Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Din Tai Fung & E-P2

One day, friend was free. So we met up at Pavilion for diner. Friend suggested Din Tai Fung. A Taiwanese owned chain of restaurant which have branches over Shanghai and Hong Kong. 

Friend who always travelling introduce the Din Tai Fung to me and relates his experience in Shanghai and also Hong Kong's Din Tai Fung. 

Its a Taiwanese owned, yet their Xiao Long pao tastes are superb! The Xiao Long Pao he tasted in Shanghai and Hong Kong have the same taste, same texture!  

Im really amused by my friend introduction. On another note, Din Tai Fung in Shanghai and Hong Kong are always long queue. He have to waits for at least 30mins to hours. But thanks to their numbering system, once taken the number, you're told to come back in estimated time. So he go walking around shopping and when the time is up, he show up and its almost his turn! 

After heard his introduction, wonder why today's diner no queue? hmmmm... Perhaps we were lucky. 

Photo credits to Esther
1st time eating Din Tai Fung Xiao long pao... yummmy....

After the makan, friend testing this E-PL2.. argh... kena poisons... 
Its really fun to see this micro four third camera... 

Friend also keen on telling me the DSLR and Micro Four Third which he purchased recently or months ago...  With his explanation, i was come to a lots of new term... technical term which photographer always use in the conversation.... 

The lens he put on that day was CCTV lens! How interesting.... this have deeply poisoned me! 

Poisoned is poisoned. Time is my cure. 

Seeing back this picture now, im less poisoned compared to on that day E-P2

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