Sunday, August 29, 2010

Andes BYO - #No1PorkBurger 2nd Outing!

Second outing was planned and executed after 2 weeks later on our #No1PorkBurger outing at S'more Restaurant.

#No1PorkBurger - Finding the ULTIMATE and NO. PORK BURGER in Malaysia and our second destination  was at ANDES BYO,  Aman Suria as recommended by Becky. Initially we were planning going to Nambawan, but due to some foreseeable circumstances, we change to Andes.

This round we have about 7 people. me, Eric , @bigboss8888 Jonathan Tan,  @patchay Patrick Chay, @SalocinTen Nicolas, @CharlieChia and Joe and @mynjayz dropped by for awhile as well.

Andes BYO is located same row as Restaurant Cha Cha Pan Mee - Facing NKVE 

Appetizers, awesome Daddy Dry Pork Chili. its cooked with plenty of Chili, lucky its not too hot for me. 
Ally is starring at the dish... haha 

Its all about Pork Burgers! 

Review base on Looks, Taste, Juicyness, Portion and Bonus marks!

The Look 
Its quite simple with 1 thick pork burger. Its get 6/10. 

The Juicynesss 
Before comment, watch the video below 1st! 

Video credit to Eric Yong.

The juicy is just too awesome! 1st time i saw the juice coming out like that!  ANDES BYO's PORK BURGER get 9.5/10. 

The Taste
After my 1st tasting on the S'more pork burger 2 weeks ago, and also recently Nambawan Pork Burger, now im getting the taste of a real pork burger. 

Trying to bite at once, but failed. Its too big. Once i bite the meat, i can feel the pork meat. Its good. 
Andes Pork burger get 8.5/10. 

The Portion
For the price of RM12.90 on Andes pork burger, its definitely value for money! ANDES BYO's PORK BURGER get 8/10. 

Ally the Special Guest... 

The Bonus marks :-  
 Got to know that ANDES are pet friendly. Parking wise, we reached at Aman Suria around 7.15pm and there's plenty of space. 

ANDES get 8/10.  

Total marks are 40/50  or 80% and its have become our benchmark for the coming Pork Burger session. 

Mobile Phone: Andy – 0122200530
Other Phone: 
03- 78083292
K-G-11, Jalan PJU1/43
Aman Suria, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia 47301

Business Hour :Monday to Friday :12pm to 3pm & 5pm to midnight
Saturday & Sunday : 6pm to Midnight

Reservations: Not required, but may need to if big group.
Outdoor Section: Small section only, corridor seats.
Smoking Section: Not really, but they are really flexible though.
Pet Friendly: YES!!!

I will always remember the Andes Pork Burger at Aman Suria. Will go back whenever i have the chance or there nearby. 

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