer before I started my food blog. I just stumbled my way around with the help of some pointers from friends, and even till today, I feel so lucky and fortunate every time I use my camera.

Anyway, I’m really grateful for all the opportunities that I have received from the blog, and all the lovely people that I got to know in the process. There are so many awesome things that it’s impossible to say everything in one post. Food-wise, life has really been good to me.

I have no idea what will happen in the future, but I know that right now, I really enjoy what I’m doing, the food blog has become a part of me, and I like it that way. My greatest satisfaction lies in getting people hungry, and I find joy in doing that.

And just in case you are still wondering, yes ladyironchef is a guy. My name is Brad.

Food for thought:

We are self paying for our food. #No1porkburger is the best example although we just had our very 1st gathering not long ago.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Cats & Dogs 2 : Carnival at Tropicana Mall

Woot... although i did not have any pet, but im there to enjoy the pet movement.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Nambawan Cafe, Taman Sri Manja, PJ


I was thinking on how to spend my weekend.
Then i saw Rebecca's blog on Nabawan, and im just decided to give it a try on Sunday lunch.
Going there alone, and 1 click on google map shown me the direction.

Today, as planned. I was at Nambawan at 12.10pm.
Nice menu cover

Pork Burger - 100% home made! 

The Pork burger only cost RM6.90!!  Let's compare with the actual below. 

 Its the same... 
FYI, being the 1st customer,  i ordered my pork burger at 12.11pm and i waited for 22 minutes for it. So, hope you know how to do the math and be prepared for the waiting. 

The pork meat... really filling... 

Its simple, with 1 slide of tomato and cucumber that's all... and also vegetable. 

This round, learning from previous experience here, eating using hand and pressure the burger and open mouth bite the burger. 1 bite after another bite, meat is good. Its Fatty, Thick and Juicy. 

Finished the burger with 5 minutes and i feel that i can have another 1 more pork burger, but better not over-dose with Pork burger, I will be back again! 

The last bite, its gone... haha 

Photo taken from Rebecca's blog

Once you turn left entering into the Sri Manja Square One, you can start look for parking. Its very easy to spot the Orange signbroad on ur left. 
Nambawan Restaurant & Cafe
10, Sri Manja Square One
Taman Sri Manja
Jalan Klang Lama
46000 PJ.
Tel: 016-224 1533 (Yap), 013-263 2772 (Gilbert)
Business hours: 12 – 3pm, 6 – 10pm.
Close every other Monday, please call up to check 1st.

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