Saturday, August 14, 2010

Durian Porridge

Let me introduce to you, the Durian Porridge. On one fine day, when im reached at my office, i smelled "durian". Then i trace the durian smell and its lead me to the pantry! 

Its durian porridge self-made by malay colleague! 1 big container as photo shown below! 

Try to resist the durian in the morning.. but im failed! 

View from top. 

You can see how sticky the durian porridge... 

Durian porridge on plate! Ready to serve! 

The durian porridge is sticky and best to eat with white bread. 


Still have a lot at the time i left... but by afternoon its empty! 
Thank you, my colleague. 

1 comment:

Dreamie, Wai Mun. said...

durian porridge?!!
sounds eww to
but seems like u are enjoyin eatin it!

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