Friday, August 13, 2010

Preview: The River Jungle Marathon 2010

This few day, been thinking of which shoe im going to wear for the coming sunday 42km the river jungle marathon which starting at 4.30am. =.=''' We have to depart from KL, or rather PJ SS2 gathering point at 3.00am! OMG... 

Our starting point is at Ulu Langat Police Station. 

Just now, im just decided. Im going to push to the limits on my Vibram Five Fingers Bikila which stimulate barefoot running to the maximum distance. Until to-date, i have not wear my Vibram FF Bikila for distance more than 15km. 

My Vibram Five Fingers Bikila 

And off course, not forgetting my compression tight. 2XU Elite compression tight! 

Wish me good luck on the coming Sunday! God bless me. This marathon, i have the least training... =.='''
Its going to be a slow, slower and slowest running marathon ever for me. I can survived it! 

Yes, i can! I can complete the 42km without any cramp! 
Yes, im going to complete the 42km! 

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