Thursday, May 31, 2012

LeTua 100 - 130512 Report

LeTua 100, another riding event after the major PCC Inter-State 3 days event. Take it easy. Been thinking on how should i ride. Ride in aggressive mode aka kiasu mode? or leisure mode following the group as there's 1075 registered riders for this year LeTua event. 

I'm so surprised to hear this figure. 1075 man! where's all the riders coming from? Last year i was told there's not many riders... 

Just let it be mode.  

The starting line, where not many riders lining up yet...

 With P2K group! We were quite front, as we know, so many riders, when you stuck at behind, there's hardly got chance to overtake and to be front. At least we were front, when we drop (ok, only me drop others still with peloton) still at quite front pack.

Are you seeing what i'm seeing? FYI, this LeTua 100 is fast and furious ride, no cyclists will stop for re-fuel, drinking, makan teh-tariking at warung... 2 water bottles plus 2 pack of Rebenas at pockets, a secret nutrition to be top 20 ! Off course, legs must be strong too! haha...  

When started, i can feel my knee suddenly have some sharp pain... it's never happened before. Trying to keep up with group, and try to maintain my cadence to see how's painful on my knee. Keep pedal, pedal and the pains on knee is gone! Suspect i did not do any warm up exercise... 

First time riding in LeTua event, it's were awesome! 1075 cyclists riding both lanes ! First hills was around Bukit Arang... people slowing down, while i'm trying to keep up the pace... trying hard... Can see there's gap between groups. 

Survived Bukit Arang hills, and i found myself with 3rd group i believe, following the peloton with average speed of 35km/hr ... it's was smooth ride until KM 45... my tyre is FLAT... Grrr... stop at roadside and change tube... Thank god, Yan Kok and his friend stopped and helped me. Yan Kok's friend borrowed me his big mobile pump! hehe... 

Since i stopped at roadside, there's about 3-4 group passby! Heart feel so heavy and desperate wanted to chase them back ! Got back on road again, and there's another group is coming from behind! Yay, train mari.. can hope on to it and warm up back! 

The group average speed were around 30km/hr, but i feel i can go faster, no point seats behind the group, i'm just pedal away from the group chasing the front bike shadow... Found one far in front, keep pedal and chase, getting closer, overtook, find another target... 

at some where, i met my old man ex-colleague Andrew! Greet him, have some chats and left him behind... and that's when i came to dragon back! no wonder he slowing down! Again, first time riding Dragon back, never know how tough, how high the hills, i'm just pedal... Thank god, i managed to ride the dragon back hills, but with very very slow speed and high cadence ! 

After Dragon back, soon, I'm entering into UiTM campus, finishing line is on top... but never expect have to climb up to water tank ! That's was 1 very very step hill ! For the 1st time in my cycling life, i saw people pushing their bike uphills! I was thinking "NO WAY!" NO PUSH bike no matter how hard, how slow i'm, i'm going to pedal it to top!!! The last hill really trapped many cyclists... 

After reached top, slowly roll down and it's finishing line !!! I'm completed 100KM in 3hrs 22mins...! yay! 

Congratulation to Kelvin Khoo (captain of P2K) and Konrad Ng who also P2K members finished 1-2 positions and 9th & 10th & 11th & 15th too! Oh yeah... Kakak Andrea Tan who part of P2K finished at 15th position! Salute to her! She is 1st female rider to complete! 

As for me, I'm not as strong as other P2K members plus i had a flat in between. Completed with 265th rank... Not bad for 1st timer plus with a flat. 

Male & Female Top Riders are from P2K ! Congratulation to Kelvin Khoo & Andrea Tan ! 

My 1st ever cycling finisher medal. haha... 

Next Year, let's see. 


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

P2K ride 260512 with LOOK

After LeTua 100KM, okay, which i did not / not yet blog about it, i'm feel like off-peak season for cycling. 
I join P2K Saturday ride from Uptown to Sg Buloh then Guthrie Highway and lastly back to Kota Damansara for breakfast. 

I stopped my recording at Kota Damansara, as we having our nice breakfast at Subway plus white coffee from the kopitiam we tapao-ed ! hehe...  

On Saturday 26 May, there's new bike joining P2K ride. First time seeing this red LOOK Tri bike. 

Paired with Lightweight wheel which color is matching with bike! 

Share the Road - Shit supercars @ MRR2.

In last Sunday 27 May 2012, I was with usual cycling group P2K cycle from PJ to Genting Sempah. We were using Pencala link to MRR2. 
Once our Peloton turned into MRR2, there's one very fast orange Laubughini bearing KiasuLand plate number went pass at fast lane. It's ok. Supercar LauBughini on fast lane while we at side lane. Within second came second supercar red FuckRari believed bearing local plate number was chasing the orange KiasuLand Laubughini in front... This red FuckRari was driving at second lane... then switch to fast lane over took others. After the red FuckRari, it's the yellow FuckRari, and the yellow FuckRari switched to third lane where our peloton are, and it's almost hit the peloton! It's was so close, with just 1 feet gap! I was at the back witness the whole process! 

)(*&$#8 brainless yellow FuckRani, lose in chasing to orange kiasuland Laubughini and driving recklessly! I cant imagine... i dare not imagine. It's happened so fast. God bless you yellow FuckRari driver, may you have a safe journey to heaven in future and please do not involve others. 

Within the short distance in MRR2, where we exit from Duke into Genting Sempah trunk road, there's a lot supercars heading to Genting direction on 27 May 2012.  God bless you have a safe journey on road. 

From  TwoWheelsBetter ! 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Isaac's Live Lip-Dub Proposal

Interesting proposal!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Ultra Running by Michael Arnstein

I'm was looking for WongFu Production new video clip "Away We Happened" when i'm surfing youtube website

Then i saw some interesting topic on right size.

It's consists of very useful tips on Ultra Running! I'm enjoyed the video!

Enjoy the video.

Friday, May 18, 2012

UTMF - Salomon & updates

Julien Chorier were the first ran through AS3 of UTMF ! 

Video streaming by Ustream

First look at the photo, you know he is from Salomon ! 

Fresh uploaded into youtube! 


The terrain ! Looks like quite scary!

UTMF - Malaysians result updates

Cheering for two Malaysians Shine Teh & SeowKong who are now currently running Ultra Trail Mt. Fuji 156KM. 

As at 10.50pm, the result of them passing 3 checks points. 

As you can see the result of them. 

Both of them are running quite close apart with few minutes different. 
Both of them are running strong! Ranking are improving! 

Looking forward for tomorrow great news! 

Ultra Trail Mt. Fuji 2012

Today, it's the start of first Ultra Trail Mount Fuji (UTMF) race in Japan. There's two Malaysians are joining UTMF, which are Shine Teh (bib no. 163) and Seow Kong Ng (bib no. 141)
The time limits for the 156km ultra trail around Mount Fuji are 48 hours ! 

UTMF is the very first sister race to the world's top trail race, the ULTRA-TRAIL DU MONT-BLANC (UTMB) 

There's about  933 male ultra runners and 180 female ultra runners !

Runners were getting ready! 

The very first ever UTMF held in Japan were flagged off at 3:00pm (Japan local time)
All the best to our two Malaysians running the Ultra Trail Mt. Fuji! 

Photos are taken from TheNorthfaceJapan twitter! 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

‎2012 Transvulcania Ultramarathon photos

Photos are taken from twitter posted by Ultra168 ! 

To the winner the spoils 

 and Mike Wolfe enjoying the post race treatment

Congratulation to Anna Frost as she have break the previous course record time by more than 1 hour and  45 minutes! 

Ian Sharman glad it's all over !  

The winning shoe  Sense of Andy Symons

: Second place woman   
Felicitats Nuria!!!!  

Thanks @ULTRA168 for live updates! 

‎2012 Transvulcania Ultramarathon

2012 Transvulcania Ultramarathon:
Men's FInish

1. Dakota Jones . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6:59:07 (CR)
2. Andy Symonds . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7:00:34
3. Kilian Jornet . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7:09:53

From Ultra168 facebook. 

Kilian won 3rd place. Something unusual for him? Last week, he just had 10 hours ski-ing! 

Andy Vs Kilian. 

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Weekend Cycling @ P2K - 060512

Usual weekend ride with P2K on last weekend. There's new additions to the family. The cow on the bike. 

Ding...Ding...Ding... It's DING out of LOVE. 

MCipollini RB1000. 
Somehow, the bike is matched with red water bottles plus the bib also have red stripes! 
Guess the owner of MCipollini loves RED. 

Monday, May 07, 2012

Team Magnum on NanYang news 060512

News about roadbike or rather interview about roabike which conducted by NanYang newspaper. 
It's interview on Team Magnum. 

在这次活动中,Team Magnum 迎来两位“贵宾”,他们是PCC(Pedalholics Cycling Club)的主席Don chan 和副主席Alvin Chan。
In this activity, Team Magnum invited 2 V.I.P, they are from PCC president Don Chan and vice president Alvin Chan. We all know who are them, Don Chan & Alvin Chan! Both of them are the engine behind Inter-State 2012 recently! Okay, i know them, they might not know me.  haha... 

Don chan (左)和Alvin Chan (右),清晨6时就已经出现在集合点上,准备与大家并肩并一起骑单车。

接获Team Magnum邀请他们参与单车活动的来函后,他们马上答应,也兑现了诺言出现在集合点。有他们的出现仿佛为队友们打了一支强心针,大大地提升队友们的士气。
Don Chan & Alvin was invited to attend Team Magnum's activity. Their attendance to the gathering boasted morale and motivation among cyclists.


大马单车活动在这几年慢慢兴起,而PCC是在约5年前成立的,它是一个非盈利组织,当时单车运动风潮慢慢地吹进大马来,加上其他城市如台湾已经兴起这项运动,以至于越来越多人喜欢,而Don Chan 和Alvin Chan就是其中两位,他们决定成立了该组织。PCC 主要的任务是推动单车运动和倡导人民对单车的安全意识。

Roadbike in Malaysia are slowly getting popular in the community. PCC was established as non-profit organization 5 years ago with objective of promoting cycling activities and raising awareness on safety of cycling to the public.  At that time, the hype of riding roadbike were influenced by oversea city like Taiwan.


Although the cycling activities are getting popular in Malaysia, but the road condition are not perfect, or not cycling friendly more over lack of proper cycling lane in city.

另一旁的Alvin Chan表示,除了其他交通车主安全意识要提升外,单车手的安全意识也要加强,例如佩戴安全装备如头盔等。

Beside safety traffic awareness, cyclist also need to have self safety awareness too example wearing safety helmet. 



What you should do when you found yourselves lack of energy to continue cycling? Stop and rest at road side for a while. If you're continue cycling ignoring your weak body status, it's will be dangerous and possible you might be faint at roadside. If there's incoming car on the road, the driver will not able to respond in time to break and might be hitting the cyclist. Normally, they did not encourage cyclist to cycling along on dark condition route and you might encounter robber to rob your precious bike and money. A cyclist must know how to behave, respect and protect themselves, that's important criteria to a quality cyclist.


Remark: Due to coughing, i'm not able to translate all rest you need google translate!  Time to meet zou kong. Goodnight.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

The InterState 2012

"The Interstate is the Pedalholic Cycling Club (PCC)'s annual road cycling event. It is perhaps the most well-known & most participated multi-day event in the cycling calendar in Malaysia. 
The ride attracts hundreds of cyclists from not only all over Malaysia, but also from all over the world. We've had cyclists from USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand and many from our neighbours, Singapore. Many of which are repeat adventurers.
It is usually held during the Merdeka Day celebrations on 31st August, except from 2009 til today due to it's proximity to Hari Raya Puasa.
The event is typically a 3-day event which will take us across multiple states in Malaysia and hence it's name. The Interstate started in 1997 and thanks to your support; it has been going strong for 14 years running." 

From PCC Interstate facebook. 

I'm survived 3 days of cycling covering total distance of 420KM starting from Kajang to Spring Pulai Resort at Johor. The 3 days cycling have so much fun with P2K group ! 

I love this photo very much! Thank Baik Bike dot com ! 

P2K family... 

PCC Interstate big family taken on the 1st day of event at Kuala Pilah. 

3 days of cycling, it's really eye opener for me and at the same time i'm learning something new adding to my cycling journey. 

Riding report shall be in another entry. :) 
Looking forward for Interstate 2013 which will be held on Merdeka Day! 

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