Friday, January 29, 2010

Project 365 - #29

29th January 2010 - Friday

Awake up from sleep this morning when i recalled my credit card was due yesterday! Oh shit... 

i was awake quite early this morning, thought i can sleep a little more... have to go to bank to cash deposit it! grrr...

After done my banking, found this nice condo standing on the hill... very outstanding! Wondering how much it would cost...

Project 365 - #28

28th January 2010 - Thursday

its MACC day!

This MACC is safe... with no window! haha...

Im really ENJOY it!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Running @ 27th Jan 2010

Event: 10km Double Hill running training
Venue: Bukit Aman, KL
Date: 27 January 2010, Wednesday
Time: 5.30am
Distance: 10km
Timing: 1hrs 15 minutes
Shoe: Saucony Triumph 5

I have not running for the past 1 week, as last weekend im back to Kedah and Saturday cross over to Penang for my senior wedding lunch. Basically 1 day tour in Penang is eating trip, with im alone myself... i have cendol twice, before wedding lunch and another 1 after the lunch... haha

Today, finally im able to wake up at 4.30am, drinks nescafe and come out at 5.00am... its feel like i have been long long time did not runs on weekdays~!

Today, my system, my leg muscle, all were ok... although i have not running for 1 weeks... With great companion of my running gang, i managed to complete the run in normal timing... 1hrs 14mins 57seconds... haha....

Now thinking whether wanted to run tomorrow or not, as im thinking of want to join the Digi D'house contest, to stand a chance to visit Digi HQ at Shah Alam... but the contest only start 12.00am... grrr....

Project 365 - #27

27th January 2010 - Wednesday

Its mid-week already! So Fast!

My lunch.. im enjoyed it so much!

Chicken rice at Imbi, corner kopitiam shop!

After chicken rice, we went for Gui Ling Gao... yummmy....

Empty, nothing is left... yummmy!

Project 365 - #26

26th January 2010 - Tuesday

Busy Busy...
and i got important task to do... delivery a document to my HQ at Subang Jaya...

i have traveled to here for 3 times since last 2 weeks.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Project 365 - #25

25th January 2010 - Monday

Another busy day, yet strike with Monday Blue... last night im slept around 12.45am and this time automatic wake up around 6.15am! wtf.. perhaps im was thinking of want to call her, but i did not. hmmmm....

Instead i left home around 7.30am, and managed to reach office at 8.00am........

Continue my unfinished works....

Received my big big boss passport mean for my boss for visa application... my boss in, and immediately informed my boss...

i continue busy on my works, suddenly received call from boss... omg... something left in office, and she need it urgently! i have to sent it to my boss...  

Guess where im today! Wee.... 
After that, im continue busy on my works...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Project 365 - #24

24th January 2010 - Sunday

Today, im heading back to KL. But before that, i went to Butterworth jetty to pick up my senior and my friend. We were suppose to meet up at 11.00am, but my senior have something to do and being delayed to 11.30am.

i got his sms around 9.52am, 5 minutes after i started my journey to Butterworth. Gosh, i have extra time of 30 minutes, i suddenly feel so free and dont know how to spend it. Beside drive slowly, im really cant thinks of what to do while waiting.

Suddenly, Auto City Starbucks pop-into my mind. Without second thought, i speed-up and drive there for coffee as my breakfast im not have any coffee for the day! Yeah...

Its was 10.45am, the Auto City was so empty and Starbucks have 3-4 people. i was sitting facing outside, waiting time to pass... i enjoyed my Mocha!

Project 365 - #23

23rd January 2010 - Saturday

Early morning, i wake up and get ready head to Penang.
Yeah, im attending my senior's wedding lunch at CRC Restaurant.

Penang Bridge traffic was so smooth!

Project 365 - #22

22nd January 2010 - Friday

After works, head back to home bath, get change and come out! Pumped my tire at Petronas station and i thought of pump Shell at the Jln Duta after toll... 

When im reached at Duta Toll around 7.30pm, WTF...WTF... its traffic jammmm! Smart Tag  Q were so long, and the cash lane as well... lucky my touch n go lane were okok, not so jam! After the toll, traffic were jam and bad! i wanted to pump V-power for my vivi... as one off fuel to clean my fuel injection... but too bad its long Q.

The traffic were bad and its raining! making the situation become worse! Drive slowly, driving alone during the night at highway can feel scary specially when the traffic is clear and you are the one car on the highway!

After 1 hour of driving, i saw Shell! Weee... without hesitate i drove into the station and have my vivi pumped V-Power!  Yeah...

My Vivi is having V-Power refilled...
I reached my hometown Serdang Kedah safety in record time, 3 hrs 15mins.

Project 365 - #21

21st January 2010 - Thursday

Busy Busy Busy.. another busy day.

at night, i purposely went to Jln Duta Shell station just to reload my Touch n Go Card using credit card. Yes, you can top-up ur TnG card using credit card at this petrol station. Others im not sure about it. But mostly they required you to top up using cash.

Taken using my W610i.
i was reloading on Thurs, as Friday, tomorrow im going back to Kedah after works.

Thursday, January 21, 2010



finally The star have reported on #yorais! hehe...

can click on the link above for more details!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Project 365 - #20

20th January 2010 - Wednesday

Weee, its mid-week!

We went to Brickfield for lunch! Indian Vegetarian! its was really a nice place, nice environment!

FYI, the place are running by volunteers! All the proceed are for the indian temple! The food are cooked by housewife! No wonder im like the food so much! im definitely coming back again! Its going to be tagged as: "Places that im going to bring you to" 

Project 365 - #19

19th January 2010 - Tuesday

Yesterday i wanted to blog, im really wanted to blog for my project 365 - #19, but im addicted to #yorais on twitter!

Ok, back to Project 365 - #19

My 1st ever McD lunch in the office. 1st time since the day i joined my company and also second moving into the new office. We sort of opening ceremony! haha !  We were having McD lunch with our The Big Boss, and we chit chat over the lunch... 

Energizer Night Race 2010 - Registration

On 18th Jan 2010 night i have registered for the Energizer Night Race 2010!

Picture credits to: runwitme

Weee... i should have feel the excitement on the registration of marathon, but im not. i thinks 18th night was my 1, 2, 3nd marathon registration so far!

1st was the Singapore Adidas Sundown Marathon in May 2010, then followed by Purtajaya Night Marathon in Feb 2010 and now Energizer Night Race in March 2010! omg... now im noticed all the marathon are night marathon!

hmmm which marathon going to be the morning marathon for me? Perhaps Standard Chartered KL Marathon in June 2010?

ok, my registration for Energizer Night Race 2010 begins!

1.Select a category then the details information section will shown below, fills in the details accordingly. Finished fill up, click submit.

2. After click submit, the summary screen will appear. Checks your information, and amount whether is correct or not.

After summary screen, you will be direct to mobile88 payment portal. As im using Credit Card to pay, i have no comment on how the other method works. Sorry.
just simple, key in your 16 digits credit card number, and also 3 digit CVC numbers which shown at the back of credit card, lastly expiry date.
Tick the acceptance, and submit!

After submit, please do not refresh or click anything, just waits for your payments to be approve.
Weird thing is, this security warning pop-up, omg, i thought my transaction was fails, but actually the transaction already went through, just click "continue".

Once i clicked continue, 1 small window pop-up, its the successful message telling you that your transaction went through, you been charged! haha

Ideally, you will be able to know your bib number after the payment went through. Print out the screen for the bib collection purpose. Horey! , my 2nd full marathon 42.195km is on 27 March 2010.

A facebook fan of Energizer Night Race are created not long ago. Its a place where we runners able to communicate with the organiser and yes, we do ask questions! haha...

Noob questions from non-runners, smart questions from runners and many more question being asked!

oh yeah, im almost forget 1 important thing which will lure many non-runners to join this race, the FREEBIES! 

Upon registration, registrants will receive goodies bag.
The goodies bag consist of -
1) Energizer Headlights - worth RM39.90
2) Limited Edition Energizer Adidas Climacool Running Vest - "Imported"
3) Adidas RM 50 Voucher
4) Schick Shavers
5) Abbott Supplements and many more!!!!

During registration, there is no column asking on size of running vest. According to Energizer in facebook reply, its would be 1st come 1st serve basis on the vest distribution day! WTF...  Someone who lose out going to complaint in facebook after that, im 100% sure!

Now im registered, just waiting time to come and also train hard and smart!!!

For those who interested, you are welcome to join us CariRunners and RunnersMalaysia program.

Short intro:
Runners Malaysia program mainly are targeted for beginner runners who have no running experience or anyone who wanted to run in group. Basically Runners Malaysia is a place where you can find all information about running! The founders are strong passion for running!  1 thing i like the MOST is the running practice which falls on every Saturday 7.30am morning at Bukit Aman car park is NEVER fail. NEVER FAIL again, i stress! Its a good place to start running for health.

CariRunners - is a CARI chinese forum which 1 particular section just for running. Initially i was looking around and the longer im in there, we exchange information, we trains together, we outing, we diner, we motivates each other and we do cam-whoring each time in the races! haha oh yeah, we also do travelling together to outstation races like Penang Bridge Run, Standard Chartered Singapore and Borneo Marathon!
Wanted to join but banana? no problems, we welcome all!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Project 365 - #18

18th January 2010 - Monday

Finally we were officially moved into the new office which is happened to be located same building, same floor, and also same wing, it just next door to my previous old place! haha...

View to outside where Bukit Aman HQ and Bank Negara Gallary are in the view.
Taken using my SE W610i.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Practice Safe Sex.

Practice Safe Sex. 

It is a blog by MissyCheerio who im followed in the twitter. No doubt Malaysia is lack of sex education topic. People did not talk / discuss openly.

By looking at the pictures....

What MissyCheerio wrote are reality. So many cases happened around me.. be it my hometown friends or college friends or KL friends or Penang Friends...

Just want to share here... Enjoy visiting MissyCheerio blog!

Fire at KL - 18 Jan 2010

Just now i was away for about 20minutes...

then when im back, i can see every1 are tweets about fire fire fire in KL...

check the details then found there is fire at Jalan Tun Sambanthan, KL. Nikicheong was able to blog it out in 1st hand! Twitter Rock!Social Media Power Rock!

source: TheStar

Source: as in pic (borrowed from NikiCheong) or

omg... its 10.44pm. My running friend keep asking me have you register for Energizer Night Race? The slots will be taken very fast...  im been thinking of want to register the full marathon 42.195km since 9.00pm... wtf


Sunday, January 17, 2010

NB Pacesetter 30km @ 17 Jan 2010

Event:  New Balance Pacesetter 30km
Venue: Padang Merbok, KL
Date: 17 January 2010, Sunday
Time: 5.30am
Distance: 30km
Timing: 3hrs 28 minutes
Shoe: Saucony Triumph 6

This event, i will never forget about it. I learnt something important and courage!

Wake up around 3.30am, and have my breakfast as usual and also doing my business to clear all the shit from my body!

i reached Bukit Aman car park around 4.15am and Terrence group already there. We were planning to do 6km warming up by running in Lake Garden and dear park and come back to car park before heading to Padang Merbok for NB Pacesetter 30km!

We were running slowly and went into Lake Garden. OMG... i feel something wrong inside me! I want to SHIT! i asked Terrence where got the nearest toilet! he said no, all closed! then he handled me 1 pack of toilet paper for me and ask me just go to the tree nearby and do your business there! i was like" omg, im going to shit in Lake Garden beside the tree at this hours 4.30am!" i have no choice, but just do it! Its really feel good when im able to finish my business beside the tree. i feel relief!

This incident thought me, i need to get ready 1 extra thing to bring along with me for early run! Toilet papers!!! 

Business done, feel better, system is ok. Muscle show no painful sign. im head for Padang Merbok for 30km starting point which start 5.30am! As usual, we CariRunners camwhore together before the race start!

We never fail to take group photo on every races! and our members are growing! We just love takes photo beside running! haha...

The race started at 5.30am! The route double hill and Hartamas route were quite hilly, but for few of us who always training at double hill and hartamas route, its appear to be easy task, we know where to push and when to preserve our energy!

Im starting with slow run. I wanted to warming up my muscle and waits for 20 minutes before im pushing for faster speed. Surprisingly, i can run non-stop for 25km except at water station. Whereas my last 2 weekend LSD training, i cant even run non-stop for 10km! its amazing! Dont know where the form / motivation coming from since i thought im now are on my own unless the motivation from the letter sent yesterday???

After 20-30 minutes, my speed was constant and steady. i wish to push for faster, but i just dun have the ommph to push, as i know my journey still far and long! On the Hartamas loop, my form came and i run abit faster! after 20km, which after the IRB, the hilly part come in! The double hill, i thought im going to walk up but instead i managed to run up and the next hill as well.

All the hills i managed to run up! but too bad, my right lower chest suddenly pain when im reached at highway. i wanted to run faster, but the pain strike! i have to slowed down and even walk to control my breath, the harder i breath, the more pain i suffer on my right lower chest! i walk run walk run for about 1km and slowly my chest pain is gone, and im able to run back again with my speed. But another problems come, my muscle is giving tiring signal and i can start to feel the tightness of my muscle and its start to pain. Again, i walk run again! Problems come and gone and another problems come!

Lucky, for the last 2km, i have courage from CariRunners 豪少 and finally im able to continue to run, and for the last 1km up hill, Mabel (Terrence's wife ) was coming fast from back! She also gave me some courage and she continue her last 500m downhill turbo run, im was left behind and trying to kick start my turbo as well... 

Finally last 400m downhill, i kicked start my turbo and run downhill! Tey photographer was at the end of downhill snapping pictures and without fail i posed my pose for him to take my pictures and i run even faster to show my "pia" running! hehe...

I crossed the finishing line at 3hrs 28mins. 2 minutes faster than my targeted timing! hmmm... i feel satisfy with my timing! my Sub-5 marathon is still achievable! Going to test it out on the coming 6 Feb 2010 Putrajaya Night marathon.

After run, again we cam-whore again! hehe..

 The White vest in between with Twin is Pro, we call him Couch. he ran his 30km in 2hrs 20mins if im not wrong.
 Group photo under CariRunners banner

omg, we were so happy to take photo with another CariRunners who having cramp! 

Finishing Medal

Finisher T-shirt!

Wee, my 1st finisher T in 2010!

Overall i have a nice run. just feel there is something lack of. Something is lacking for this run. Something is lacking for this run. I thinks i know what's lacking for this run! End.

Project 365 - #17

17th January 2010 - Sunday

Morning have NB Pacesetter 30km. i have a great time enjoy the run!

Noon - rest at home, nap.

Evening - movie alone at One Utama

Diner - On my way back to Setapak from One Utama, i was thinking what to eat for my diner? McDonald? or something else. I was thinking on Medicine Chicken soup rice, but i was coughing, not suitable to have chicken. since no chicken then i thought of Bak Kut Teh! Yeah... Since the price for BKT is about the same as having McD, im just go for it and i need rice for recovery for my 30km this morning!

1 person portion BKT! its so full, cost Rm9.00 for it! Cheaper than McD le! The BKT tapao-ed from Danau Kota same row with Petronas, CIMB, and Allianze bank. 

Project 365 - #16

16th January 2010 - Saturday

Finally today is my car wash appointment with my friend car detailer at Kota Damansara.
It supposedly was yesterday, but it fully booked! so have to delayed to today, before 12.00pm noon.

Morning, i have a easy reverse double hill run start 6.30am. The run  was starting my running legs engine. im feel abit pain on muscles!

After the run, back home. then im heading out to Kota Damansara for car wash.

When im reached there, The Golf GTI  finished work, waiting for collection. 
my car was like almost 3 weeks to 1 month did not wash! now its being washed! im feel so happy!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Project 365 - #15

15th January 2010 - Friday

I was on MC today! im still sick since last weekend, even though i went to see doctor on Tuesday evening after work. My stomach and coughing still remain the same!

Today, since im on MC, im rest at home! i continue for my drama! 兵圣Bing Sheng 

 Total of 41 episods. im officially finished watching today! hehe...

Project 365 - #14

14th January 2010 - Thursday

Recent weekdays, some how im being slack of running. my weekday running in the early morning 5.30am is totally off for me.

From Monday until Thurdays, im only wake up around 7.45am. Bath, change and have light breakfast, by the time i come out from my house is already 8.20am. The traffic in front of my condo, Jln Genting Kelang are famous with traffic jammm! Normal double lane road become four lane! Keng le...

The picture is showing the traffic is being built up! its just show 2 lane, with 3rd lane in front built up! im always drive on the 3rd lane! wahaha... its all about timing... some time, timing not right, i have to just stop and waits for the right timing to come! Very seldom i will drive on the 4th lane..which is totally block the opposite direction vehicle, its all about timing! Although seldom, hope i wont need to drive on the 4th lane!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Project 365 - #13

13th January 2010 - Wednesday

Another busy day. Rushing for my tax estimation and got reviewed by boss and managed to send out today to Group tax.

When seeing the fish, im feel relax... 

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


OMG... for unknown reasons, im become slack in my running.

Almost totally no running during weekdays! Perhaps i was drunk with piles of works!

Now is not the right timing to be slack in running! Helps! ! !

I wish i can be like last time, we runs on weekdays! During peak, we ran 3 times during weekdays! Gosh, im missing the old days!


Something that i wanted to do, but i was not motivated to do it. Just asking around with friend on some minor things and that's over.

Until recently im just feel want to do it..

Im just do it.

On the right 1 was done before get sifu advice from youtube and on the left 1 is after learn from youtube sifu.

Project 365 - #12

12th January 2010 - Tuesday

Today i cant sleep well... i keep thinking on the SMS that i received last night. So i wake up early around 6.15am just do nothing and also on my PC for a while...

1st thing to do was tweets tweets... have bath, breakfast nescafe with oat, and come out at 7.20am.  Woot, i see sun shine! Normally its either i come out become sun out or sun already out sky high!

What a good day to stay with. 
Too bad, im not enjoying my day as im feel im gonna falls sick! Worse, works load getting more and more!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Project 365 - #11

11st January 2010 - Monday

Woot, Chinese New Year is about 1 month away, so fast greet us using red paper? 
look closer, and its a listing of outstanding amount owe to management office! my unit was appear on the white list when crossing new year! Lucky i paid off all my outstanding together with Jan !

Blame the Saturday off day!

Hope my landlord did not get jump over the issue!

Project 365 - #10

10th January 2010 - Sunday

Quite a lots of things i wanted to put under Project 365 for today, but feel, its better i blog it outside Project 365 as i wanted to blog it more details!

Decided to this picture.

Its Nasi Lemak from Village Park at Damansara Utama which so happen it just located nearby my friend TC's office and its also just beside the Bicycle shop (Future poison shop) which recommended by my colleague!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Project 365 - #10 - Pending

10th January 2010


the day is not yet finish, i have things to blog about today!  Yeah! Waiting for tonight's diner at Shangri-la! 

Project 365 - #9

9th January 2010


No photo for the day. Morning 5.30am, i joined with my running gang to start 10km double hill... its was quite hard to start with! muscle pain, legs pain... everything seems have problem. "SOS"...

i have not been running for past 5 days, that why all the "pain" coming out... engine still in the sleeping mode, not yet warming up!

i used 1 hr 20mins to complete the 10km double hill compared my normal time of 1hr 8mins...

Project 365 - #8

8th January 2010


i cant believed most of my blog are office related! Complain busy busy busy!

Today, my beloved vivi have clocked mileage over 55,000km since May 2007.

now is the 3rd year in service. my vivi is in tip top condition. i guess, soon its about to get new shoe. Waiting time to come.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Project 365 - #7

7th January 2010

today, extremely busy! im almost forgotten meeting with Group Tax head department together with Dato and also my colleague and i are tagged along!

ish ish ish...

After meeting, there a whole lots of works need to do! Grrrrr 

Works until 8.30pm and leave office! Went to Citibank to pay my credit card!

Took some pictures along the way from my office to Citibank with my SE W610i...

Tune Hotel at Jln Tunku Abdul Rahman

KL tower taken at Jln Sultan Ismail traffic light junction

KLCC twin tower taken at Jalan Ampang

Jusst in front of KLCC!

Woot, new building GTower! So pretty!

Finally i reached Citibank! Cleared my credit card bill!

Although this whole day im been complain busy busy busy, im still tweets tweets... and im blogging now!
my 2010 really have to do more works than ever!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Putrajaya Night Marathon 2010

Event: Putrajaya Night Marathon
When: 6th Feb 2010
Distance: 42.195km
Where: Putrajaya Palace of Justice

Woot, im the 34th person who register for the race? hehe

Putrajaya Night Run, i been running 2 times in Putrajaya last year! its was terrible hell the situation!
we started running around 8.00pm, the sun is went to another side of the world for duty, and left here a darkness, but the heat was still around! The earth still have the hot energy from sun! As im running, the heat is transmitted from earth to my body via my legs! Hot hot hot!

Putrajaya, looks nice, but lack of trees, and this making running more difficult. The air is not as fresh as in the early morning... Oh gosh, im going to have mental challenge during this race!
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