Monday, August 09, 2010

HSBC, the "World's Local Bank" -- More local than world, perhaps?

Correspondences email between a customer of World Local Bank.

For once, IRB service have overtake HSBC...
For once, CIMB is better than HSBC...
For once, HSBC have failed.


Subject: HSBC, the "World's Local Bank" -- More local than world, perhaps?
Date: Sunday, August 1, 2010, 3:51 AM

Dear HSBC banker,
Please look into my record (Malaysian NRIC: 8xxxxx-07-xxxx), I have reported an internet fraud case in end-April and your telebanker advised that I should get a replacement card.
Pretty excellent advice, he could not have advised better. Only thing is that he wouldn't have known that his colleagues in another section of the bank could not deliver his promise.
I have specifically asked the bank to send to my company address as there is NO ONE during working days in my residential address to sign for any items sent via courier service. However HSBC insisted to test the luck and see if there's any phantom that would help me receive the card at my home.
No such luck, there's no phantom, and my puppy doesn't know how to answer the door. I received the Poslaju ticket, I couldn't obtain my card even in Saturdays due to 1-May holiday as well as certain alternate non-working Saturdays. Poslaju sent the card back to HSBC after a few weeks.
Long story short, I called the bank, bank said it's better to cancel that card, issue another, I said please send to Leboh Ampang Card Center and have them called me, they said ok, few weeks later no news, I called again, no one knows where's the card, banker said that to save time it's better to cancel the second card and raise another card.
There's where I am now. Still no news after a few weeks. HSBC somehow managed to not able to deliver a card to me since April 2010.
I really do not know, this is the epitome of INEFFICIENCIES! In my line of work this type of inefficiency would cause millions of USD. I thought this would only happen to Government agencies in Malaysia. For crying out loud I even got my refund cheque from Inland Revenue Board faster than HSBC!
I demand an immediate look into my situation. And I want a satisfied answer.
Or maybe you could also simply ignore my request, after all I'm just a classic card holder. My Direct Access Plantinum card served me well anyway, I do not really need your card.


From: HSBC Contact Us <>
Subject: Re: XXXX Other (KMMXXXKM)
Date: Thursday, August 5, 2010, 12:33 AM

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for your e-mail dated 1 August 2010.

We need to advice that this channel is for general purposes where both
customers and non-customers can send in their query about our product or
policy. Thus the security level of this channel is low and may be
susceptible to outside interference, which is why we refrain customers
to provide any account related details for security reasons.

We valued high security and ensure that proper verification is done
before we're able to assist you further in your enquiry, which leads us
to why we are not able to assist you in your request as we are not able
to verify you via this channel.

The authenticated channels available are through Telebanking PIN by
calling 1300 88 1388 or 603-83215400 and Internet Banking (to write to
us, click 'contact centre' and 'send message').

Please convey your instruction through the above channels or visit our
nearest branch. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Customer Service Officer


Dear Azizulfikri,
Thank you for your email.
It is a total non-sense that you said you can't verify. The NRIC was given, the next thing you can do is to at least CALL me and verify me. You have my details in your system, and you would definitely have the record of your inefficiency in your system as well.
Of course you chose to waste more time writing this email to me.
The authenticated channels available are through Telebanking PIN by calling 1300 88 1388. You actually think that I'm dumb enough not to know to use that channel?
New Flash: THAT CHANNEL DIDN'T WORK!!!! I tried 3 fucking times over the span of 3 freaking months. All 3 credit cards were UNDELIVERED. Therefore I need to use desperate measure.
Stop being a smart-ass next time replying useless email and look into the efficiency of your operations. It would just make you look worse. Smart-ass email reply only brings about this reply from me.
I've collected my credit card today 9 August 2010, since the replacement request by the end of April 2010. That's gotta be some kind of record somewhere. This is insultingly amusing. I'm not even sure why did I bother to collect it.
Thank you.

=============================================================> End. 

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Mel said...

I was wondering if HSBC has a Multilingual customer support??.. Because a friend from Italy need this service but he doesn't speak english

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