Cycling. Since small, from kinder garden, primary school until secondary school form 3, i'm were cycling almost everyday. From the small kid bike, slowly changing to bigger bikes in the house and until mountain bike in Form 1 secondary school, i'm riding bike everyday in my hometown and i even refurnish my uncle old roadbike! I'm enjoying the fast and furious feel on the roadbike...

It's was when i'm left my hometown to Penang for further my Form 4 and Form 5 study in SM Teknik TARP, i left my bike at hometown. I was riding Honda C70 with me in Penang... Since then my cycling time become lesser and lesser... This continue until im further my study to TAR college Penang... and continue to TAR College, KL and even after graduate from study and working in KL.

Whenever im back at hometown, i never forget to cycle. Its was until recently 2008, my retired ex-colleague is a cyclist. Many cycling information was acquired from him over breakfast, tea break, lunch, afternoon tea break over past few years. I even brought Giant helmet, Giant hand pump, Giant hand glove, Cycling jersey, Cycling pant, bike stand & bike speed meter CatEye when i visited Taiwan in 2010. Basically i brought everything and ready for cycling...  

Brought my uncle old roadbike from Hometown to KL. Its being refurnished and cycle-able on the road yet im still dont have confidence of cycle in KL road. Too many cars.

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